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5 Easy Nail Art Designs For Short Nails
Jul 31, 2016
5 Easy Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

Cute Little Designs for Short Nails 

Worried about having short, broken and pampered nails? This is the problem many women are facing today. Women generally love having good looking long nails rather than short nails. But, unfortunately, only a few percent of women are glad about their nails.

The only solution for the others is to cover those damaged or defected parts with beautiful nail paint or nail art which are available at the present day. So, if you are one among the one looking to style your nails for covering those defects then you are at the right place.

We are here to give you some beautiful nail art ideas to decorate your nails and that suits well for women. Continue reading the article for those nail art ideas.

Instructions before you start decorating Your Nails with Nail Art:

Clean your nails

Take precautions if your nails are damaged or broken so that nail paint doesn’t hurt the broken part of your nail

Sharpen the edges smoothly

Use good nail paint

Gather nail colors and other accessories are any to start the nail art

Now, as we are ready with our stationery to let’s have a look at few beautiful DIY nail art designs in our gallery. I would love to present these simple nail art designs for you. They don’t need much effort and time so you can certainly try them out.

1. Pinkish Nail Art

Women usually like the pink color from dressing to accessories they purchase. So, I started with pink. Pink color looks beautiful on short nails, especially for white skinned girls. It is a simple art with no extra accessories. You just need two colors one is cool pink and the other is white.

Start with pink, here as you do regularly paint the complete nail with pink color that you have chosen and then let it dry for few seconds. Now, take the white nail color and paint it in a half oval shaped at the “Lunula” side of the nail i.e., from where the nail grows as shown in the above figure.

Now, see how beautiful your nails look. It is one of the easiest DIY nail art. So, try it now itself and feel the beauty of it to your nails.

2. Glittering Short Nails Art

Wanna grab the attention of your friends even with your short nails? Then, glitters are the ones that can do it. So, now I have picked up glittering nail paint to decorate your nails. To start with, I have chosen bright brown glitter color along with few other glitter nail colors such as green, white, maroon and yellow for making hues and other shapes on brown nail paint.

Brown brightens your nails and grabs the eyes of your friends. They give an appealing look to your nails. So, now start making creative DIY designs with the colors you have chosen. Try it out during part times and enjoy the worth of it.

3. Simple and Cool Nail Art

To start with, pick some favorite nail colors of your choice and paint them randomly or with alternative colors to your nails. Leave them plain without any decorations on it with smooth finishing. This gives your nails a smart look. Bright color adds more brightness to your hands.

This nail art suits well for cute women who don’t like much decoration. This nail art gives them a sophisticated feel. No extra efforts are needed to paint this nail art on your nails. You just need the knowledge of using the nail paint properly.

4. Simple Tri-Color Nail Art

Though name looks complex but, the design looks simple with this three colored nail art. This is also one of the simple DIY nail art. All you have to do for this is to take 3 different shades of the same color and start your nail paint.

Try cross or horizontal stripes shades with dark colors on the light color nail paint as shown above. This gives cool a trendy look to your nails. Different shades of the same color give the sense of beauty on your short nails so, try them and have fun.

5. Black and White Nail Art

I have chosen this name because it is a combination of black and white. This combination always looks beautiful on any one. Most people have their favorite colors as black and white so I have chosen these colors to make DIY nail art. Try white on black then it gives brightness to your fingers.

At first color your nails with black nail paint and decorate it with white color in various shapes. Think creative to make different designs with these colors. Give a trendy look with this combination. If need to attend a party, then this nail art will be perfect for your cute little nails as they enhance the look of your nails.

The nail arts that I have presented here suits well for different kinds of women starting from smart to trendy women. Apart from this you can also create some simple designs on a paper and try them on your nails.

Now, with these ideas I think you can makeover your short nails amazing right? So, take the reference of these nails arts and create beautiful nail paints to impress your dear ones. Hope this article helps you.


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