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Tips to Stop Lipstick from Bleeding
Feb 09, 2017
Tips to Stop Lipstick from Bleeding

Bleeding Lipstick

Many people consider eyes as the center of attraction in women, albeit it is true to infinity extent, one more that equally competes with eyes is lips.
  They are stunning and awesome. It makes women look feminine. If those beautiful lips are complimented with beautiful lip gloss, it is the word to word flattering.  

There are numbers of lip glosses and lip colors in the market that glam up lips to finest mode.  There are bold colors, power colors and fancy colors of lip glosses in the market to use on lips. With the use of those ultimate lip glosses, you can color your lips beautifully.  There are styles of wearing lipstick, which in some women is a style statement.  The way they wear it and carry it is a fashion.  Women with bold red lipstick are always in fashion.  That is a never ending fashion of all times. 

Carrying the lipstick on the lips without any signs of bleeding, smudging, creeping is as important as wearing it perfectly.  Sometimes even a perfect lip coloring by professionals may result in bleeding of lip color down the mouth, which is quite embarrassing. 

It is so very embarrassing to have your lip color bleed under your lips and out of your lip lines.  It is the most annoying when your laugh or speak, bleeding lips may disturb your entire look.  People think that the bleeding of the lip color is because of cheap quality lipstick, but it is not exactly true. 

Sometimes even branded lip colors bleed; this may be due to wrong application of lipstick or over application of lipstick or due to aging of lips that could not hold the lipstick strictly. 

Here we are sharing some extraordinary tips and tricks to stop lipstick from bleeding. 

Choose the right one

There are many types of lip colors, glosses, lipsticks, lip crayons and many more.  One has to know that even though the purpose of all lip coloring products is same they won’t work in the same way. The lip glosses, shines or gloss the lips.  If you are planning to stay on the same lip colors all the day then make sure not to go for lip colors that are waxy and wet.

There are quite a lot of chances that they bleed.  Don’t go for glosses either as they might not be best option for all-day wear.  Go for lip crayons and lipsticks as they last long on lips with very rare chances of bleeding.  As they are thicker in consistency they won’t tend to bleed so easily. 

Do use a lip liner

Lip liners are quite useful in stopping lip color from bleeding.  Lip liner is made of waxes and powders and when applied on lips as liner will guard the edge of your mouth and stop lip color from going out of the border. 

The main purpose of using a lip liner is to make lip look seamless, fuller, and on trend, but when a lip gloss is used to color the lips it is will automatically tend to bleed onto mouth.  So in order to prevent it from bleeding go for nude lip liners.

You can also exfoliate your lips and apply lip balm before going for lip liner and lipstick because this will help lipstick stick to lips without crossing the line on lips.

Go for same colors of lipstick and lip liner

Make certain that you go with same lip liner and same lip color.  Don’t choose different lip liner and lip color as they may change the entire color and look of the lip.  If needed go for lighter or brighter shades, but don’t go for a contrast color.  First use the lip liner to outline your lips perfectly and then go for lipstick.  Light lipstick and dark lip liner are a trend in the past. 

Use the tissue to blot your lipstick

This is a very common technique that is used to stop the bleeding of lip color.  This is a technique that is used from our ancestral time to get rid of bleeding lip color.  In order to get rid of bleeding of lip color you have to use the technique of blotting multiple times.  Keep a piece of tissue paper always with you so that you can blot your lips every now and then.  As the tissue may take away all the color on the lip reapply the lipstick and again blot the lipstick using tissue paper. 

Tricks of the Trade

Even before applying the lip liner go for something like outlining your lip with Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage and use a little Translucent Powder to set it perfectly.  This simple trick will give beautiful look to the lips.  This will also help to fill out the fine lines around the mouth and thus prevent makeup mistakes. 

Exfoliate your lips

Even though you are ready to use expensive lip products for your lips, if your lips are not in a good condition to accept them then it be waste.  So even before going to buy lip primer exfoliate your lips. 

Exfoliate your lips once in a week so as to get rid of dead skin from the lips.  Apply a lip balm that suits your lips.  As you are applying lip balm make sure to bolt the lips to avoid further bleeding of lip color.

Use a little powder

Application of a little powder on the top of the lip color is a very good idea to stop the lip color from bleeding.  Go for a silica powder based.  Don’t do it heavily as it may give you a cake look. 

So use these simple tips and tricks to get rid of lipstick bleeding.  Don’t commit to one shade.   Try using different shades and brands of lipsticks.  Choose the right colors that go well on you.


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