14 Steps To Do Manicure And Pedicure At Home

Manicure and Pedicure

Women’s hands are given for charity and her legs for walking in the paths of truth.  If those hands and legs lost their beauty, then there is an absolute necessity to bring them back to their original state.  Every girl dreams of having beautiful hands and legs. 

Even though few people are born with a beautiful face, having born with beautiful hands and legs is seen rarely.  Our hands and legs speak a lot about our beauty and personality.  In this busy life we are living, it is not possible to allow time for taking care of our hands and legs.  But, neglecting them would literally spoil the beauty of hands and legs.  It is a bit difficult for people to allot time and money in the name of parlors for manicure and pedicure. 

So, we are here to solve your problem.  Why don’t we do the same professional type of manicure and pedicure at home?  Yes, we can.  So, let us know how to do it at home.

How to do Manicure at Home:-

For At-Home manicure all you need is a bowl or a tub with warm water, a shampoo or hand soap, a hand scrub, a cuticle remover, a hand cream, base coat and top coat, nail paint remover, nail paint of your choice, nail brush for cleaning nails.

Step 1:-

First, remove the old nail paint using nail polish remover.  Take a tub full of warm water.  Add some hand soap or shampoo or body wash as per your convenience.  Shake it in such a way that it creates some bubbles in the water.  Now place your hands slowly into the warm water solution.

Step 2:-

After few minutes of soaking, remove the hands from that water and keep that tub aside.  Now use a towel to dry your hands.  If you have olive oil handy apply it on each nail.  Now take the cuticle remover and start removing the cuticles slowly.  Cuticles protect nails from bacteria and helps in keeping them soft.  So, beware while removing the cuticles.

Step 3:-

Now, it’s time to cut and shape those nails.  As the nails have soaked in water for some time, they would have become soft now.  So, it would be easy to cut them without using much effort.  The size and shape of nails are totally up to the owner of the nails.  Do not cut too short as if the skin is out of the nail, there would be a problem of ingrown nails.  Use a nail filer to shape your nails.  There are a variety of nail filers available in the market nowadays.  Depending on your interest choose either plastic or metallic or emery board type nail filer.  Shape your nails as per the occasion.  There are many varieties of nail shapes like square, round, oval, pointed, squoval etc.  Choose the one which suits you well.

Step 4:-

Now apply some hand scrub and gently massage your hands.  This hand scrub helps in removing the dead skin on hands.  So, by giving more attention to the area where the hands are hard, massage your hands to remove the dead skin.

Step 5:-

Now take a nail brush if you have one.  If you don’t have one, use an old brush to clean your nails.  Make sure you clean the nails upside down.  Cleaning under the nails is as important as cleaning them on the top.  So, keep brushing them for a while both on the nails and under the nails.

Step 6:-

It’s time for relaxing.  Apply foot oil or massage cream and massage your hands gently.  Relax while massaging your hands.  Wear hand gloves after you are done with massaging to get more benefits from it.

Step 7:-

Now, we have entered the climax.  It’s time to apply your favorite color of nail paint to your nails.  But don’t take it easy.  Because applying nail paint itself is a work of art.  First, start with a base coat.  After the base coat is dried, now apply your favorite color nail paint.  When it is dried, apply another coat of the same color to make it look more beautiful.  That’s it.  You are absolutely done with your nail paint as well as professional manicure session.

How To Do Pedicure at Home:-

Now, let us look at pedicure session and how to do At-Home pedicure.

We do a lot of malfunctioning with our feet because of which our feet is losing its beauty.  The environment in which we are roaming, our habits, dirt, pollution, our footwear all of them contribute in our malfunctioning of feet.  It’s time to give them back their beauty.  A pedicure is one such method to retain its beauty back.  So, let us see how to do At-Home pedicure.

All you need is a tub of hot water, body wash or foot soak, a pumice stone, cuticle remover, foot scrub, foot cream, nail paint and an old toothbrush or nail brush.

Step 1:-

The Same procedure goes with pedicure too.  First take a tub full of hot water and add the body wash or foot soak in it.  Make hand movements in such a way that bubbles are created.  Place your legs in the tub for soaking.  Soak your legs for at least 40-45 minutes.  As legs are more malfunctioned then hands, it is recommended to treat them for more time than hands.

Step 2:-

Now take out the legs from the water and clean them with a towel.  After your legs are dried, apply some olive oil to your toes and massage them for a while.  This will help in softening the cuticles which should be removed in the next step.

Step 3:-

Now it’s time to cut and shape your nails.  As you have soaked your feet in hot water earlier, the toenails would have become soft by now.  So, it is easy to cut them now.  Don’t cut them too short.  Use a nail filer to shape them.  As there are many shapes of nails, choose the best one that suits your legs and that goes well with your nails of hands.

Step 4:-

Now it’s cuticle’s time.  If you are newly introduced to cuticle removing then be careful.  Removing them is not that easy.  As you have applied olive oil to the nails for softening the cuticles, it will be a bit easy to remove the cuticles now.  So, take a cuticle remover and gently remove the cuticles.  If you don’t know how to remove the cuticles, then just push them back and leave them like that.

Step 5:-

After you are done with cuticles, it’s time for the use of pumice stone.  Take a pumice stone and scrub on your under feet to remove the dead skin.  As the feet are soaked in hot water earlier, it is easy to remove the dead skin using the pumice stone.  The pumice stone comes with a scraper too.  Use the scraper to scrape and remove the dead skin.

Step 6:-

Now take the nail brush or old toothbrush to brush the toenails.  Clean both the nails and underneath the nails.  Brush all the toes evenly both back and front.

Step 7:-

Now apply some scrub and gently massage toes and feet.  Scrub ankles, feet, and toes.  Use clockwise and anti-clockwise movements while massaging.

These are the steps to be followed to do At-Home professional pedicure.

Hope you liked our At-home manicure and pedicure tips.  Hope you follow them and get benefited by them.

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