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5 Best Nail Art Rhinestones Designs
Jul 25, 2016
5 Best Nail Art Rhinestones Designs

Rhinestone Art

Nail art, is the applying of nail paints in an attractive and pretty designs on your fingernails, is an enjoyable way to cheer up your each day appearance or beautify an extraordinary event outfit. There are a multiple of designs available, varying from delicate and inconspicuous to funky and contemptible. Though the accurate beginning of nail management is misty, a lot of sources declare that it started in India as women painted their fingertips through henna.

As the fashion industry gained momentum, nail art became a representation to converse among subcultures. Ever since nail art has turned out to be further imaginative and creative. a lot of trends have taken place, for instance, the adding up of signs and crystals, air brushing, acrylic and gel nail developments. Nail art has befallen incorporated into the planet of fashion and is now exercised as a fashion accessory to any appearance.

Nail art covers any practice of carrying out of striking art applied to fingernails or toenails counting a diversity of cover of nail polish or UV gel, or an assortment of lacquer like Shellac and artificial nails. Other nail art attractive techniques comprise of water marbling and stenciling.

The nail art is finished cautiously after applying a coat or two of nail polish. And the instant it is dried out, the complementary color that goes with the coat polish is applied in a preferred pattern like polka dots, triangles, half and half contrasts, moon shaped, wavy lines etc.

A rhinestone is a diamond stimulant prepared from rock crystal, glass or acrylic. Normally, gemstone rhinestones have been utilized on attires, clothing, and ornaments. Also, with the popularity of nail arts, rhinestones and other precious to semi-precious stones and glitter has been used in adorning the nails

And the rhinestones become more popular than ever with the king of rock music Elvis Presley using them on his suit.  Whereas all these designs were finished by the nail polish brush at initial, the ones with creamy fingers were found to mess up the appearance blotching up. 

For such people, new methods got developed like the making use of a bit of sponge for dabbing or trampled plastic piece etc. soon after these methods evolved and there started the manufacture of slender line brushes and pens for the sake of nail art. 

Nail art seems as an outline of fashion activity these days and beauty shops are being accommodated at the moment for the nail art works. From bare geometrical designs to polka dots or a splatter of gold powder to graffiti work on nail shine coating, nail art is being earnestly taken by the community who chase trend to the end.

Nail art, is a resonance that is nowadays ahead of fast appreciation, is now as much momentous as outfits or garnishes in the fashion world. While the alternative of nail polish was seen to be as style mark until now, the nail art has taken over its place.

Nail art is a trouble-free design of sketches or fine art or drawings over previously applied nail polish to equip it with a completely different look. Nail art can be prepared on finger nails and toe nails. As soon as a manicure procedure is done, nail polish paints are applied to nails to safeguard them. Uncomplicated to elaborate designs over this paint of nail polish with harmonizing colors is portrayed as nail art.

Nail art designs using rhinestones

Have you ever noticed how small semi-precious stones like rhinestones can actually brighten up your nail art in simple designs? Try this design as shown below with rhinestones covering your fingertips on a clear coat of nail polish.


Clear coat your nails with a clear or nail colored polish and let it dry. Apply a second coat for a firm base and then use small rhinestones to adorn your nails. Use glitter or nail gel as gum to stick the stones on the fingertips. This nail art is a classy and stylish and is always perfect for the formal parties or for a chic party.

While Rhinestones on a clear coat of nail polish gives you a classy look, try this next nail art by sticking rhinestones on a clear black polish. This nail art is suitable for any fun time with friends or a funky geeky party.

Try dissimilar colors on each nail along with a disparity of polka dots as shown below and the white and black combination has always been a reserved side of fashion style. Along with the polka dots, try gluing some rhinestones as shown below in the picture.

Apply a clear of the coat of white and black on alternating nails and let it dry. Apply a second coat for firm base and apply polka dots of white on black and black on white coatings.

Do you love pink color?

Pink has always been the much-loved color of women. Pink has always been connected with women and has a solid connection between pink and women.  Are you tired of applying the pink colored coats in the same pattern? Do you want to try a new design? Then this picture shown below is just for you

Apply pink color as shown below and try glitter and rhinestones in a different geometrical pattern as shown below.

Red is for romance and for lovers. Red colored flowers to heart shapes and nails have always been in demand with women. Red has also been a formal as well as chic and feminine color.  Rhinestones in the form of heart shapes, when applied on nails, can give you a funky look and can change your appearance entirely as shown below.


Apply the nail polish clearly without any smudges as shown in the picture and on one finger try to stick rhinestones in a zig-zag manner. This nail art style is suitable for an outdoors fun time or any informal occasions.


Glitter and pink go a long way back from the time when the word party has gained so much popularity and nothing can give a stunning look with pink like an abstract design and rhinestones. Try the following nail art design if you want to show off your persona in a funky style.


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