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Spring Makeup Trends
Jul 19, 2016
Spring Makeup Trends

Spring and "springtime" though points out to a season, the words also to give one the idea of revival, renewal, revitalization, restoration and re growth. Spring always brings with it a ray of hope and we here bring you the latest trends in makeup for the upcoming spring.

From the dull grey colors and harsh environment of winter to colorful and blooming spring, this season, we bring to you the colorful and youthful makeup tips just apt for this spring. 

Spring makeup leans to look like bronze skin, glossy lips and soft, pastel eyes, but, this season has a few surprises up its sleeve, in the form of acutely smoky shade, bright red lips and pats of luminous color. This spring we tell you the important aspects to highlight your appearance. 

All kinds of cosmetic goods suitable for every season are now widely obtainable from committed internet-only vendors, who have more lately been connected online by reputable outlets, as well as the major department stores and conventional beauty dealers.

Even though contemporary make-up has been conventionally used mostly by women, an increasing digit of men are using makeup products frequently connected to women to increase or wrap their own facial appearance. Concealer is frequently used by self-conscious men and women both these days.

Makeup brands make public goods particularly tailored for men and women separately, and men are more and more using them. And with every changing season, both men and women are leaning towards the latest trends to appear more fashionable.

Spring usually is a warmer season and unlike the other cold seasons, spring and summer call for special care in your makeup changes. Spring is the high time to say good bye to those heavy creams and dark makeup colors, and time to get into a colorful and vibrant color world.

But before that, few tips are to be followed to take care in this warm season.

One of the most important tips for skin care is to get a good and superior quality, full-spectrum sun block. Sun block is a substantial blocker while sunscreen employs chemicals that let the skin to soak up the sun’s rays without irritating or burning. Also the chemicals contain free radicals which age the skin very rapidly.

Second, is the moisturizer is not always the same for all seasons. Winter moisturizer when used in summer can dampen or weigh down your makeup and makes your skin look oily or greasy. So a lightweight moisturizer that is appropriate for warmer seasons that which hydrates the skin but doesn’t make the skin oily.

Get a good exfoliating cream before you apply any makeup. Getting rid of the dead cells is as important as any other care. It leaves your body smooth, soft and supple which is just needed for this season.

As said always, the simpler the better; this season do not go for any new products as any unwanted chemical might give even more reaction than any other season. Always keep your makeup minimal and simple.

Pedicure, manicure or waxing or threading; the schedule must be always maintained and care must be taken especially during spring and summer. Before you are off for a trip or a day out with your friends, make sure your pedicure and manicure and waxing schedule is two days prior to it so that any kind of rash developed can be subdued by that time.

This spring go easy on your millions of lotions and creams. The lighter the makeup, the more you can focus on other things and can have fun. Heavy makeup makes you look awkward. 

Lastly, stay on your course. Take your time to get rid of all of the dirt, sweat and makeup from your face and follow up with moisturizer.

Now, you are ready to try on the latest trends in makeup for spring! Go on to read the new trends this spring.

Fine And Bold Eye-Lines

Spread out your eyeliner on the upper side to create a winged out shape of your eyelashes. Also, when it comes to the shaping and lining out your lashes, trying out new vibrant and neon color lipsticks in place of eyeliners is never an obligation in the world of fashion.

Vibrant colored eye lines or lashes always give you a bold look which makes one more chic, stylish and more feminine. Also don’t fear if your eyeliner is smudged; that’s the way you define your persona!

Bold Brows

Big, full brows are in demand this season boasting off a major moment. This season, it's further regarding highlighting your innate shape than excessively filling them in, so a light touch of brow powder to boost up thin spots should do the trick.

Bronze Is The New Look!

A simple tan look for the skin or eye shades is the new way to define spring in your own way! A thick stroke of bronze matte under the eyes, across the cheeks, and down the nose is the new definition to look divine. For this a foundation darker than your skin tone would do the trick. 

Even a bronzy or yellowy-bronze eye –shades give you a bold and dashing look.

Bold and Flaming Lips

Be it may a classic red or edgy purple or any other vibrant color or neon colors, this season, bold is the new trend. From bare lips to bold ones, partially smudged to nude shades, a dash of gloss over the lips is the new divinity that is going to be followed this spring.

Let Your Hair Fly

Feel your hair swept by wind, or tie it in a low pony; let your hair create a fashion statement for you! This season, be chic and elegant through windswept style or lose hair or tie your hair back applying a dash of gel and gentle brush. Low pony is also the new trend this spring.

Furnace weather usually refers to cooling environment and natural textures. So let go of your blow-dryer and embrace your messy hair. Let it get tousled, wavy or messy, this spring anything in lose hair is a trend. You can add more curls even if you want.

Always remember that Minimal is always elegant. Wearing minimal jewelry is the new look you might add.  Add blossoms to your style. Incorporate blossoms in your hair or jewelry to write off a new look. 


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