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Top 10 Dotting Tools Used In Nail Art
Jul 17, 2016
Top 10 Dotting Tools Used In Nail Art

Top 10 Dotting Tools Used In Nail Art

“Nail Art” is the most debated topic among girls these days.  Isn’t it so? I guess no girl rejects this.   Anyway, nail art has become so popular these days that, even a girl living in the countryside has knowledge about the nail art and how to design it and of course a little or more knowledge about the tools used in nail art. 

It is obvious that people living in urban areas are more familiar with the nail art and its tools.  Nowadays, it is not a big deal to do nail art at home.  All we lack is professionalism. 

But, don’t you worry?  Because professionalism comes with practice and we can practice nail art only when we have good and enough dotting tools for doing nail art.  So, here we are.  Let us know about the dotting tools that makes nail art easy and gives the nail art a professional look.

By using these tools, you can design your nail art just by sitting at home and that to professionally.  These nail art tools which I am going to discuss below are very much handy and are very much available at home. 

So, there is no need for you to run from pillar to post in search of dotting tools.  All you need to do is just follow me to the ends of the content.  Below are the tools that are available at home for designing nail art.

Top 10 Dotting Tools Used in Nail Art:-

1. Hair Pins

You must have overlooked hair pins until now.  But, it is the time to give them a big seat.  Because they are one of the tools that make your nail art easy.  Yes, you heard it right.  The hair pins which we have used just for pinning our hair until now can be used for making wonderful nail art designs.  All you need to do is, just dip one end of the hairpin in your favourite colour nail paint and start keeping dots on your nail.  You can also innovatively prepare designs with these simple dots.  Everything is left to your innovation.

2. Paint Brush

As we all know, paint brushes are used to paint the pots, mirrors, etc.  These days we are using those paint brushes to design nail arts too.  Paint brushes have different sizes and shapes.  Depending on the size of the dot you are going to design on your nail, select the brush size and start putting dots.

3. Ball Pen

Surprisingly, you can use a ball pen in dotting as a part of nail art.  As the tip of the ball pen is sharp and smooth, it helps in designing simple and clean dots on your nails.  These dots look round even when the entire design is clumsy.  As we are very much familiar with using the pen since our childhood, it will be very easy for us to adapt to using such tools for designing nail art.  But, make certain to use an empty refilled pen to avoid further issues.

4. Match Sticks

Matchsticks make wonderful nail art designs if used properly.  Matchstick is a multi-purpose tool.  You can use the matchstick from either side to draw nail art designs.  The rounded side gives simple and double sized round dots and the other side gives square shaped dots which seems absolutely unique and makes the entire design look unique.

5. Toothpick

Toothpicks are best dotting tools on our list.  They rank first in our list.  An Even toothpick can be used on both sides.  With one side of the toothpick, we can draw small dots and thin lines which make it a professional design, whereas the other side helps in designing floral dots, parallel designs etc.

6. Safety Pins

Safety pins are most commonly used things at home.   They can be used in nail art designing.  But, be careful while designing your art.  In order to ensure safety, just stretch the two ends of the safety pin wider.  Use the sharp tip of the safety pin to draw smaller than small dots.  You can create innovative designs as per your interest on your nails using these safety pins.

7. Pencil

We are very much good at using a pencil in the drawing.  Now, it is the time for us to show our talent of using a pencil in drawing nail art designs on our nails.  Take a sharpened pencil and dip it in the nail paint.  Use it to create small dots on your nails.  You can also take an unsharpened pencil and create small rounds using the rounded led present in the pencil.


8. All Types of Pins

These are different pins available in the market each of which was designed for various purposes.  But, our purpose of using it changes because of the situation.  The pins which we use in attesting reports etc can be used in designing nail art.  These are a fantastic nail art dotting tools.  The other ends of these types of pins can also be used in creating a variety of dots.

9. Fancy Ear Rings

You must be thinking that this is a crazy thought.  But, why do we leave a chance of using them in some way in designing our nail art?  So, here comes the use.  These fancy earrings can also be used in designing different nail art designs.  The ends of few earrings come with dot-shaped designs.  So, use that dot-shaped design to create dots on your nail art design.  They make beautiful looking dots on your nail art.

10. Needles

Normally we use needles for sewing cloths and for tying flowers.  But, here we are using those needles for designing our nail art.  These types of needles can be used from both sides to design great designs on your nails.  One side of the needle can be used to create small dots and the other side of the needle is used to create a little bigger dots than the afore ones.


So, these are the tools used in designing nail art at home.  Hope you enjoyed following me to the ends of our content.  Make sure to use the above tools while doing your nail art and see the results.  You will sure be surprised by the designs you made using these dotting tools.


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