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Dark Circles and Reasons Behind Their Causes
Jun 07, 2016
Dark Circles and Reasons Behind Their Causes

Dark Circles and Reasons Behind Their Causes

Dark circles top the list of most common problems that people are facing these days.Dark circles are seen in many people these days. Knowingly or unknowingly we pass on the blame to lack of sleep, overwork with computers, or any other internal issues.  But digging deep into the issue, the reasons would shock you for sure. 

You may suffer from dark circles even if you are a victim of anemia, liver diseases, and dehydration. Dark circles resemble a bad sign of unhealthiness.  As our eyes are more attractive than another-another part of the body, it is obvious and easy to notice that you are suffering from some health related issue and that is the cause for these dark circles. 

Coming to the question why? Have you ever thought why dark circles appear only at under eye? The only reason is the skin under the eye is very sensitive and its sensitiveness makes it more prone to dark circles.  There are many commonly known reasons for the cause of dark circles. 

There are many ways to treat dark circles ranging from home remedies to salon remedies.  Leaving the dark circles without any further treatment would turn them darker than they appeared at the start.  You may not know all the reasons behind the cause of dark circles. 

Most of the times, your living ways and lifestyle would be one of the causes of dark circles. Knowing the reasons and treating them at the right time is the thing that matters finally.  So, let us first look into the reasons that are behind the occurrence of dark circles. 

1. Aging

It is obvious for everyone to know that with growing age, we lose our elasticity in our body.  Along with the age, the skin gets old.  As I mentioned earlier that the skin under the eye is sensitive, as we get older, it becomes more sensitive.  With the growing age, the blood vessels present in the eye gets affected, which ultimately give rise to dark circles.  So, the dark circles get the sign of invitation and they appear under your eyes.  As aging is a natural phenomenon, it cannot be stopped by any means.  But by following and taking some preventive measures you can get rid of dark circles in your coming aging future.

2. Genetics

Our genes play a vital role in inhibiting this problem of dark circles.  As we all know that we inhibit our genes from our parents, if our parents have suffered from the problem of dark circles, there is a great chance that you suffer from the same problem too.  

Just like aging, genes and inheriting the genes of parents is a natural phenomenon.  If you are concerned about inheriting dark circles from your parents, consult a doctor for some pre-meds to stop the occurrence of dark circles under your eyes or at least follow some home remedies to treat them at home itself.

3. Deficiency of Nutritional Supplements

Deficiency of nutritional foods and supplements would give rise to many health issues.  One such problem is dark circles.  Our unhealthy food habits have a great effect on our health.  It is very important to supply enough and required amounts of nutritional foods and vitamin rich foods to keep our body healthy and strong for years. 

Otherwise, the steps that are taken at the end of the day yield no results and also make you sink more deep into the problem.  One good thing to here is, if the reason behind your dark circles is a nutritional deficiency, you can get rid of it by supplying enough supplements to your body.  As deficiency is the cause for dark circles here, filling it up with the right amounts into our body would definitely make things better.  So, include foods that are rich in vitamins like A, C, K, E.

4. Lack of Sleep

It is the very obvious reason for dark circles.  If we don’t have enough sleep, our body gets stressed to an extent that the results will be out in the form of dark circles under our eyes.  It is always advised to sleep for at least 8 hours in a day.  Lack of sleep not only causes dark circles but also roots for many other major health issues.  So, make sure to sleep for enough hours to get rid of those ugly looking dark circles.

5. Cigarette and Alcohol use

Cigarettes and alcohol consumption is injurious to health.  It is the line that we get to hear most of the times in theaters and it is the same line that we ignore the most.  Cigarettes and alcohol consumption are always considered as signs of danger. 

But our negligence towards our health not only results in huge health issues but also results in problems like dark circles.  Not just alcoholic beverages do cause dark circles, but also, the caffeinated drinks can also cause the same.  So, try to stay away from them. 

Find ways to give up these habits of smoking and alcohol consumption as soon as possible to get rid of these dark circles.

6. Eye Makeup

Eye makeup definitely highlights the eyes and makes them look more attractive than they are.  If you are concerned about your beauty of eyes, you must and should remove the makeup from your eyes before going to bed.  As makeup products contain a lot of chemicals in them, keeping them on your face for extended hours would harm your eyes a lot. 

No matter how tired you are, just make a 5-minute time to remove your eye makeup and to cleanse them.  The easy tip to remove eye makeup is to use a mixture of oil and rose water.  Just dip some cotton into the solution and clean your eyes with it. 

That’s it.  You are done.  Wash your face gently with a mild face wash and apply some mild eye gel to your eyes to soothe them all the night.

7. Hormonal Changes

This is the most common problem seen in women.  As women go through a lot of hormonal changes and imbalances during the time of pregnancy and menstrual cycles, they get more prone to dark circles.  If these hormonal changes are associated with unhealthy lifestyle, the results would lower your jaw for sure. 

8. Dehydration

Dehydration is one of the causes of dark circles under eyes.  Dehydration is mainly caused due to lack of water in our body.  It is very important to keep ourselves hydrated throughout the day by supplying enough water to our body.  It is advised to take at least 8 glasses of water to stay hydrated all throughout the day.  So, keep yourself hydrated to get rid of dark circles from your under eyes. 

Along with these above-mentioned reasons, there are few more reasons behind dark circles birth.  They include allergies, blocked nose, stress and pressure, Iron deficiency, anemia etc.  If the reason behind your dark circles is allergies, make sure to consult a skin specialist.  If are suffering from work tensions, try to find ways to reduce the stress and pressure from your work.  Try some meditation to relax your mind.  

These are the reasons behind the birth of dark circles under your eyes.  Hope you watch them out from now to get rid of future dark circles birth.


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