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Best Moisturizing Foods For Hair And Skin
Jun 07, 2016
Best Moisturizing Foods For Hair And Skin

Our skin which covers entire body resembles the look we have from others.  There are many skin issues that people face and the commonest issue people face is dryness of skin.  The lack of hydration of the skin ultimately leads to dryness.  The skin looks worst if the skin is too dry. 

There are many reasons for skin dryness and the culprit is most of the times dehydration.  The food we take effects our body a lot.  It is what makes us look beautiful and healthy and it is what that makes us look worst and unhealthy

The best diet we take the more beautiful and healthy we look and the bad diet we take the signs will be that worst.  This concept applies when the dryness of the skin is due to intake of food.  The other reasons for dryness of skin may be due to the outer care we take. 

There is an absolute need to apply a moisturizer once you are out of bathing session.  Also, there is a need to bath with warm water instead of hot water to keep your skin hydration.  Over hot water will observe the moisturizing part of the skin and makes it dry.

Just like the skin, even hair suffers dryness issues.  The reason behind hair dryness is also due to dehydration.  There is a great need to get rid of hair dryness in order to protect the hair from getting into further serious issues.  There is an absolute need to work on the dryness of hair to promote healthily and shiny hair.

There are many ways to get rid of dryness of skin and hair.  You can use creams, lotions, oils, hydrating masks, salon treatments etc.  The best of the best ways is to healthy diet, healthy diet, and healthy diet.  It is the only thing that will help you attain your goal of having healthy skin and hair in a single shot.

Let us see the foods that help us get rid of dry skin and hair.



Water is as important as oxygen for human survival.  It is a well-known fact to all of us.  It is important not just for our survival, but also for our healthy skin and hair. 

It helps in carrying nutrients and oxygen to the cells and it helps to dissolve the minerals and other nutrients present in the food we take in and promotes good body functions.  Water also helps to solve the problems of constipation, which ultimately may lead to skin breakouts. 

It flushes away the toxins and wastes from the body by assisting kidney and liver.  It also helps in maintaining good body temperature.  The digestive system affects the skin because the body will make use of the skin to get rid of anything you have taken in that cannot be digested.


Celery and cucumber

In order to improve the moisturization of the skin, Celery and cucumber are the best foods to do so.  The silica present in both of those foods helps in boosting the moisturization and elasticity of the skin. 

There are many ways to take them in.  You can take the cucumber slices directly in raw form or you can prepare a big dish of tasty salad with both celery and cucumber.  This salad gives younger looking skin and supplements the skin with best supplements required by the skin.



Salmon is a fish that is found both in rivers and seas.  This is a very popular fish that is a good source of amino acids, Omega-3, vitamins D, vitamin A, and some members of vitamin B, minerals like selenium, zinc, phosphorus, calcium and iron. 

Salmon is a fantastic food that promotes healthy hair.  The riches it contains helps in promotes healthy hair growth and also treats many hair conditions. 

It is also too good for the skin because of the rich sources it has.  Especially minerals present in Salmon work too good for the skin and also eliminate the toxins from the skin.



Egg contains yellow yolk and egg white and both of those are beneficial for skin and hair.  Egg yolk helps nourish the hair and egg white is rich in vitamin A and collagen that helps in treating scars, burns, wrinkles, acne, skin rashes etc. 

Egg alone contains 69 different proteins in it, which helps in reducing fine lines on the skin.  You can use egg masks for skin and hair by mixing with different ingredients to moisturize both skin and hair. 

Eggs are rich in vitamin B5 and vitamin B12, which will help to stimulate hair growth and Biotin, which helps in thickening the hair shaft.


Flax seeds

Our skin has its own and natural ways to retain moisture on the skin and hair and omega-3 fatty acids are quite useful to boost the process.  Flax seeds when taken in the form of salads can help you boost the omega-3 fatty acids and thereby increasing the ability of the skin to hold onto moisture. 

Not just flex seeds, even walnuts do the same work for your skin.  Omega-3 contains proteins and fatty acids that help to repair cell membranes and they have anti-inflammatory properties that are very much beneficial for skin and to treat skin conditions.



Quinoa, nuts, seeds and lean meat help a great deal in supplementing the very much needed proteins.  Proteins act as building blocks for hair, so the lack of protein supply for the hair will make the hair dry. 

You can fill the deficiency by taking foods that are rich in proteins like quinoa, nuts, seeds, and lean meat.  You can get healthy looking hair by taking protein rich foods.


Green juice

In order to get healthy looking skin and hair, you have to take foods that are good in supplementing the needful.  Not just foods, but also drinks other than water can also be used to get good hair and skin.  Drinking green juice every day will give clear and glowing skin.

A healthy diet that includes lots of fruits and veggies along with good moisturizers will definitely help to promote healthy hair and skin.


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