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10 Items To Keep In Manicure Kit
Aug 03, 2016
10 Items To Keep In Manicure Kit

Manicure Kit and Must Items in it

Humans are the intelligent and beautiful creatures of Mother Nature. Irrespective of gender whether male or female we prefer to keep ourselves in good health condition. Many of us use different ways and means to keep the beauty of an individual. Generally, the exposed parts are the one’s which attracts more attention. Among them after face, it’s the place for NAILS.

Nails are the important part of the hand fingers which are made of a special protein known as keratin. Humans have a great use and advantage of these nails for various purposes and in the day to day life. So it’s very important for us to keep the NAILS healthy.

Healthy nails show the health condition of the individual directly and indirectly. A healthy person’s Nails are generally in colorless, clean, soft and neat. Many times it’s not possible for an individual to take care of them on a daily basis and it’s practically also not impossible for us to visit the experts or beauty consultants on a regular basis.

To enhance the beauty of the nails comparatively men, women spend more time on nails beautification and among them very famous is applying NAIL ART. Since the hand is used a lot of communication purposes and when you raise the hand or when we use the hand to convey any message the finger portion gets the maximum highlight.

So many women prefer to keep their nails in Good condition either by applying a protective coat, color, polish or applying an art on it. The nail art is not a new invention it is a practice which people have followed this from olden days and from many generations.

Nail Art:-

This is known as the form of art which is applied to nails in a decorative form. The art which is applied and practiced on the finger or toenails is also known as NAIL ART.

The nail art has become very popular nowadays since many have started seeing the beauty of this art and their own beauty enhancement when it is applied on the nails.

Following are the various helping tools which we can use at our own convenience for NAIL art.

Tool 1:- Cleansing Tool

This is important for the nails to keep them wet and will also be helpful to clean the nail top layer before applying any kind of treatment.

Tool – 2:- Removal Plate

This will be helpful to remove the old paint or old nail polish or old nail design if it is there any. This is must otherwise the base coat form of new design will get diluted and final finish may not be at acceptable levels of beauty.

Since it is a small area, anything which is odd or abnormal will be clearly visible and it also disturbs the basic art and design of the new pattern. In today’s market, there are various tools available such as liquids and removal pads for removing the old polish or old art from the nails.

Tool - 3:- Trimmer

The trimmer of the trim tool is very useful when the base and pattern of the nail is not at all acceptable for shape. The trim or the trimmer will help us to out the extra area which is not coming on the part of the nail art design and we can also trim the extra area with many trimmer tools which are available in the market.

If the nails are not in proper shape and the curve are not in proper form or the excess portion of grown nail can be removed easily with this trimmer tool. Unless the base ground of nail is prepared clearly in Good shape and size the pattern of design art which is planned to apply will get the shape out and looks like a disturbance form.

Tool - 4:-Base Coat Applying Tool

This is the tool which is useful for applying the base coat of the main nail art. This is the layer on which the complete design gets sets and will be applied. Based coat is helpful to catch and keep the other layers of design or other minute lines of the design which actually are the main points which enhance the nail art beauty. Base coat should be of Good brand and chemical free.

It would be better to know and clear ourselves before applying the nail art design whether are we going for temporary one or the permanent one, based on that the selection and application of base coat tool should be selected and kept in the nail art toolkits.

Tool – 5:- Dotter Tool

This Tool will be very helpful if we are going with a simple pattern and design, as the name suggests the tools is used to create very small, medium and large circles on the nail and which also enhance the nail art design when it actually is applied. Choosing the right color and hygienic tool is very important in this step. Since the tool is of sharp edge the safety factor also must be kept in the account.

Tool 6:- Striper Brush

This tool is useful in nail art design to create the design which is offline patterns for creating minute details in the nail art. The brush should be kept from dust free.

Tool 7:-Usage Of Glitter

In the nail art, the tool which is of more importance and has got a flashy look is Glitter. As the name clearly tells, the glitter tool is used for sprinkling purpose and this will create an attractive element when it is used and applied on the nail form of art. Many a time’s many beauty experts use this as a final touch and at the end strip of the nail heads. This is the major attractive element in the nail design and we should choose the flashy kind of colors when we use this Glitter tool.

Tool 8:- Studs

These are very useful kits and tools when any one prefers to go with different designs, art and patterns. The studs can be kept on the nail top which is an artificial one and these days they are easily replacing the natural nails, they cab kept on the nail directly. Depending on the situation and type of function we can choose and keep the stud which suits our beauty of expression for that occasion.

Tool 9:- Stickers

These are the readymade form of nail art designs which are available today in the market. This can be used and applied on the nail directly without any help of the designer and another person. This also saves lots of time in case of urgency and when there is no time left for opting design.

Tool – 10:- Protective Tape

This tool is very helpful to cover the finger and nail portion while applying the design .if protective cover is there then we can also use the removal tool to remove any excess or in the case of any correction in the design.

Tool 11:-Gel

There are various gels which are available today, to keep the nails in wet and moisture covered. The gel can be used either before application also after application to keep the nail art design in its glossy, healthy and attractive form.


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