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8 Amazing Benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil for Skin
Jul 06, 2016
8 Amazing Benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil for Skin

Turmeric which gives color both in cooking and for our face is an excellent healer. Our ancestors used turmeric for their skin often in the bath.  It is considered as an anti-biotic for healing wounds. 

Even though we got many products into the market, all-purpose turmeric is the best solution to get through our skin problems.  Turmeric not only used for skin and wounds treatment, it is also used in medicines for treating some diseases.

Turmeric is also available in the form of oil which has great benefits than turmeric powder.  Let us just look into benefits of turmeric oil.


Turmeric oil mainly consists of alpha-curcumin.  The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric oil are mainly due to the presence of alpha-curcumin in it.  Like turmeric powder is used in wound healing, turmeric oil is also used in treating wounds. 

Turmeric oil is used in preparing some anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relieving formulas.  Turmeric oil is used along with some other oils like Plai and Frankincense. This oil is mainly used in treating the inflammation of the skin.

2.Used in treatment of Arthritis:

Arthritis can be seen in old age due to joint pains.  Turmeric oil is used in the treatment of arthritis.  Turmeric oil is used in curing arthritis by gently massaging.  This treatment will be of much help for people who are suffering from arthritis.

3.Anti-Cancer agent:

Cancer is one of the most prevailing diseases at the present time.  Even though the medical team is working on preventing cancer, it is getting worse day-by-day.  Our way of living and habits are also running towards cancer. Research in 2011 found that turmeric oil is used in finding radicals present in the body.  Turmeric oil quickens carcinogenic detoxification in the human body by acting as anti-cancer agent.

4.Used in Digestion:

If you are suffering from digestive problems, then turmeric oil is the right medicine for you.  Turmeric oil consists of two main compounds like 6-gingerol and Zingiberene which are used in treating digestive problems. 

Gas formation in the stomach is a major problem that people face.  Turmeric oil helps in prevention and formation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract.  Turmeric oil also deals with abdominal health and constipation issues.

5.Used in protecting environment:

Turmeric oil can also be used in protecting our environment along with protecting us.  Turmeric oil is used in purifying air.  Just add a few drops of vaporizers, potpourris, or even diffuses to kill microorganisms present in the air and keeps your environment healthy.


Acne is a common problem seen in many people.  Turmeric oil is antibiotic and antiseptic in nature.  It helps in treating of acne easily.  It helps in the detoxifying skin and cleanses the face.  All you need to do is, just apply turmeric oil on your face and gently massage it.  Wash it off with soap after 30 minutes.  It helps in removing impurities on the face.

7.Healthy scalp:

Turmeric oil helps in keeping your scalp healthy.  It also prevents problems related to scalp like dandruff.  Take few drops of turmeric oil and massage on your scalp with it.  Let it sit on your scalp for 15 minutes and then shampoo it.

8.Sprain treatment: 

Sprains are very painful and hurt muscles and hinder movements.  Use turmeric oil to gently rub on sprains so that pain will be eliminated.

Turmeric oil can be used in vivid ways for skin and health treatments.  Use it and enjoy its ultimate benefits.


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