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Nail Polish for Fair Skin
Aug 06, 2016
Nail Polish for Fair Skin

Nail polish is a lacquer used to paint finger and toe nails and is very much an essential part of today’s fashion world.  The tradition of painting finger and toe nails dates back to 3000 B.C and originated in China.

While the original nail colors were made of beeswax, egg whites, tree gums, gelatin and vegetable dyes; today’s colors are made of polymers, adhesive polymers, plasticizers, dyes and pigments, thickening agents etc.

Nail Polish for Fair Skin

The true original colors used to paint the nails were gold and silver. Later the colors were replaced by red and black. And the distinction of classes in the society made the red color of high stature and the paler colors to the lower sections of the society. Till date, the red color is in still demand and gives the classy look needed.

Nail polish in the modern fashion industry started in clear, red, pink, purple, and black. Since then, beyond solid colors, nail polish has developed into an array of variety of colors, designs, like cracked, speckled, iridescent, and holographic. And now the nail art via social media is given the importance as a part of fashion culture.

There are 13 principal nail polish finishes: Shimmer, Micro-shimmer, Micro-glitter, Glitter, Frost, Lustre, Crème, Prismatic micro-glitter or shimmer, Iridescent, Opalescent, Matte, Duo-chrome, and Jelly or translucent.

Not all the finishes or all the colors would suit everyone who wants to try this fashion culture. Recently, with men beginning to wear clear polish on their nails to protect them from breakage, we can say that nail polish has a clear important role in nail care and also fashion industry.

The choosing of a nail polish to give a person classy looks depends on a variety of factors such as skin tone and color, the attire and also the personality. The color worn by others while they look pretty on them, it may be too bright or too pale and washed out and it would give the completely mismatched looks.

Skin color and complexion is a major factor to be kept in mind while choosing the right kind of nail color. For dark complexioned people, bright and vibrant colors suit much more than darker colors. Olive-skinned people should try out reds, plums, and purple colors to flaunt their look and the fair-skinned people should try light shades of pink, blue, and other pastels.

Very fair complexioned people often have pink undertones to their skin tone. If a person is very light complexioned, they should avoid extremely dark or overpowering shades because these will make the person look too pale. Hence these people should try the pastel color family and also they may opt for darker shades like Very dark blue, navy blue and midnight blue shades and dark reds and pinks.

If you are light (often referred to as fair), with a warm tone, a lot of options are available for you to choose from. Fair skin persons can play around with various light shades. You can choose from the basic red tones but fair complexions can be flaunted if you choose colors from blue based red tones.

The colors more suitable for the fair skinned people are all kinds of pastel shades, Dark reds, and ruby shades, Plums, burgundy, purple, Silver, white, pale pinks, Blues, orange, and peach.

Tanned skin looks better in dark to light dark colors. They can wear a number of shades with ease. Lighter shades highlight the tanned skin, like warm pale shades of brown, light blues, pinks, and purples. Avoid gold color as it will just blend with your skin color.

Light pinks, purples, blues and reds, Silver and burgundy, Peach and pale brown are just the right colors for the tanned skin people if they want to show off their classy looks.

Though the skin tones may often vary from dark to very light, it is often the fairer complexion people who suffer from the nail colors. They often tend to choose the shades of their likes but get mismatched when the nails are painted.

So here are a few nail colors available in the market, which not only suits their skin tone but also according to the seasons.  These colors not only divert you from the regular shades of nail polish but also give you a fresh look.

This year try a pinkish peach color with a touch of gray in a crème finish. Take a break from the bold shades with this color which gives you a very professional look but can be worn every day. This is known as Zoya Kennedy and requires three coats to give the desired look.

Summer is at hand now and the days are going to be sizzling hot. To top your summer look give your nails a dash of Brazilian which is a bright orange bordering on neon with a bit of coral shimmer to it. It gives the fair skins hot looks but to get the desired look it requires three coats.

The next one is definitely a peach for you. Gives you a very professional look but at the same time has a lust for it. This is called Zoya cassi which is a pink-coral with silver shimmer tinge and requires two coats. This is a very cool workwear polish.

The next one is an all time favorite color: “The Red” ; Known as The OPI red, it has blue undertones in a crème finish to it and it is just the way you want to have it and it goes with all your outfits. It requires two coats for the desired look.

For the love season, give your nails a romantic look with lavender. Lavender is always known to be pretty and romantic and this would be the color you must stash away for your romantic getaways.  Known as Essie Bond with Whoever is a pastel lilac in a crème finish and requires three coats.

Kiss Me on My Tulips and the Sparrow Me the Drama are two shades from the OPI with bright pink polish in a crème finish and pretty light pink in a crème finish respectively which are both perfect for a getaway with your loved ones and also a must stash colors. Both the colors require two coats to flaunt your skin tone.

Zoya Cola and the OPI’s Malaga wine colors are the shades of red one with a brown tinge and other is a deep red both with crème finish respectively. Both the colors give you a warm, intimidating, chic and sophisticated look and both the colors too require two coats.

Lastly, with an unusual color crème finish, Deborah Lipmann Waking up in Vegas is a dove gray color if you are ready to experiment with new shades which would work fantastic for your skin tone. Though the color may sound strange it is a very warm color and requires two coats to finish the look.


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