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6 Best Skin Whitening Creams for Dark Neck
Jul 06, 2016
6 Best Skin Whitening Creams for Dark Neck

Most people care their skin very much especially their face to look beautiful. But, usually, they neglect the neck part. So, as a result, they will end up with uneven skin tone. That is their face looks white and the neck in black color which really seems odd.

The neck is a sensitive part which is prone to sun exposure and dust. If you don’t take proper care or if you overlook the neck part, it becomes darker in color over time.

So to wake you and bring back your neck to original skin color, we have come up with this article. Here, we would like to present you amazing neck whitening products available in the market. Using these products you can get back the original skin color to your neck.

To know about them read the information given below.

1. Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Night Cream

Lakme is one of the popular brands today in the market. It gives clarity to your skin tone, makes your skin glowing and brings out radiant. Lakme perfect radiance whitening cream is one of the best creams to get back the fairness to your dark neck and adds an extra glow to it.

The vitamins E, B3 and the glycerin present in the cream gives you beautiful skin tone for a long time. It repairs your skin to flawless perfection. So, you can purchase the product from a cosmetic store or online and use it daily as per the instructions are given on the product i.e., you should use it during the night time as the cream says.

Apply it to the cleansed face and neck before you go to bed. Now, the cream works its magic on your skin. After few days you will feel the change certainly.

2. Lotus Herbals White Glow Skin Whitening and Brightening Gel Cream SPF 25

Lotus brand is very well known in the market for its variety of products such as shampoos, hair and beauty products etc. The particular cream mentioned here can be used both for y our neck as well as the face. This amazing cream will protect you from UVA and UVB rays, keeps your skin fresh, balances your facial and its associated skin parts, and gives you a radiant and flawless skin tone. It contains great fairness agents such as grape, milk enzymes, mulberry and saxifrage extract.

It even nourishes and brightens your skin. So, you can use this skin whitening product in your daily routine.

3. Biotique Bio Coconut Whitening & Brightening Cream for All Skin Types

As said in the cream name itself, people with any skin type can use this product un -doubted. This mild product can be used on facial and neck parts. It is a nongreasy and light product so that it blends well with any skin type. It is a natural or

Ayurvedic product made out of natural ingredients such as nimble Kamla, coconut water, cream base Q.S, and badam tail. So, it is suitable for all skin types.

So, apply this cream to your face and neck part and do a gentle massage so that cream gets absorbed into your skin. You can do it like this once in the morning time and once in the evening time every day for best results.

4. VLCC Snigdha Skin Whitening Day Cream

Many people know the VLCC brand as it provides a wide range of beauty products and fitness varieties in the market today. This is one of the skin whitening products available in the market and it works well by reducing the pigmentation on the skin and lightens the skin color.

So, application of this cream for few days on the skin will give you an attractive white skin. You need to apply it on the facial as well as neck parts before you go out in the sun i.e., during day times.

5. MB Life science Glow On – Herbal Skin Whitening Cream with Kesar

Today people are motivated towards the natural and herbal products that are chemical free as they do a lot of miracles and gives them pleasure. On the way to whitening creams, we have found this herbal whitening cream for you. This product will work as overall facial whitener by reducing the pigmentation, dark circles and dark spots on the face.

People can also use it in the neck portion which is generally ignored so that it repairs the damage of your skin and brings back you the original color. As it is an herbal product, you will not have any side effects and it is effective and safe to use.

So, you can use this product daily as per the instructions.

6. Sattvik Organic Sun- Ban Skin Whitening Cream

It is one of the best creams to remove the epidermal sun tan. It is an organic product completely free from chemicals and even you can’t find any side effects with this product. It works by banning the sun from affecting your skin and also as a skin tan eraser.

It removes off the excess melanin from your skin, restores the natural fairness of your skin, and gives you a spotless complexion. People with oily skin can use the same product with nonoily feature and that will suit them well with a feature of turmeric.

This cream will give the whitening effect for long hours. So, you can apply it on your face and neck even in the evenings to get the radiant, healthy and non-oily skin.

These are the few best dark neck whitening products available in the market. Some are herbal products and some are chemical based. So, chose any of those products based on your interest and one that suits you well to get back the original skin tone to your overlooked dark neck. Hope, you love using these amazing whitening creams.


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