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Fingernails Dos and Don'ts For Healthy Nails
Jul 25, 2016
Fingernails Dos and Don'ts For Healthy Nails

Healthy Nails

The fingernails in the human body are made of a protein called as keratin; it is the top most external part of hand fingers, around which the smooth layer of skin is covered. The part of the nail which is visible is called as “nail plate”. A small part of the nail which is known as root gets inserted into the finger mass.

It’s very important of the hand on the human body with its own priority on various works which a human hand does; it acts as the beauty feature as well as a protective piece.

It’s very interesting to note that the color and condition of nails will tell us the healthy condition of the human body. People have practiced this kind of tradition of looking at nails condition to know the health condition of the body in olden days and now also at many places many people practice this habit.

The change in color, its mixture and slow growth of nails will indicate that something is in disorder and something is wrong taking place. Healthy nails indicate no color and discoloration of fingernails indicate the unhealthy condition of the human body.


As mentioned, the exterior part and foremost corner part of the finger is nail and it is exposed to the atmosphere. Since it is exposed to the external environment and hand is used for various purposes and for the daily routine of the day, the fingers and nails are in regular touch with water, air, soap and other liquids.

Due to this the fingers and nails may get some kind of changes which can be observed as nails getting into brittle and change in the glassy finish of the nail surface.

Unless it is covered with gloves in case of regular wet works the nails are turned to get affected and may get damaged due to some rapid actions.

It’s important to cover the fingers with gloves, otherwise, it might catch the infection to itself and will, in turn, the infection will get to the skin and body. 

Another important aspect related to females is that, they use lot of paints and nail polishes on the nails for enhancing the beauty of it and in turn the expression gets noticed when we do any with hand and hand fingers, it would be better to use non – chemical and harmful paints and polishes on nail for its healthy condition to keep it on.

There are many brands which are available in the market contains a little and sometimes more part of chemical dose in them, under expert’s supervision on  the advice of beauticians select the one which is beneficial and harmless.

It’s always better to consult the expert or dermatologist or doctor if we see any change in the color from its regular color combination, change in the size and shape of the nail form, or any gaps between the skin and nail base, or any swelling in nail portion or the skin area, or any bleeding at nails portion. Any disorder in nails area from its normal form is an early indication of some kind of disorder in the healthy state of the nail and healthy condition of the human body.

 Good and healthy fingernails are smooth, shiny, and colorless and break free.

 Experts today suggest that a minimum and optimum amount of wetness and moisture at the nail area would be better to avoid the dryness of the skin and nail. It means the fingers should not be completely wet like water it is the optimum level of moisture which will be counted as not completely wet and not completely dry.

In case if you are doing a washing, cleaning with water continuously for more than half n hour, it’s always advisable to use the cover to the hand and fingers, nails.

This protective layer will keep the moisture at its optimum level and keeps the hand in healthy condition.

 It’s very important to note that the finger nails are dust free, clean and neat.

 Experts also suggest using good and healthy layer of hardener on nails for its good and protective growth.

 Whenever the nails are getting in touch with other liquids apart from the water it is better to use a protective coat and once your remove the protective layer and cover keep the hand in clean and neat condition.

The growth rate of the hand nails is different from the growth rate of leg nails and it’s noted that the growth rate of nails is different from each individual. Depending on their health condition, age, gender, and place of living the growth vary from individual to individual.

Once you observe that the growth is more than to its normal level and whenever you feel the present state of nails are uncomfortable then, in that case, use a good hygienic and smooth cutter.

 Always have a habit of a good manicure.

 It’s not a god habit to bite your own nails; if you have this habit then immediate caution is to STOP this practice of biting your own nails and others too.

 Experts many a times advice to keep to a single point of contact in case of beauty consultation, in the case of consulting an expert and in the case of seeing a dermatologist. It’s better to visit the saloon or the beauty place which is of more hygienic, neat and clean.

Avoid changing the places of manicure and pedicure regularly; visiting the same place will keep the track record of all the things, starting from head to toe. In case you want a change then better to consult the expert and take a call.

 In many countries and places around the world taking food from hand is still considered to be the better practice, in these places washing hand and keeping neat nails, dust free and chemical free are very important. Since it is directly consumed by the stomach utmost care is important and a little careless thing can take us into a different condition and unimaginable causes might be created.

 Not only hand fingers but the fingers of legs if not taken care well might lead into many health related issues, such as removing the fingers completely if the condition is worst and if it has got the negligence for many days.

 The problems and abnormal conditions should not be neglected, in the case of any emergencies and confusion and for better clarity, one is advised to consult an expert in the field for a better life of nails and health of the body.



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