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Coffee Infused Eye Cream for Fine Lines
Jul 03, 2016
Coffee Infused Eye Cream for Fine Lines

Coffee contains full of caffeine and antioxidants that help in skin's ability to restore, fight, heal and get tighten. The caffeine present in the coffee is known to give several health benefits from treating heart diseases, improving memory and assists skin in reducing dark circles, eye puffiness, fights against free radicals, rejuvenates skin and makes it look refreshed, smooth and soft by increasing the blood circulation.

Because of all these benefits for eyes, an eye cream that is infused with coffee came into existence. It can even clear all your eye fine lines and make you look younger. So, you can make use of this oil and it is very effective. Instead of spending money in purchasing the cream, you can even prepare it in your home. To know the complete procedure of preparing this coffee infused eye cream, look at the below information.

Note:-  Before we go for preparing the eye cream, we need to gather the coffee infused oil which is the main ingredient of the eye cream. We can prepare it in the home and it is very simple. So at first we need to prepare this infused oil and then go for preparing the eye cream using this infused oil. Below is the procedure to prepare the coffee infused oil.

Preparation of Coffee Infused Oil:

Ingredients Required

Half cup of fresh and unused coffee ground and

One cup of almond oil

Procedure to Prepare the Coffee Infused Oil

Step 1:- Take the ingredients coffee grounds and almond oil in a double bowler or saucepan.

Step 2:- Heat the mixture on low temperature or heat at least for 1 hour.

Step 3:- Let it cool for some time.

Step 4:- Now transfer the coffee infused oil into a bowl and stores it for future use.

As we are ready with coffee infused oil and gathered all other ingredients, now we can move for the preparation of Eye cream infused with coffee.

Do It Yourself Coffee Infused Eye Cream for Fine Lines:

This is very easy to prepare at your home with very few ingredients. The main ingredient of this is Coffee infused oil, which needs to be prepared separately as above. To know the complete ingredients required and the procedure to prepare this cream read out the below details.

Ingredients Required for DIY Coffee Infused Eye Cream

One-fourth cup of beeswax

One-fourth cup of coconut oil

One-fourth cup of coffee infused oil (Can be Home Made)

3 Vitamin E capsules

1 tbsp of jojoba oil and

5 drops of essential oils such as chamomile

Other than chamomile essential oil, you can also add other essential oils like lavender or else along with it. This adds more sweet and awesome smell to your eye cream.

Procedure to Prepare Coffee Infused Eye Cream

Once we gathered all the ingredients, it's time to prepare the eye cream using these ingredients. Below is the procedure to prepare this eye cream to help solve your fine lines.

Step-1: Take the beeswax in one glass bowl.

Step-2: Merge the glass bowl with beeswax in a large pot of water.

Step-3: Heat the pot on low heat. Once the beeswax is completely melted, add the above-prepared coffee infused the oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil and vitamin E oil in the specified amount to it.

Step-4: As you add each ingredient, stir the mixture well so that they get mixed well.

Step-5: Now remove it from heat and mix 5 drops of essential oils to it i.e., chamomile oil.

Step-6: Strain the oil into a bowl using a coffee filter or a cloth strainer.

Step-7: Finally store this in a cool place or refrigerator to harden. This is because the cool temperature is key for reducing the eye puffiness which in turn reduces fine lines of eyes.

You can use it before going to bed to look brighter in the morning. You just pat the oil under your eyes before you go to bed.

Though there are other eye creams to solve all the eye problems in the market, they are not that effective as this homemade natural coffee infused eye cream. Using this regularly will reduce fine lines quickly and brightens your eyes. So better go with this home based rather than wasting money on market products that are chemical based.

This is how it is very easy to prepare the eye cream infused with coffee to help reduce your fine lines. So prepare it and use it in a proper way as said. This not only reduces fine lines but also reduces dark circles around your eyes, your eye puffiness, stretch marks and benefits a lot for your eyes.

If you are the one sitting in front of the computer or TV for hours, this cream definitely helps you recover from tired and puffed eyes.

Why to look at the right time?? Go get start preparing this simple DIY coffee infused eye cream with lots of benefits today itself and start using it.

This adds brightness and rejuvenates your tired and wrinkled eye lines. Hope you got a good coffee infused eye cream at your hands now.


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