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Cleansing Oil for Face
Jun 07, 2016
Cleansing Oil for Face

Cleansing Oil for Face

Do you know that we can use oil not only for cooking different types of dishes but also for washing your faces?  Do you know that cleansing oil can cleanse your face?  If not, chop and drop your hats immediately.

You may think that it is a bit wild to wash your face with oil, but don’t you worry, because it may sound wild but in actual it works wonders if used on the face as a cleansing agent. Cleansing Oil for Face

As we all know that oils are used in skin care from ages, cleansing oils can be directly used on the face for nourishing the skin and improving the skin tone.  As they say, “we go where we start”, people are now showing interest in old methods of skin care compared to the new methods. 

Old methods of skin care mainly concentrate on natural methods to cleanse the skin, while new methods of skin care totally fall short because of the chemicals present in the products.


Cleansing Oil for Face

Method of Cleansing:-

Cleansing oils can be used in many ways.  They can be used as makeup removers.  Makeup is a common thing for every girl now-a-days. People are preferring at least a lite makeup to their faces to step out of their homes. 

But, it is not good for skin to use makeup regularly, as the makeup products contain legions of chemicals in them.  Even though they give a good look to the face for that instant, in the long run, they work towards damaging the skin.  So, makeup lovers should first know how to get rid of that.  Removing the makeup is as important as making it up on your face. 

If the makeup is not removed completely, the chemicals present in those applied creams will be left on the face and would cause lots of skin problems.  So, it is advised to remove the makeup completely with utmost care.  Oil cleansers can make your work simple. 

Yes, you heard it right.  Oil cleansers can be used in removing the dirt that is formed on your face because of the makeup.  So, try using oil cleanser next time when you are planning for removing your makeup.

Go more natural.  Try to prefer natural ingredients to cleanse your face instead of cleansing it with chemical-filled soaps or washes.

The main purpose of using cleansing oils on a face is that they keep the naturally generated oils on face safe and keep the face hydrated.  It never removes the natural oils on the face. 

One more good thing about cleansing oil is that it comes with a tag that it is suitable for all skin types.  People with oily skin may have a question here.  They may think that their face will become more oily with the use of cleansing oil.  But, it is absolutely wrong.  Cleansing oil just removes the dirt formed on the face.  Cleansing oils are more preferred for people with dry skin.  People who are suffering from eczema and psoriasis can also use the cleansing oil for treatment.

It is better to choose the cleansing oil based on your skin type.  The cleansing oil which is made for particular skin type should be preferred instead of all-in-one cleanser.

There are different types of cleansing oils.  They differ depending on the ingredients used in making them.  Olive oil is one such oil that is named for its miraculous results.  Olive oil is used as a cleansing oil for improving the skin tone, for removing the blackheads, pimples, cysts etc. 

But, coming to these modern products which are overflowed with chemicals, they leave no space on the face to say that the face was good and healthy.  Instead of keeping the skin hydrated and healthy, they spoil the skin by removing the essential oils present on the face thereby leading to more skin issues like dry skin. 

Even though the owners of the products claim that they work wonders in improving the skin condition, it is just their claims that remain not more than anything else.  These cleansing oils which are free of all those chemicals should be preferred more in order to get rid of worse skin conditions.

Along with being natural, cleansing oils comes with non-irritating tag.  Chemicals filled cleansers irritates the skin because of the ingredients present in them.  But, these naturally prepared cleansing oils comes with irritation-free tags.  They won’t damage our skin, no matter what type of skin we have.

People dream of having a clear skin.  Thinking that their dream is coming true, they drain their wallets in the name of so-called market-available cleansing oils.  But, the results are void.  So, people who already drained their wallets, but seen void results can just try these natural cleansing oils for cleansing their skin.

In olden days, people used to apply oil to their face along with their hair before going to bed.  They used to use oil as a natural liquid that clears their skin by removing all the marks present on the face.

The cleansing oil is not a magic oil that cleanses your skin in and out.  It helps in cleansing your skin from outside and in order to cleanse it from inside, you must take proper care of your diet.

 Take at least 8 glasses of water in a day.  Eat a lot of raw veggies and fruits.  While this cleansing oil is working from outside, they work from inside to make your skin more healthy, young and toned.

The main formula for cleansing is that it cleanses your skin by removing the dirt present on your skin by keeping the essential oils safe on the face.  Oil cleansing should be done properly in order to get good results from it.  You can also use vegetable oils to cleanse your skin. 

Nobody says no to massaging as it gives good skin care.  So, choose two oils for massaging.  Let the first oil be Castor oil.  Castor oil has many health benefits.  You must be shocked to know that it can be used in skin care too.  But, it does.  It has potent anti-inflammatory properties, which help in healing and cleansing.  It is named for its healing properties. 

But, castor oil should be used in little amounts.  It should not be applied on the face in huge amounts as it makes the skin darker than it is.  As Castor oil is thick in consistency, it should be added to some other oil to make it a bit thinner in consistency. 

Sunflower oil is recommended to be used along with Castor oil in order to get best results.  The combination of Sunflower oil and Castor oil sinks deep into the pores of the skin and removes the dirt and grime present on the face.

The second oil is totally based on the skin type you have.  Choose the oil naturally from cold-pressed vegetables as they are rich in nutrients, vitamins, fatty acids, and mineral oils.

Before getting started, know what type of oil and how much quantity of oil should be used for your skin type.  People with dry skin must use less Castor oil.  People with oily skin can use more of Castor oil. 

Instead of applying all types of oils on your face, try using samples of them on your face and see how it works.  Don’t try any free trials with those oils.  Just choose one best oil that suits your skin and gives it a lifetime trial.  Know the best combination of oils that suits your skin and proceed with them.  Use both oils in correct proportion in order to get best results.

Instead of making your face like our roads that are filled with badly dented potholes by using these chemical overflowing creams and washes, go give a try for these natural cleansing oils.  They will leave you with a basket full of surprises.


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