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Coconut Oil for Tanning
Jun 07, 2016
Coconut Oil for Tanning

Is Coconut Oil Good for Use for Tanning

There are many ways to get tanned, but the most common way that people choose to get tanned is through the almighty “Sun”.  It is not appreciable if we give all the credits to the Sun as it has its own limitations in its own way.  Tanned skin looks excellent on few people.  We may not like the tan, but the tanned appearance literally attracts the eye.

As every season is showing the signs of summer in the name of hot sun and sweats, we no need to wait for the hot summer to get tanned.  There are many people who use the sun rays to get tanned.  They spent their precious time in the hot sun in the name of getting tanned, but an absolute no is the best answer for it.  Sun rays contain harmful UV rays, which causes may harmful disease to the skin and also other side effects.

We cannot keep ourselves at risk in the name of getting tanned.  All we need to do is find ways to get tanned with zero side effects and there are numerous ways to get tanned excluding the sun, but the only natural way to get tanned is oil. 

Yes!!! You heard it right.  You can get tanned with the use of oil on your skin. 

Let us see how to do it and the reasons why we need to use oil for skin tanning.


1.     Zero Chemicals

Unlike containing chemicals like sunscreens do, coconut oil offers chemical free properties and does not show any signs of side effects when used on the skin for attaining the tan.  There are great collections of sunscreen lotions that are available in the market wit different SPF levels.

The harmful chemicals present in sunscreens may affect your skin in one way or the other.  So it is advisable to make use of natural coconut oil for the purpose of tanning.  You can just apply it on your skin and can experience the best tanning ever with it.


2.     Best skin nourishment

Oil makes the skin oily; it is the most common thing that we note every time we apply it onto our skin.  Skin dehydration is the most common thing as well.  Oil can help you treat the skin hydration problems.  You can just apply it on your face while taking sun baths.  It nourishes and moisturizes your skin in a better way. 

You can avoid dry and wrinkled skin problems with the proper use of coconut oil.  Even hours after its application you can feel moisture on top of your skin.  You will get a tanned look with the application of oil onto your skin, but your skin does not suffer because of it.


3.     Layer with oil

Coconut oil can also be used as a layer to protect our skin from Sun’s UV rays.  There are harmful side effects from UV rays.  Now by applying the oil onto your skin, you can not only get a tanned skin but also, you can protect it from harmful UV rays and their side effects. 

In general, coconut oil is applied either directly to the skin or by adding some ingredients for best results.  The application of oil onto the skin forms a layer and protects the skin from UV rays by diverting their direction off from the skin.


4.     Protects your skin from infections

In order to get tanned, you may spend your precious time at the beach all the day enjoying the hot sun, but along with tanned skin, you can get infections.  The harmful rays of the sun not only give tanned skin but also, its makes the skin prone to microorganisms and germs.  You may not even predict that your skin is filled with microorganisms and germs along with tan.  

So while sitting in the sun, you better apply coconut oil all over your skin.  Coconut oil has the properties like antimicrobial and antifungal, which protects the skin from those microorganisms and germs from setting up on the skin.


5.     Shine with oil

Do You want to shine?  If so, get tanned with the use of oil.  Oil with its oiliness gives the skin oily and shiny look.  In order to get tanned, if you are sitting in the sun for hours, you will obviously get a darker shade of skin.  If you want to enhance the appearance, just apply oil onto the skin.


6.     Faster way to get tanned

If you want a tanned look immediately, then oil is the best option you can choose to go with.  As coconut oil is a liquid, it automatically penetrates into the layers of the skin after application with little-added massage.  The oil goes deep down into the layers and also the melanin producing layers, which is responsible for our skin tone.  It, therefore, tans the skin faster than normal.


7.     Excellent Vitamin D for body

Our body needs vitamin D very badly for better functioning.  The main source of Vitamin D is obviously through Sun.  If you want to get enough Vitamin D that your body needs, your body needs to be exposed to the sun. 

The sunscreen lotions and sun block creams are harmful because they block the Vitamin D absorption into the body, which results in Vitamin D deficiency whereas coconut oil works in contrary.

These are the best reasons behind using coconut oil for tanned skin.   If you are a lover of tanned skin, then make sure to give a try with coconut oil.


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