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Water Proof Makeup Tips
Feb 08, 2017
Water Proof Makeup Tips

No women likes to shred off her makeup when she is out in the party or a resort or any water areas, Whether you're commuting to work in the hot sun or relaxing on the beach, it's always a bummer to see your perfect makeup turn to liquid. Summer is all about water, swimming pools, oceans, lakes, and a little sweat, naturally.

But don't let all that water stand in your way of getting rolled up, just fill your makeup bag and your face with waterproof wonders and dive in

You should know what magic you can make with the water proof tips. We’ve got a long summer of sweat and swimming ahead of us, but why invest in a makeup bag full of waterproof products when you can turn any old eyeliner or foundation water-resistant with a few quick motions.

These tips are a key for keeping a fully fresh face this season without a second thought.

Go As Light As Possible

Always make sure to use a moisturizer with SPF (sun protection formula), but be wary of one that's too heavy. The heavier the moisturizer, the more you're going to sweat.

Serums are a good bet because they're lightweight in texture. The same thickness rule applies for foundation, look for a sheer-coverage product. And remember, the more you put on your face, the more you'll sweat off.

It Is Important To Use Some Base Or Primer

Primer is your best friend. Always apply some primer before you put on your foundation.  A primer is basically going to hold onto your foundation. It's like double-sided tape for it. 

Primer, together with your moisturizer, is especially important if you decide to wear waterproof makeup on your face since it can be drying. Another option if moisturizer, primer, and foundation sound like too much of a hassle, BB cream with SPF, which is like an all-in-one.

You Need To Go Water Proof On The Eyes

Waterproof eye makeup makes a big difference in the summer time, both for eye liner and mascara. To avoid drippy eye makeup, she suggests the Makeup For Ever Aqua eyes line.

Today waterproof mascara is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to splash-proof cosmetics. With these waterproof products you can sing in the rain or splash in the sea, worry-free

Embrace The Wet Lip Look

Just like orange and peach lips, lip gloss came back out of nowhere, So steer clear of potential for runny lip color by embracing the sweaty lip look, easy enough and Of course, a gloss with SPF is best.

If keeping makeup in place is a daily struggle no matter the season, this oil-controlling finishing spray is for you. It seeks to replace translucent powder as the final step of your makeup routine to absorb and wick away shine and prevent foundation and concealer from caking or sliding.

Skin products use their patented Temperature Control Technology to keep your face looking fresh and cool, even when the temperature is anything but.

Go Water Proof On Eye Brows

Brows are the absolute last thing we want disappearing from our faces when we jump in the pool, but brow powders and pencils in waterproof formulas aren’t nearly as easy to come by as we’d like.

After filling in your brows, apply this waxy, colorless gel to give them a defined, well-groomed look that will withstand contact with oil, sweat and water alike.

If you love swimming, if you perspire heavily when you work out or if you simply tend to shed a few tears here and there, waterproof makeup is a must when summer rolls around. Say goodbye to eye shadow caked in the creases of your eyelids, raccoon eyes caused by smudged mascara and foundation that fades.

Water-Resistant And Long-Wear Makeup

Long-wear makeup is formulated to last longer than regular makeup that is 4 to 8 hours more or even up to 24 hours under normal conditions. It is not meant to resist sweat or immersion in water. As for water-resistant makeup, it will stay put during exercise, a hectic night on the dance floor or a dip in the pool. But if you want something that can withstand all conditions, anywhere, anytime, even under water, waterproof makeup is your best bet.

Quick Make Up Tip

Professional makeup artists recommend waterproof makeup for women who have drooping eyelids or fine lines around their mouths, as it keeps makeup from feathering and creasing.

Foundation, concealer, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick can all be waterproof or made to be. Here are some suggestions:


During summer, you usually have a more even complexion and a sun-kissed glow. That’s why you can get away with masking any minor flaws with a waterproof concealer or foundation.


Choose waterproof eye shadow or apply a liquid protective film over your regular eye color to waterproof it. Finish off your eye makeup with waterproof liner and mascara.


Apply waterproof lip liner to your entire lip surface. Follow with clear gloss to add some shine. You can also just use waterproof lipstick.

If you have sensitive, reactive skin, waterproof makeup might not be suitable for you, given the extra ingredients it contains. Plus, if you have large pores, waterproof foundation might not is a good option, since it can cause some clogging.

Removing Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup is so resistant it can sometimes be difficult to remove. To get the job done, you need the right makeup remover.

For eye makeup, you have two options:

Oil-free makeup removers will only get rid of some of your mascara; you will probably end up wiping harder and harder and this will irritate your skin. For facial makeup, you can use regular remover. In both cases, finish off your routine with toning lotion to eliminate any oil and makeup residue.

The sun is out, the weather is nice, and it’s officially summer, but before you reach for that stay put foundation or no smudge mascara, there are some key facts to know about going waterproof. Makeup that lasts through sweat and oil is heavier and contains specific ingredients which could lead to skin problems.

We sought the counsel of beauty experts from our favorite makeup brands to learn what to look for in waterproof makeup, which ingredients to stay away from, and how to remove your products safely.

Stay Away From Items With Silicones

Waterproof makeup contains special ingredients to block out water, including animal derived and vegetable based waxes, solvents and polymers. The beauty industry has come a long way in weeding out products that are truly harmful to your skin, but some beauty companies still use silicones, which experts say might cause skin irritation, breakouts, and even allergic reactions in large quantities.

I would really opt to not use something if silicone is a primary ingredient; if it takes over an entire product, I'd be apprehensive, it is said. It's a heavy ingredient that will congest your skin and even clog your pores.

If You Are Going Waterproof, Invest In A Proper Makeup Remover

Waterproof makeup requires serious products for its removal. It’s important to purchase heavy, oil-free cleansers specific for waterproof beauty products because standard makeup removers won't do the job.

These products are heavier and harder to get off. If you're using the wrong cleanser, ultimately you'll leave mascara remnants.

Waterproof is almost like a stain:

It will clog your pores and your skin won't breathe. I wouldn't wear waterproof unless I know I have the right cleanser.

Relying on regular methods of removal, like using your everyday cleanser, won't do the job and improper treatment could also cause skin damage.

Don't Wear Waterproof Every Day

It is not advisable to use waterproof products daily. Waterproof mascara might do the job for a pool day, but the formulas don't include conditioning agents that are good for eyes, like meadow foam, seed oil.

It's nice to give them a try. There are some days where you might need it but you don't need a raincoat every day.

Opt For Waterproof Spray

If you know your skin won't do well with the heavy ingredients found in waterproof products like foundation, Sewell recommends using a waterproof spray on top of your usual choice of makeup item.


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