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10 Things That Make Your Nail Polish Wear Off Quick
Aug 06, 2016
10 Things That Make Your Nail Polish Wear Off Quick

Are you a Nail Polish lover? Worried about its quick wear off? Then, stop doing the below-given things. There are few things that you do will wear off your nail polish. Surprised? But, it is true.

We have noticed those things and brought up this article to make you aware of those things and let you not to do those things. Are you now ready to know them? Then, see the below information and know the facts about quick nail polish wear off.

Things that Make your Nail Polish Wear Off Too Soon

1. Biting Your Nails

It is a common habit that most of the people do especially kids, teens and even grownups also have this habit which is also called “Onychophagia”. This habit usually makes the fingers ugly and continuous biting of nails also ruins your nail polish too.

Even the polish that goes into your mouth through nail biting can cause serious health issues if it is done frequently. So, to avoid all these issues you can apply no-bite nail polish on your fingers which helps you to keep yourself from this nasty habit.

2. Hair Sprays and Perfumes

Hair sprays and perfumes will have few ingredients or chemicals that act as a nail polish remover and will make your nail polish wear off soon when your nails are exposed to them. So, ensure that you don’t spray the perfume of hair sprays too close to your freshly painted nails.

3. Having a Shower or Swimming

Have you ever absorbed your nail polish getting lifted up after a shower or swimming? Then, know this reality. After you go into the bath and come out you can observe your nails with chipped nail polish and this is due to the fact that, when the nails are under the water for some time your nail bed will absorb the water and makes your polish lift up.

To get rid of this problem, you can use two to three coats of nail paint so that top coat will slow down the water absorption into the base coat.

4. Cleaning Dishes

When you wash your dishes with dish soap along with water for a long time, your nail polish will start wearing off. But, using dish gloves will at least makes your nails not get exposed completely to water and soap. So, try using dish gloves if possible.

5. Using Sunscreen

We all know that sunscreen acts as a great protectant to your skin from sun’s harmful rays. But, you know its ingredients can ruin your nail polish by making the polish soft and even they melt acrylic nails too. So, better keep your freshly painted nail polish away from the sunscreen or don’t apply the cream around your nails to protect your nail paint.

6. Household Cleaning

Cleaning your households such as bathroom floor cleaning or scrubbing, applying furniture varnishes, scrapping off junk, peeling off labels etc, can make your nail polish soon gets wear off.  This is due to the fact that, some of the cleaning products will contain acetone which is a nail polish removing agent. So, consider wearing gloves when you start doing this kind of works.

7. Applying Nail Polish on Dry Nails

Don’t try to apply nail polish on already dried out polish on your nails because it will come off soon when you touch the double coated paint before it dries. So, you need to either apply the next coating of nail polish before the basic coated polish dries out or else don’t touch the newly coated nail polish before it dries out.

8. Not Applying the Base Coat

The base coat is very important to protect your nails. The reason for this is, your nails will contain some natural oils which will prevent the nail polish from sticking to your nails. If you use the base coat with a nail gel that will be available in the market, it will seal the natural oils that come out of nails and protect your nail polish for a long time.

9. Shaking Nail Polish Bottle

When you shake the nail polish bottle, the air gets trapped inside which bubbles and makes some tiny pockets. So, don’t shake the bottle instead roll it with your hands to prevent those air bubbles.

10. Using Quick Dry Polish Products

Using products such as quick dry polishes as well as sprays for making your nail paint dry quickly makes your nails peel, chip, flake or break quickly because of the acetone present in such kind of products.

So, better doesn’t use the kind of products for drying your polish quickly rather wait until it dries out naturally or uses the cuticle oil if you don’t have enough time to wait. This oil will act as a barrier and will make your nails just slip off instead of denting the paint and also when it absorbs into your skin the polish will dry and helps you know that they are dry.

Bottom line:

These are the 10 different things that you usually do and that make the nail polish wear off quickly. Now that you have come to know those things, try to get rid of doing those things to make your nail polish last for a long time or otherwise take the precautions as said above. Hope this article will help you to get rid of quick nail polish wear off.


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