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Benefits of Turmeric on Skin
Jul 02, 2016
Benefits of Turmeric on Skin

Gold, yellow, gold, and turmeric are beloved words for women. Every woman wants to shine like gold, have that turmeric yellow glow on face, skin and body. Turmeric is a potential skin friendly ingredient that can be applied to the glowing skin. Amazingly, this excellent spice which we use in the kitchen can be used as a skin glowing face mask.

This antiseptic, ayurvedic beauty face mask was used for centuries in India and other countries especially for brides to brighten their skin and facial glow, leaving it radiant and glowing. Turmeric has tremendous anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-aging properties that make it an excellent face mask ingredient.

This yellow antiseptic golden spice is very effective against acne since it contains strong antibacterial properties and it will help fade your acne scars and other pigmentation issues on your skin.

Yellow Turmeric is used in various beauty practices. It lightens the skin and cures persistent acne. We think of glow just with the thought of turmeric springs first to our mind. Turmeric has much more to offer than these amazing qualities.

Turmeric is indeed a big storehouse of skin beautifying qualities, which can be used in several ways to add on to the beauty of your skin. This article unravels the beauty secrets of some vigilant beauty uses of turmeric. Read on to know how to use turmeric in your beauty applications

Why to spend fat bills at expensive salons and beauty parlors, when we know that the right glowing ingredients are right in our kitchen??

This discovery was followed shortly by the realization that not all can afford salon facials or fancy beauty products whether it’s using beauty-aid to brighten blonde, making your own moisturizing  body oil, or making a turmeric mask for skincare I’ll share easy, economic -friendly ideas for looking your best.

Here Are Few Quick Bright And Brilliant Tips

Hair growth:-

Turmeric acts as a gradual hair remover. Apply turmeric mixed with warm coconut oil on your hands, legs and your whole body to reduce the body hair growth.


Turmeric has high anti-bacterial qualities that help to heal up acne fast. Prepare a paste with raw turmeric and milk; apply it all over your face and neck.

Allow this face mask to dry for 10 minutes. wash off thoroughly with cold water.

Regular application of turmeric prevents recurrence of nagging pimples and dark spots.

Lightening agent:- 

As we all know turmeric is antiseptic and antibacterial and also inter-viral. Turmeric is used for lightening the skin and fading off the facial blemishes.

This is why there is a custom in India, an Asian country and other Middle East countries to apply turmeric on the skin of brides and bridegrooms, prior to their wedding. It is assumed that brides and grooms look glowing and fair after using turmeric. Additionally, regular application of turmeric keeps your skin fair and glowing.

For Pigmentation:- 

Use lemon juice combined with turmeric powder on your pigmented and acne-prone skin. If used regularly, it can lighten pigmentation marks and further breakouts of pimples. It also helps in reducing dark spots and acne marks. Apply turmeric mixed with warm coconut oil on your hands, legs and your whole body to reduce the body hair growth.

Equal Face Toner:- 

It works as a toner too. You can apply the mixture of honey and turmeric as a regular face mask to get flawless and beautiful skin naturally.

Heel Cracks:- 

It works on your heel cracks. Dab olive oil/coconut oil mixed with 3 spoons of turmeric on your heels to cure cracked heels. This mix can also treat fungal infections between the toes very effectively.

Blood Purifier:-

 You can drink milk with turmeric powder to strengthen your bones and minimize the chances of osteoporosis. Drinking milk with raw turmeric paste is very effective for purifying your blood that gives you flawless clearer and radiant skin.

Radiant Skin / Anti Tan:- 

Blend together two spoons of sandalwood powder, two spoons of raw milk and juice of a lemon coupled with half a spoon of turmeric; apply this natural face masks on your face daily. This face mask is very beneficial for getting fair skin and removing tan.


Mash 2-3 ripe strawberries and add cornstarch and turmeric to them. This face mask is an excellent skin-nourishing mask for normal skin.

Nourishing Agent:- 

Take eggs white with three drops of each lemon juice, olive oil, rose water and a pinch of turmeric. Blend them well to apply on your dry skin. This mask nourishes the dry skin deep down.

Facial Glow:-

Gram flour and turmeric powder mask is the best face mask you can use on a regular basis to keep your skin fair and clear.

Stretch Marks:- 

You can apply turmeric and curd mix to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy.

Radiant Mask:- 

Add two spoons of starch to one spoon of warm milk, a pinch of turmeric and few drop of edible oil; Spread this concoction all over on the face gently before rinsing it off. Your face becomes flawless and glowing by applying it every now and then.


Make a paste with powdered orange peels, curd, and   turmeric to exfoliate your skin with this mix. This homemade scrub gives you a face radiating with a healthy glow.

Here Are Some More Benefits Of Turmeric For Skin Glow

Mix a few rose petals milk and turmeric, make it a paste. While applying add honey and apply. It gives a brilliant glow. You can apply this pack the whole night and wash off in the morning with lukewarm water. Keep doing this once in fifteen days for that extra vibrant glowing skin.

Blend together half teaspoon of turmeric, half spoon of camphor, and 1-2 drops of mustard oil and lemon juice. Prepare this mix and apply on your skin for 15 minutes. Try this remedy prior to the bath to clear persistent pimples.

Mix Wheat flour coupled with raw turmeric paste and milk to rub on your whole body to reduce the body hair.

Turmeric mixed with rock salt is used to reduce the body hair growth. This method may not work as effectively as waxing does. But regular applications reduce the further hair growth on your body.

Mix gram flour coupled with sandalwood powder and ghee and a pinch of turmeric .This mask will make you fair and glowing if you follow this home remedy religiously.

Turmeric and neem mix is a sure-shot home remedy to cure pimples naturally.

Blend a pinch of turmeric with 2 spoons of buttermilk and dab on your face using fingertips including under-eyes areas. Wash off after 20 minutes. This Face mask eases off wrinkles and fine lines. Moreover, it helps to fade away dark circles effectively. 

Henna and turmeric mixture removes blemishes.

Mix together turmeric, cucumber juice and lemon juice to make a skin lightening mask. Let this face mask to stay on the face for 20 minutes. This homemade face mask lightens and brightens your skin instantly.

Combine milk powder and turmeric in equal measure. Apply it all over your face using your fingertips. Wash off after 10 minutes and experience a bright, smooth and yellowish fair skin in just a few minutes

Turmeric and honey face mask are very beneficial for making your fair and glowing. You can use daily. But remember not to overuse turmeric as it may give a yellowish tinge to your face

Turmeric paste mixed with sunflower seeds and saffron makes an excellent face lightening mask. Make a paste of both, apply on skin and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash off face and experience a radiant glowing skin in just 20 minutes

Add a few tulsi leafs in turmeric, add milk and rose water crush it and apply on face for antiseptic importance. Whenever you face dull skin, you can try this and see the immediate glow and flawless effect on your face. 

So why to delay try this wonderful, kitchen away home safe ingredients and get that high salon facial and tan pack effect on your face.


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