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Castor Oil for Skin Pigmentation
Jul 01, 2016
Castor Oil for Skin Pigmentation

Pigmentation is a skin disorder that affects the entire skin color.  It is nothing but a discoloration of the skin.  Our complexion or skin tone is because of the presence of a pigment called melanin. 

This melanin is produced by the cells present in the skin.  Once the skin cells that are producing the pigment melanin are damaged, the production of melanin will be ultimately affected.  There are many types of pigmentations and disorders of skin due to pigmentations. 

Few disorders due to pigmentation affect the skin just to the extent of patches, while the other pigmentation disorders will affect the entire body.   Excess amounts of melanin production would lead to darker complexion and vice versa. 

Other than melanin, there are many other causes like pregnancy, Addison’s disease, over exposure to sun etc that makes the skin darker.  Little amounts of melanin production in our body would make our skin tone light.  Over lightening of skin would cause patches on the skin called as Vitiligo. 

The other condition that does not come under the category of light or darker skin is no color skin.  This condition is called as Albinism condition.

This pigmentation can be treated using many ways.  You can consult a dermatologist for your pigmentation problem.  Or you can consult a beautician to the same problem. 

If you don’t want to give them a try, then you can give the amazing castor oil a try.  It works pretty awesome in treating pigmentation disorder of skin.  This amazing castor oil is taken from castor seeds, which are from the nature.  Using castor oil for treating pigmentation is an ancient method of treating it. 

This castor oil has many benefits other than treating skin pigmentation.  It is also used to treat dull and rough hair.  It adds shine to the hair when used with pure coconut oil. 

Along with that it treats many health related issues.  But the most amazing use will be on the skin.  So, let us know how castor oil treats skin pigmentation problem.

How Castor Oil Treats Skin Pigmentation:-

Castor oil has numerous benefits on skin and its pigmentation. Castrol oil comes with wonderful properties. It is full of fatty acids, one such fatty acid is Omega-3.

Omega-3 is the main ingredient that works towards reduction of pigmentation on skin. Omega-3 present in castor oil helps in hydrating the skin by promoting and encouraging healthy growth of tissues. This way, castor oil will make your skin healthy without leaving any spots on your skin.

The below are the ways to reduce skin pigmentation using castor oil. Castor oil is used in different forms with different ingredients to treat skin pigmentation disorder.

Castor oil is also wallet-friendly, which adds to its pros list. Let us see what are those ingredients and who does they work in treating this skin pigmentation disorder.

1. Castor Oil

Without adding any ingredient to it, we can just directly use this castor oil on the skin to treat pigmentation problem. Castor oil acts as an anti-pigmentation agent in treatment of pigmentation of skin. Usage of castor oil in treating of skin pigmentation disorder is used from ages by our ancestors.

There are many people who suggest and advise to use castor oil to treat this skin disorder.  All you need to have is some castor oil handy and all you need to do is take some castor oil and gently apply it all over the face including the place where there is no pigmentation seen. Try to apply it twice in a day for best results. 

Note that if you have oily skin or acne on your face, try not to use it as it castor oil makes it worse. 

2. Castor Oil Pack

You can also use Castor oil as a pack. Instead of applying it directly onto your skin with your fingers, we use gauze here.  Gauze is nothing but a piece of soft cloth with tiny holes in it.

In order to make a castor oil face pack on your face, just dip the gauze in the castor oil and place that gauze on the affected areas of skin. Put some more castor oil on the gauze.  As the gauze has tiny holes on it, the castor oil gets onto the skin through the holes.  Now warp the gauze tightly. 

Don’t hold on to it so tight that it obstructs the blood circulation.  Now, rest it on for all the night on your face and remove it in the morning.  Repeat this technique for 15 days without a break.  You will definitely find a difference in the level of pigmentation on your skin.

3. Castor Oil With Turmeric

Turmeric is named for its antibiotic properties.  It has wonderful healing properties too.  It has a great effect on treating pimples and acne.  Castor oil along with turmeric is a great combination that yields best when used for treating skin pigmentation. 

To prepare this amazing medicine, take some turmeric and some castor oil to it.  Mix it to make a fine paste.  Now, apply it on your face evenly without leaving any areas free.  Let it sit on your face for an hour.  Wash it off with lukewarm water when you are done with it. 

4. Castor Oil With Vitamin E

Castor oil can use used with Vitamin E to treat skin pigmentation disorder.  Use Vitamin E either in capsules form or use foods that are rich in Vitamin E.  Mix castor oil Vitamin E containing ingredient well and apply it on your face on the affected area. 

They both form a great pair to reduce the skin pigmentation problem.  Castor oil has the capability of moisturizing and nourishing the skin, whereas Vitamin E has the capability of making the skin glow at its best.  As they are used in a single form, they work wonders in treating the skin pigmentation problem. 

They turn out the skin to be smooth and remove all the spots from the skin.  Along with applying Vitamin E onto the skin, try to include Vitamin E rich foods in your diet for quick results. 

5. Castor Oil, Lemon And Honey

This pack is best among the best packs to treat skin pigmentation.  All the three ingredients used in making of this pack have excellent properties in them.  Their properties make them stand in front row in treatment of skin pigmentation disorder. 

Take equal quantities of Castrol oil and honey.  Add few drops of lemon juice to aforementioned ingredients.  Mix the well.  Apply it on our face without leaving any spaces.  Let it stay on your face for half-an-hour and wash it off with lukewarm water.  Use this amazing solution regularly to see best results in just a week time.


These are the uses of castor oil in treating the skin pigmentation problem.  One has to note that the results from usage of Castrol oil will depend on the way of usage and depth of pigmentation problem. 

Depending on the level of pigmentation you have, the castor oil works from days to months to treat it.  Even though it is a bit slow, it surely will work wonders in treating skin pigmentation problem.


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