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How to Grow Nails Naturally
Jul 25, 2016
How to Grow Nails Naturally

Among many beauty tips and beauty enhancement which women and men follow, women take many steps lead when it comes to nails beauty. The beauty of the nails will get more beautify when they are longer than their regular size as men keep.

The beauty of the nails and their maintenance we see in many places of the world especially with women in number than men. Women give more importance and priority to nails beauty and they take special care for their growth, their protection, and their beautification.

But the important thing here is nails look beautiful and very attractive when they are long than their normal size. It's advised and suggested that we can grow more than a half inch more from the top of the finger skin.


The nail, in general, is part of hand and leg fingers of the human and animal body.

In human body nails, either of hand or toes is formed in hard protein which is called as KERATIN.

It’s very interesting to note that, the hair of head and hand fingers grow very fast than the hair which is present on the body skin. The growth rate of nails is different from person to person and depending on the Age and gender too.

Parts Of Nail:

The major parts of the nails are NAIL TOP, NAIL BED, AND NAIL ROOT. The nail is a top most portion of the finger on the upper external part of the skin on finger and toe.

The nail bed is the bottom part of the nail top and nail root is the inside portion which is embedded in the skin of the finger and toe. These parts of the nail protect the edge surfaces of the finger and are useful for the extra grip to hold anything.

Growth of Nails :

The Growth of nail depends on the gender, age, place of living, body type, and the surrounding environment. It’s found through research and studies that the growth rate of fingernails and toenails are different from each other.


One complete rotation of finger growth in human body takes from thirty to forty-five days and one complete cycle of toe finger take an average of twelve months and with a little variation depending on the age, gender and family history of the person.

Depending on the various parts of the world people live they follow different beauty tips and beauty methods for their nails beauty. The priority goes more for hand fingers than to toe fingers.

The nails of the hand are more visible than the toes and since there are more hand movements than the legs it enhances more beauty of the person when it’s applied to different beauty methods, colors, and mixtures.

But the challenging part here is the Growth rate. At what rate and at what speed the nails are growing we should observe this carefully for few weeks, and then each an individual can count the growth rate and period of growth for their nails.

Women give more preference and importance to their nails and their nails growth. Many are worried about its length and with its growth. There are many beauty experts who suggest various styles and various methods, procedures for NAILS BEAUTIFICATION.

Growing Naturally:-

Since the growth rate of nails is involuntary process many times people are worried if the growth and pattern are not proper.

The nail pattern depends on the top and exterior skin curve and mould. The beauty enhancement can be done by allowing the nail to grow in proper fashion and with proper pattern.

There are various methods which research and expert studies suggest growing the nails naturally.

Exercise – 1:-

The nails growth speed can be improved by doing a proper message to the fingers and fingernails. The best way expert stylist suggest that to apply any oil on the fingernail at top and bottom end gently and to the required quantity so that the nails get wet and then apply a hand moments gently and give a proper massage for ten to fifteen minutes.


If this is done each day for every week then with on few weeks the growth rate of the nails can be increased. The oil can be of anything from almond to coconut which suits and smoothens the skin.

The rubbing moments after applying the oil will accelerate the growth speed of nails. These rubbing moments are better than from the idle state of the body cells and tissues.

Exercise – 2:-

The second natural exercise is by using a mix of water with salt and daily use oil. Keep a bowl which is adequately filled with water and put a spoon full salt and a little oil then mix this mixture for one to two minutes and keep the hand fingers in this water for fifteen to twenty minutes each day.

By doing this exercise each day for one to two weeks then the growth rate of nails can be improved naturally.

Exercise – 3:

Another important exercise which is suggested by experts is applying an olive oil on to the fingers. In this exercise the olive oil has to be applied daily on to the fingers on top and at the bottom portion of nail buds.

Then rub it for ten to twenty minutes daily gently and smoothly. Follow this exercise for continue two weeks then most surprising results can be seen in nails growth.

Important factor in the aspect of nails growth is to keep the nails area wet and in rubbing moment. Accelerating the action moment of the nails portion and surrounding area cells with wet in condition is the most important part of nail growth either of hand or toe.

Other Important Steps:-

Don’t keep the skin and nails in dry condition.

During winter days and season it’s better to wear the hand cover or glows.


Take as much water as you can in a day and take as much as protein and biotin rich contained diet as per the body acceptance levels of an individual.

The ingredients which can be used for finger nails rubbing are OLIVE OIL, COCONUT OIL, ORANGE AND LEMON JUICE.

It’s always better to identify the right source which suits to our body and our skin.

It’s found from studies and research that BIOTIN helps in the growth of nails and which is found naturally in food like EGGS, CARROTS, MILK, CUCUMBER, TOMATOES and NUTS etc.

Almonds, strawberries and walnuts also have biotin in it, which is a good and natural supplement for healthy nails growth.

Periodical checkup with health specialist will help us in understanding the healthy state of nails and by getting the feedback we can control the weakness of nail if there is any.

Flaxseed oil is also used at many places in the world as a natural source for NAILS GROWTH.

A reasonable growth in nails of hand finger will enhance the beauty of the person, over growth and excess of anything is bad for health and for others.

Avoid using chemical filled nail polishes and most important is avoided biting your own nails.


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