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7 Easy Ways to Fix Self Tanning Mistakes
Jul 03, 2016
7 Easy Ways to Fix Self Tanning Mistakes

People usually do self-tanning when they are out in the sun and think that they will end up with glowing skin. But, there are some common self-tanning mistakes that are to be fixed to get the glow.

To fix those self-tanning mistakes there are few tips that are to be followed when you are out from the sun or after you take a sun bath.
We have listed out those below and these tips will lighten your skin back from the tan. To know them read the following information.

Here are 7 tips to fix self-tanning mistakes

1. Exfoliation

The first and foremost thing that you need to do after a sunbath or after you are out of the pool is, exfoliating the body. This is because as soon as you dip in the pool, the chlorine in the water will lighten your impressive tone and makes it darker.
So as soon as you are out of the pool to go to the shower and gently exfoliate your body with a body scrub. It will help buff away the over saturated color of your body.
You can also boost its result by applying coconut or almond oil to your skin 10 minutes before you take a shower. Oil pats the skin and makes it more flexible for exfoliation.

2. Try a Self-Tanner

When you are new to using a self-tanner, first apply it to your hand and if the skin turns orange then you are using a wrong formula and stop using it. It is always better to start with light or medium shade instead of dark shade.
Each self-tanner will have a different amount of dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is a colorless sugar. It interacts with the dead skin cells present in the outer layer of your epidermis and changes the skin tone.
Experts also recommend that you should dilute the self-tanner by mixing it with equal parts of moisturizer. Blend them well otherwise, it will end up with spots and streaks. So, make some trial and error to choose the right self-tanner for your skin which results in natural tan and soft skin.

Fix Self Tanning Mistakes

3. Remove Streaks

Streaks or spots are as a result of not using the correct formula of self-tanner. To slough away those streaks or spots go to the shower and exfoliate with a scrub that contains fine beads.
These beads will not strip or tear of the skin but will help you to get the even color for your skin. Try for oatmeal formula opposed to a sugar scrub. After using it and once the skin is dry apply a liquid bronzer. You can also dilute it with body lotion if the liquid bronzer is too dark. This helps cover and blend the streaks in the skin.

4. Baking Soda for Darker Hands

If your hands color doesn't match the body color then try out a DIY baking soda lightener. Make this recipe like this. Take a teaspoon of baking soda with 2 spoons of lemon juice and ½ teaspoon of water.
Mix them well until it forms a perfect paste. Now, rub the paste on your skin for at least 3 to 5 minutes and then remove it off with a warm cloth. You can repeat the process if needed. If your hands look too light, you can again apply self-tanner and use regular body lotion on the wrist. This helps to fade the unwanted darker skin of your hands.

5. Self-tanning Spray for Back

As you can’t reach the back, look for some self-tanning spray which contains 360 degrees nozzle applicator so that you can move it upside down. There are several kinds of those self-tanning applicators available in the market.
So, choose the perfect one that makes your work easy. You can target hard to reach areas by attaching a self-tanner applicator to mitt to the body with a band.

6. Shaving and Scrubs for Legs and Hands

If your knees, ankles, and elbows are discolored exfoliate or dab on a hair removal cream or shaving those parts. If you use hair removal cream leave it on your skin for half the amount of time recommended.
But, before you use the hair removal cream do a patch test and make sure that your skin is not sensitive. Now, scrub the streaks and spots on those areas with a loofah. Don’t over scrub as you will end with an unevenly tanned, red or splotchy skin.

7. Exfoliate The Tan Spots

Even after doing all this, if your skin color is not fading evenly then lightly exfoliate for every 2 or 3 days if you are using a self-tanner.
Concentrate on arms, neck and other major parts of your skin which don’t fade evenly. This will certainly fade the skin evenly so, repeat this until your skin fades out evenly.

These are the 7 tips that help remove the tan from your body and makes it lighten and fade them evenly. So, as you are now aware of these tips and ways use them at the proper time and get back to the normal skin tone. Hope, this information will help you to fix the self-tanning mistakes.


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