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Bridal Makeup Tips for Wheatish Skin
Feb 07, 2017
Bridal Makeup Tips for Wheatish Skin

“Wheatish” complexion – a word heard that is very frequently and commonly heard in Asian communities but may differ in tones such as dark wheatish or a lighter wheatish complexion.

And this word wheatish has nothing to do with the actual wheat grain or any other wheat products. It is actually the skin tone of people whose skin color varies from a light brown to a dark beige color. Further lighter beige is said to be fair skin tone. A wheatish complexion is distinct as light brown skin, the color of wheat.

But wheatish skin toned women or tanned skin toned women discover that their skin will get dull after applying a skin cream as the day advances and Indian women are well known for this kind of skin complexion.

And makeup options for such skin tones are numerous. And in this wedding season, for the brides, we bring to you the makeup tips that would suit your skin complexion the best.

Makeup Tips For Wheatish Skin Toned Women

Before you try makeup on your skin, try to test your skin texture and know more about it. Know more about your skin if it gets dried up soon or is it oily or is it of medium and normal textures. Also, unless you have awfully dry skin, constantly have a preference for water based foundations.

Dark and wheatish skin tones have pretty an oily skin form and therefore, cream based foundation may seem weighed down and too slimy. And say no to dazzling orange and pale pink colors when it comes to lipstick.

For wheatish skin toned women, plum, brown, soft coral, and burgundy colors suit the best. Hot red and muddy pink are general and collective shades which dark brown skins can sport of and dazzle in them very well. Also, never line up your lips with a murkier lip liner. Confirm your lipstick and lip liner color are of the same color and hue.

Also, wheatish skin toned people must not try to use lighter shades of foundation. One of an essential wheatish complexion makeup tips is to opt for a foundation color that unerringly suits your skin which is beautiful in its own way so aim for flawless and even-toned skin.

Also, one of the complicated and problematic makeup guidelines for wheatish skin is to make use of blush astutely. In preference to selecting for lighter shades, select bronze this time. The primary wheatish complexion makeup tips to keep in mind are to not overexert it.

Also, apart from all the makeup, your dress or attire is the aspect that will be observed by others earlier than going into the particulars of your makeup. Accordingly, bear in mind to opt for your wear sensibly.

Not always the “darker colors for parties” rule will work when it comes to the dress or attire you choose. Opt for lighter shades to give you the impression of being matchless.

And especially for brides, on whom all the eyes will be, must look flawless and with the spotlight beaming on the brides, they are supposed to wear makeup that will last forever perfectly till the party is done and all the guests leave! One main thing also to be noted is that the makeup cannot be overdone.

Many a time, women with a faintly darker complexion or a wheatish skin tone by and large fight to hit upon the right colors for their makeup, in particular, the face. The shades may go darker or lighter than your complexion, and it may be difficult to find the faultless match.

Top Makeup Tips For Wheat Complexioned Brides

Makeup for Face:-

As the saying goes, a face is the index of the mind, and also face is the first aspect to recognize a person. If the features and the makeup they sport off are faultless, the face makes the person look even more beautiful. Hence, the right shade of foundation creams for the face is the first step for a perfect makeup.

Also, wheatish skin or bronze skinned women cannot opt for any darker or lighter shades of foundation as that itself in the first place, makes them look even duskier or can appear on the face clearly as lumps and makes one look awkward.

The best tip is that if you don’t find a perfect match of foundation cream and if you are able to afford it, buy two shades – one that is lighter and one that is darker than your skin tone and mix them to get a perfect balance. Make sure that you blend it properly to get an even tone that looks like a camouflage over your skin.

Also, remember to apply the foundation with a foundation brush, by applying it in even and smooth strokes and you take it to the jaw line and ear line and the complexions are blended together well.

Make Use Of Blush And Eyeliners To Blush Even More:-

Next step is the blush and for this corals and rose are the greatest options. These colors will give natural warmth to your skin tone and will make you look like an adorable blushing bride.

And apart from the blush, the eyes are the next best feature you can highlight as a bride by choosing appropriate eye lining techniques; that is how to make your eyes appear – either catty or smoky or eagle-like eyes.

For wheatish skin tone brides, it is best if they avoid smoky eyes. For the eyeliners, go for a slender upper lash line. Do not make a profound or bulky line on the upper lash. Also, put on a thin line like kohl or kajal to the lower eye line. Confirm that the lines are drawn thin and are not too pronounced.

Do Not Forget Your Lipstick:-

Also, to make your makeup completed, care for lips also must be taken. And lips are the most important aspect that will be noticed first as your smile is the one that makes you look outstanding in the crowd. So, to complete the entire look, do not go for shinier colors or profound lip colors like darker shades or lighter shades. 

For you, wheat skinned brides, berry, burgundy, plum or wine shades along with a touch of gloss is the best to make you appear a perfect radiating and a happy bride! We wish you all the best!


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