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Top 5 Best Facials In The World
Jun 13, 2016
Top 5 Best Facials In The World

Professionals come up with new facial techniques every day.  Few salons adopt rich face creams and methods instruments to deliver best possible facials. Even though there are no such beauty salons in our ancestral time woman used take good care of their skin by using natural products and used to try and make different beauty products naturally. 

They used to use them on their skin to look beautiful.  With time everything has changed and we are now getting everything from the stores and salons. 

In our article we are presenting you the best facials and best facial salons in the world.

Facial by Julia

This salon located in New York City.  Julia gained name in offering her clients with best services on facials.  She is best named of her being more a doctor than a facialist. 

This is because whenever a client goes to her she first asks the client about his/her diet chat details of the day and what he/she had for the as a drink, any smoking or drinking habits etc.  She treats the client with a mesmerizing treatment and massages with her hands in the best way you have ever experienced. 

She takes care of every minute aspect regarding the client and make certain to use natural ingredients for skincare and hair care, which makes her way of treatment unique.  She has a list of wonderful facial techniques to offer for her clients.  She uses best facial products, plant-based aromatic oils, which leave the clients glowing.  The price of the facial treatments that she offers is about $300 per an hour.

The Peninsula Spa

The Peninsula Spa offers treatment named Peninsula Splurge Remodeling Facial.  This facial leaves your skin with a wonderful complexion improvement along with enduring effects of a costly face-lift.  This facial was developed by Biologique Recherche. 

This treatment will take about one hour, which includes using of electric currents to stimulate tissue, reduce fine lines, and increase natural contours.  Along with these the list follows with deep cleansing, exfoliating, and slathered with serums containing unusual ingredients like pig placenta and amniotic fluid. 

They may sound irritating, but does work wonders when used on the skin by improving the elasticity of the skin by providing hydration to skin. You can get this treatment done $295 per hour.

Bliss Spa

Youth know facial is the best anti-aging treatment that Bliss Spa provides to its clients.  Unlike other anti-aging treatments, which involve extractions this anti-aging treatment does not include any such procedures.  The ingredient used is mushrooms.  The fungi peel of mushrooms helps devour the dead-cells on the skin.  The treatment includes massage to the neck, shoulders, head, and hands.

Once the massage is done a face mask of tissue-fine collagen was applied and later a feet reflexology will be performed.  A serum which is rich in vitamin A is applied, and wrinkle reducing peptides is used. 

A brightening multi fruit complex was used at the end to complete the facial with best results.  With this treatment the skin looks glowing and clear.  You need to visit Los Angeles to get this treatment done.  This treatment costs about $185 per hour.

Sloane Clinic

If you are suffering dull tired skin can try this Illume Facial at Sloane Clinic.  This facial merges medical technology and natural ingredients to give refreshing new skin.  Infra red light and restorative enzymes are the things that are involved in this treatment.  This facial works on the improving complexion and sagging skin. 

The procedure involves simple cleansing followed by multiple different masks and supplemented with antioxidants like green tea extract and vitamin A.  Infrared light will be exposed on the skin for improving the elasticity of the skin and to stop new collagen production. 

At last vitamin C serum will be infused into skin using ultrasound waves for glowing and radiant skin.  This treatment definitely leaves us amazed with its results.  You can get this treatment at $300 per hour.   You need to plan for a tour to Singapore to have this treatment.

Busy bee Beauty

This facial is named Bee Venom facial.  The beauty salon named Busy bee Beauty offers this Bee Venom facial.  There are many Tinsel town celebs who love to have to this treatment done which costs around 65 Euros. The best thing to talk about this treatment is that its intensive anti-ageing moisturizing cream that contains venom of bees because of which it is named as Bee Venom facial. 

This venom from bees stimulates the body to produce chemical that helps in reducing wrinkles by relaxing and strengthening muscles.  In order to reduce fine lines manuka honey, shea butter, rose and lavender oils are also used in the treatment. 

The fine lines that are due to age factor and in some cases as a sign of early aging can be treated using this treatment.  As the bee venom is natural ingredient using it regularly won’t cause any side effects and using it regularly can help you look young.  

This is also most preferred treatment as it is a mobile beauty treatment that comes to your home to offer you the best youth looks that can stand still on you for long time.


Facials are always done for relaxation, beauty and improvement of health factors related to skin. So choose the best ones when you go for facials.  

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