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Amazing Benefits of Papaya for Skin
Jun 29, 2016
Amazing Benefits of Papaya for Skin

Papaya is accessible throughout the year. It has a pleasant sweet taste with a soft butter like flexibility. This pear-shaped fruit is normally 7 inches long. The inner flesh is rich orange in color with a light color of pink or yellow. Papaya has a lot of new benefits for skin, hair & health. Not just the fruit itself, but other parts of papaya also are very helpful. Like ‘Papain’ generally known as papaya enzyme is useful for digesting proteins. It is extorted from the tree and the fruit to make dietary supplements and has also used as a primary ingredient in some chewing gums.

Benefits of Papaya for Skin:

• Papaya, which is rich in so many active components, is best for skin care as it encourages and works to present you with healthy & glowing skin.

• Being a real source of the Vitamin A & Papain, this fruit aids in removing the dead skin cells along with breaking down the solid proteins.

• The best feature of papaya is its ‘Low Sodium Quality’, thus resulting in little recollection of water. In simple words it means, it helps to keep your skin hydrated.

• Papaya is a nutritious fruit as it contains more Carotene when the papaya has compared to other fruits like apple, guava, custard apple, & plantains. Not being a rich fruit, papaya is a common man’s fruit that is helpful in many ways.

• The application of a finely trained paste of raw papaya on the face for 25 minutes helps to overcome those unwanted pimples and other painful blemishes on the face.

• Both, direct application and eating will aid you to achieve smooth, supple & soft skin.

• Regular consumption or use of papaya also provides the glow to the skin, which comes from inside and is long lasting.

• The mashed papaya can use for managing the raw & cracked heels.

• Papaya also acts as a general skin exfoliator.

• Use of papaya also aids in removing skin discoloration.

• The peel of papaya can not only use on the face, but it can also use for whitening the legs.

• The use of raw papaya helps in treating the ringworms as well. You just need to rub some slices of fresh papaya on the ringworm patches and see decreased inflammation.

• Papaya aids the skin by reducing the aging signs on the face.

How to Use Papaya for Skin:

The papaya peel assists in lessening and treating the signs of aging. Just rub the skin on the face after eating the papaya. Let it stay for five minutes & then wash it off with cold water. Regular use gives noticeable results. The most coveted component, AHA’s or Alfa-Hydroxy Acid, are located in plenty in papaya to provide anti-aging features, but this is the only reason that makes papaya an acidic fruit. So, do not apply it for more time as it can cause dryness & irritation to sensitive skin.

1. Papaya is also gainful for treating the dark spots.  The application of soft and uneaten papaya with or without milk on the face can help in removing the dark spots & evens out the skin tone those results into the fairer & glowing skin.

2. For getting hydrated skin, mix ground papaya with the honey and applied on your face.

3. Papaya is also sufficient for treating the dry skin. All you want to do is to mash a small section of papaya and mix it one tbsp of milk cream. Apply on the face for approximately 20 minutes and then wash it off.

4. A very simple method for moisturizing the skin is using papaya on it. Take the ripe papaya, clean it & blend it into a fine paste. Now use this paste on the face for 15 minutes. Rinse it off using a washcloth & pat dry to get great results.

5. For skin tightening, apply mashed papaya mixed with honey and rice flour for 20 minutes, three times a week.

6. Papaya is also becoming for using as a body scrub. It can be made by mashing raw papaya & mixing it with salt spa, honey, & olive oil.

For curing the skin tans & brightening the complexion, the simple face pack can be made. Just follow the tracks mentioned below:

• Make the paste of pulpy papaya.

• Add honey, lemon juice, yogurt, and egg white into it.

• Mix all components till the mixture becomes thick which can apply to the face.

• Rinse your face thoroughly so that it becomes clean & dirt free.

• Apply this facial mask on your face and leave it for 15 - 20 minutes.

• Rinse off with the warm water & pat dry.

Papaya benefits for skin are truly endless.


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