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5 Best Flower Nail Art Designs Ideas
Jul 21, 2016
5 Best Flower Nail Art Designs Ideas

Though people admire nail arts, they especially beginners think that nail art is a complex art to put on their nails. But, it is a wrong thought. In fact, it is much simpler to create a nail art but, all that you need is patience, practice plus creativity to put those designs.

To make them much easier for you, we have come up with simple floral nail arts that you can put on your nails in very less time effortlessly. So, see those designs and the way they are described so that you can start putting them add your own creativity to your nails. For detailed information read the complete article.

Below are the few floral nail art designs listed out

1. Jasmine Floral Nail Art


This is such a simple design to start with. All that you need is nail paint colors such as white, yellow, black, light rose and glitter. At first clean or rinse your nails and apply the base coat of nail polish with watercolor.

The base coat is always necessary either for nail paint or a nail polish. Later after few minutes apply less than half part of the nails starting from free edge with light rose color you have chosen.

After the color dries put some yellow dots here and there as shown in the figure and adorn those dots with white color petals to give it a look of jasmine flower. To have the link between those flowers use black color to draw the lines and finally add glitter.

Make sure that there is a gap between using every color so that they don’t spread out. Once it is completed to add more shine to it. Apply the final coat of watercolors nail polish to the complete nail.

It is a very simple art if you practice it just once in a rough paper. If you want you can change the colors and even create a similar design by seeing this nail art so that your creativity comes out. Now, you have one beautiful floral nail art that you can put on the nails. Come let’s have a look at few more.

2. Small Rose Nail Art


This rose nail art is very simple that even beginners can create it on their nails. To put this simple design you must have beautifully shaped nails so that it adorns you well. It is also called as one finger nail art because in the picture the nail art is decorated to only one nail.

You can put it on all nails but, it looks beautiful if worn only on a single nail. So, do it as your wish. The rose that is created on the nails is artificial and you don’t have to create it with nail paint. If you want to create it, bring some nail art accessories such as rose and white nail colors and a white stone to put in between the rose.

Choose a single nail from both the hands and put the rose on the nail plate either it is artificial or created by you and then create beautiful rose leaves around it as shown in the figure. Here, you just need to know drawing leaves that's it.

Before the nail paint, dries put the white stone in between the flower so that it sticks well. Otherwise, use a glue to stick it. It is so easy and looks simple as well as beautiful on your gorgeous fingers.

3. Colorful Petals Nail Art


You can start this simple petal design with beautiful colors as shown in the picture. Choose dark and light colors. You need creativity to put this design on your nails. To put this design start with base coat using watercolor and apply dark color from free edge to the distal edge of the nail plate for all the nails.

Once it dries, leave out the last and forefinger and then, decorate all other nails with petals nail art by seeing the figure. Before you apply this nail art, you can practice so that it comes well on your nails finally.

Once everything is done after few minutes apply the final watercolor coat to make the nails look shine. Now, your nails look trendy in this floral design.

4. White Flowers Nail Art


Similar to the above design with a slight difference we create this nail art. Here, we are going to paint alternative fingers instead of all fingers. You just need only two colors that are white and black.

Their combination always looks stunning so, practice this design once in a paper and apply it on your alternative nails. Make sure that you have applied base and final coats of nail polish and there should be a gap between every coat of nail paint.


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