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11 Ways to Use Salt for Gorgeous Skin and Hair
Feb 04, 2017
11 Ways to Use Salt for Gorgeous Skin and Hair

As they say “Love is the essence of life”, I say it as “Salt is the essence of food”.  Salt is also called as table salt or rock salt.  It is a combination of sodium and chlorine.  Salt contains 40 percent sodium and 60 percent chlorine in it.  It is normally found in sea water.  Salt is very much needed by our body.  The reduction of iodine levels in our body would lead to many health issues.  Intake of salt is very important to maintain good health.  In the same way, taking it in excess amounts would also lead to many health issues.  It should be taken in right amounts to get best out of it.  Salt has many skin, hair, and healthy benefits. 

Health wise, salt provides proper digestion, cures respiratory problems, diabetes, solves sleep issues and depression, maintains the strong immune system, helps in losing weight, prevents osteoporosis, helps in alkalizing the body, prevents muscle spasms, good for the heart, prevents dental problems etc.  All these are done by salt alone.  Along with health benefits, salt also provides skin and hair benefits.  Let us see what they are.

Benefits of Salt For Skin:-

Salt has scores of skin benefits.  Sea salt is one best salt that provides all these skin benefits.  Bath with sea water removes the dirt and toxins present on our body.  Let us dig deep into this issue to know how salt is used in skin care.

1. Salt is a Natural Healer

Sea salt is named for its healing properties.  Sea water bath is best encouraged as they resolve the problem of itchy and dry skin.  Sea water bath also helps in curing the diseases like eczema and psoriasis.  Salt water bath promotes hydrating.  It improves blood circulation throughout the body.  It helps in opening up of the pores of the skin.  Salt water bath also makes your skin soft and smooth.  It reduces the wrinkles and fine lines on the face.  It acts as a moisturizer for people with dry skin.

2. Used to Treat Acne

In order to treat acne we people generally use soaps, toners, face masks, facials, face washes etc.  But we can even use sea salt to treat acne.  Yes!  You heard it right.  Sea salt is generally used in soaps, masks, toners and cleansers as their main ingredient for the treatment of acne.  The sulfur present in sea salt helps in synthesizing oxygen and potassium is used to balance the cell metabolism.  This, therefore, enables us to get rid of impurities present on the skin.  Calcium present in sea salt helps in cleansing the pores and works towards strengthening the cell membranes.  It also helps in removing the dirt and toxins present on the skin which ultimately lead to zero acne on the face.

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is the best thing that we can do to our skin.  This process of exfoliation helps in exfoliating the skin.  Take 1 tbsp of salt and add olive oil to it.  This solution can help you exfoliate your skin.

4. Toner

Numerous people suffer from the problem of oiliness.  That too, in summer we can literally see oil flowing on their face and body.  If you are one among them, then here is the solution for you.  Salt can be used to reduce the oiliness of the skin.  All you need to do is prepare a spray bottle with tepid water which is mixed with 1 tbsp of salt and mist.  Regularly spray this solution on your face and clean your face.  Don’t let that spray go into your eyes.  This solution acts as a toner for your skin.

5. Used in Treating Puffed Eyes

Puffed eyes resemble sleeplessness or stress that we and our body had undergone.  So, in order to relieve that stress and get rid of those puffy eyes, try this at home.  Lie down in a relaxing position and place the cotton that is soaked in hot water and salt solution for some amount of time.  This would give you a great relief from your puffed eyes.

6. Scrub

The main purpose of the scrub is to remove the dead skin cells present on the skin.  Salt acts as a scrubbing agent to remove dead skin cells from the skin.  The dead skin cells lie on the skin for long and create many skin issues.  Scrubbing also improves blood circulation.  When you are done with your bath, before your skin gets dry, apply some salt on your arms and legs and scrub it over gently.  This would remove the dead skin cells present in the areas of arms and legs.

7. Steamer

Steaming is done to open up the pores on the skin.  Opening up of the pores will ultimately remove the dirt present in the pores.  In general, steaming is done with pure water.  But, you can add some salt to the water before steaming.  Take some water and add some salt to it.  Boil it to some temperature and steam yourself in that for about 10 minutes.  This will open up and clean the pores exhibit on your skin and aids in uprooting the dirt that is put away on your skin profoundly.

Benefits Of Salt For Hair:-

As salt contains sodium in it, it is not at all advised to use it for hair.  However, our hair needs many essential minerals which are present in salt.  Let us know what the benefits of salt for hair are.

1. Makes Your Hair Soft

Every girl loves to have soft and silky hair.  If I say that salt can offer both, what would be your reaction?  Salt can be used on hair for protecting it from damage.  It softens and smoothens the hair.  It moisturizes the hair.  As it contains essential minerals, it helps in maintaining silky and smooth hair. 

2. Goodbye Dandruff

Dandruff is a most common problem seen in people these days.  As our surroundings are totally filled with dust and dirt, it is obvious to have the problem of dandruff.  Take some sea salt and apply it on your dry scalp.  It will help in loosening the flakes and treats the scalp so as to reduce dandruff present in the scalp.

3. Keeps You Away From Scalp Sweating

Scalp sweating irritates us a lot.  No matter how many times we wash our hair, scalp sweating spoils all our efforts.  So, in order to get rid of scalp sweating, spray the salt spray at the roots of your tresses and allow it to dry.  This will stop your scalp sweating as salt has the ability to absorb moisture.

4. Thickens Your Hair

Love to have thick hair?  Then try this.  Take some Epsom salt and blend it with equivalent sums of conditioner of your choice.  Apply this solution on the roots of your hair.  Let it sit for 20 minutes and at that point clean it off with water.  This will help you to increase your hair number.  But this tip is totally seasonal.  This solution may dry your hair if used in non-seasons.

These are the benefits of salt for both skin and hair.  If used properly they would yield best results ever.  So, keep in touch with them to get rid of your skin and hair issues.


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