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10 Best Summer Perfumes For Women
Aug 20, 2016
10 Best Summer Perfumes For Women

Perfumes are an identity for any person. It’s an individual choice to choose flavors. There are a variety of fragrance and flavors from fruit, sweet to sandal and jasmine.

Some stick to only one brand and fragrance, few keep experimenting.  There are many classic perfumes ranging from oriental to floral and fruit.  Few perfumes last long amazingly in hot sweating summer. No matter how much you sweat the fragrance lasts.

Here are few international famous perfume brands especially for summer fragrance care Balenciaga's Rosabotanica, Carolina Herrera's 212 SURF, JoMalones silk cologne, perfumania, Daisy dreams, poison, black opium, alien, jimmy choo, Angel, Daisy,Giorgio Armani, Jessica Simpson, viva la juicy, ed hardy, Viktor & rolf, obsession, Sarah Jessica parker.

Fragrance derives women’s femininity, sensuality, and exoticism. Perfumes are in existence from ancient times. Initially started in Egypt and moved to Rome and other countries. 

Few fragrances revolutionize women’s and in fact men’s love and emotional affairs with the help of perfumes, but they have intensely embedded historical implication.

However here are few famous international perfume brands that beat the hot summer and make you feel fresh and great.


From ages almost from 60 years, opium by Yves saint Laurent has attracted a lot of women in past and in the current. There were a lot of controversies while the brand was introduced.

Looking at the attractive and shooting up sales rate. Fortunately, such controversy has put the product to the limelight and brought amazing sales pitch. Which enhanced the growth rate of product and the fragrance became too popular

Opium is a blending flavor; it comes in different spicy sensuality. It comes in rose, sandal, orange, coriander, mint, pepper, middle notes that include jasmine and rose. Sandalwood is the primary note seen on the picture.

Its picture has a lady standing and leaned against a pole with one hand on her waist and one hand left in the air. This perfume is long lasting and stays on for round about fourteen to sixteen hours a day.

It comes in different colors like rose, light orange, turquoise, and peach, white and light yellow.

Shalimar by Guerlain:-

It is a first oriental perfume, it is been launched in the market in 1925, he is been influenced by Indian kings and emperor story, Mumtaz and her husband’s relation. He has gifted a garden to her for his love and the bottle shape of fragrance resembles the fragrance of the garden.

Shalimar in Sanskrit is the temple of love. It also means moonlight and abode of light. Jacques Guerlain is quite a romantic person and was so keen about naming the fragrance something relevant to love and passion.

It comes in different fragrances like red rose, sandal, mascara, crisenthemem, tea tree, mint, coco, and jasmine. 

They tried a few fruit-based fragrances too.

Guess Eau De Parfum Spray:-

Guess Eau de perfume spray is a floral scent introduced by Guess comes with a striking pink transparent bottle. Its sweet aroma is great on teens. In addition to creating a luscious fragrance aura around, it offers a nice fodder and longevity. It is great for daily wear.

This sexy, unexplained and fashionable perfume keeps the wearer in the spotlight all day long. And if you want to be in limelight and center of attraction then this is the right choice baby.

Guess Eau de perfume spray comes in different fragrances like tangerine, peach, citrus, bergamot, red berries, musk, and cedar.

Obsession from CK:-

Calvein keins the best fragrance is an obsession. This is suitable and ideal for any kind of occasion. It is highlighted for its longevity. This is simple and strong and suitable for parties, birthday, weddings and engagements.

It comes in basil lemon, green notes, bergamot, jasmine, sandal, rose, oak moss, coriander, mint, cedar, orange, citrus, watermelon, and papaya.

ED Hardy:-

If someone is looking for an aroma that can make someone dribble for you, then Ed hardy for women ought to be one of your top priorities. With the launch of Ed Hardy for women and Ed hardy for men, Christian Audigier has added one more fragrant pair in his Ed Hardy collection.

This unique women perfume comes in 2 different sizes 50 ml and 100 ml. As far as the reviews are alarmed – it is great and long lasting. It comes in different aromas like wild strawberries, grapefruit, tropical mango, freesia, rose and amber, sandalwood, citrus, and peach.

Armani Code by Giorgio Armani:-

Armani code by Giorgio Armani is a famous floral brand. It is comforting, yet captivating than “Armani code for women” is something you should consider. This spellbinding perfume brings up the same elegance we usually see in Armani dresses. It offers fresh, amazing, seductive and feminine feel to anyone who wears it. Vanilla and honey flavors in Armani code by Giorgio Armani is quite a famous brand.

This is famous for long lasting fragrance, best used while going for dating, honeymoon period and especially in summers.

It comes in orange blossom, Tunisian orange, vanilla, and honey.


Perfumenia is a famous fruit based perfume famous across the world for its strong and lasting aroma. This was launched in 1976 in Rome. They first experiment with vitamin C based fragrances. It included citrus, lemon, peach and sweet lemon.

These fragrances, not only make you feel fresh but also make you look fresh all time.

They come in different flavors like citrus, peach, sandalwood, rose, strawberry, raspberry, and grape.

They come in different colors like red, dark maroon, black, orange, light green, navy blue, turquoise, peach, light yellow, blue, sea green, white, silver shine, pepper brown colors.

Chanel No # 5:-

They are great in fruit and floral based fragrances. It is been introduced in 192. It has been first introduced in vanilla fragrance. And later it was introduced in rosemary, jasmine, citrus and other fruit flavors. It is like a perfume with a secret of women. Chanel # 5 is almost like poison blue strong.

It comes in different flavors like grape, citrus, lemon, strawberry, sandalwood, rose mint, rosemary, orange, pineapple, turquoise and other flavors.

It comes in different colors like orange, yellow, light yellow, peach, light green, light blue. It basically comes in all light colors. This is famous for its long lasting aroma on the body.

Pure Poison from Dior:-

This is a very popular brand and is also called as night perfume. This is amazing and magically irresistible. Always prefer to wear pure poison from the door for long lasting fragrance especially for the night parties. It has set its own place in the market in terms of strong and lasting perfume brand.

It is said that pure poison from door keeps the relations strong and romantic. It is famous for keeping the couples in strong bond and lasting relation just like the lasting and strong perfume.

It comes in different fragrances like amber and sandalwoods.

Famous are blue poison, bergamont and jasmine, black fabric fragrance.

Poison in the door also comes in different flavors like citrus, peach, sandalwood, rose, strawberry, raspberry, grape.

They come in different colors like red, dark maroon, black, orange, light green, navy blue, turquoise, peach, light yellow, blue, sea green, white, silver shine, pepper brown colors.


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