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Tips for Nails in Winter
Jul 21, 2016
Tips for Nails in Winter

Tips for Nails in Winter

Cold winter season does not affect our skin but it also shows its effect on nails and hands. It makes your hands rough and dry and also makes your nails craggy. When we know why the winter takes a toll on nails then we can plan and take care nails effectively.

This is basically due to moisture loss. Nails contain about 18% water on average and in winter usually the nails get dehydrated. This results in breaking, splitting and chipping of nails. Even the hot water baths during winters remove the moisture from skin and nails.

Let’s See Few Tips For Nails Which Can Give You Relief During Winters:-

1.    Drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water. People usually drink less water during winters but increasing the quantity of water intake would definitely help your body to maintain healthily.

2.    Try to wear hand gloves while washing dishes as the dishwashing products hurt your skin very badly resulting in broken nails.

3.    Keep your skin moist by using lotions and creams which contain urea – humectants what preserves moisture in your skin and nails, phospholipids or lactic acid that can help prevent cracking.

4.    Take warm water and soak your nails for some time. This helps in attaining required moisture in nails.

5.    Certain nail polishes have alcohol content which takes moisture while evaporating. So be careful in selecting the nail polishes especially in winter.

6.    Cuticle oil or olive oil will help in smoothing the nails so try to apply it daily.

7.    To make your nails strong and healthy, drink carrot juice daily.

8.    Vitamin A sources will help you take care of your nails. Look for sources which contain vitamin A such as green vegetables, almonds, pumpkin seeds and have them included in your daily diet.

Try to look for manicure services in parlors. As most of them are well trained and they know how to make your nails look always great. 

Keep your nails clean and dry and also, avoid nail-bitingly or picking.

These are few common practices which you can try in your home to help maintain a strong, flexible and healthier nails.  


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