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DIY Rose Water Facial and Skin Toner
Jul 05, 2016
DIY Rose Water Facial and Skin Toner

Rose water has been the most used skin care product by women. It has lots of useful qualities which makes it be used in many of the cosmetic products. Rose water can either be prepared at your home or can be purchased from the market. It is very easy to prepare.

 But using it with some other ingredients enhances its quality and does more benefits for your skin. One of the best ways to use rose water is to use it as a toner. There are many other ways to use rose water and get benefits out of them. To know more about rose water read the below information.

Ways to Use Rose Water for Skin and Its Benefits:

You can use rose water toner directly for oily skin to hydrate it and to reduce the acne from the skin. You can also add honey or Aloe Vera gel to it. To regain the moisture of your skin add this rosewater with olive oil and glycerin.

You can use it directly to remove your facial makeup. It is a great ingredient for sensitive skin to relieve it from inflammation, redness.

You can use it during sunburns and it serves as a powerful ingredient with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Use it directly to repair the damaged skin from sun's powerful rays and it is also effective at reducing the skin dryness if it is used with olive oil and glycerin. It helps in controlling the pimples by preventing the growth of bacteria, hydrates skin and removes more oil.

The fragrance that comes out of the rose water can control the stress, anxiety and lowers the blood pressure.

These are the major benefits of using rose water directly as a toner or else with other ingredients. Now as you are aware of the benefits, come let’s have a look at some facial and skin toners preparation using rose water.

Toners with Rose Water

1. Rose Petals Toner

All you need to do to prepare this toner is, take 2 roses and remove the petals out of them after rinsing it. Now add those petals to a bowl and pour 2 cups of boiling water to it. Till the temperature comes down to room temperature leaves the bowl. Now, slowly drain the water in a container. With this, it is finished and from then you can use it every day to clean your face for removing dust out of your skin. You can also use it before you go for moisturizing. You can also save it in the bottle for further usage.

Rose water is especially good for both normal and dry skin. The astringent properties of rose give you good results if used on regular basis. Before you use it you can just test it on your inner arms and confirm that it doesn’t raise any problem. If it is smooth enough to use, you can use it daily with a cotton ball. You can then go for moisturizing your skin before it gets dry.

2. Rose Water Toner for Dry Skin

This recipe is very easy to prepare and all you need for this is, 3 to 4 drops of essential oil of rose and 4 drops of geranium, 200 ml of rose water, vodka of 10 ml and witch hazel of 25ml. Once you get all these ingredients, take vodka in a bottle and add the rose and geranium essential oils to it.

Mix them well by shaking the bottle. Now it’s time to add rose water and witch hazel. After adding them, again mix them and now your lotion is ready to use. This works well for dry as well as mature skin. Before every use, shake the bottle so that solution gets mixed well.

3. Rosewater Toner for All Skin Types

One more toner that works for all skins is this. Bring out the ingredients dried out rose petals of 25 gm, rose essential oil of 2 drops, apple cider vinegar of 50 ml and finally the main ingredient rose water of 350 ml. Now as you are ready with your ingredients, come let us start preparing it.

Do it like this, take a bottle and add apple cider vinegar, rose petals, essential oils and rose water into it. Now keep the bottle in dark and cool place for at least 3 weeks. After completion of 3 weeks, strain the content that is present in the bottle in a clean bottle. Finally, your toner is ready to use.

4. Rosewater Toner with Camphor

People suffering from acne, pimples and had oily skin can make use of this toner. It is very simple to prepare and the ingredients require for preparing this toner is, a pinch of camphor and some rose water in required amount in a bottle. Shake the bottle so that the mixture gets mixed well. That’s it; you can start using it with a cotton ball at least 2 to 3 times as day. This cleanses your facial skin and keeps you away from the skin problems.

5. Rose Water Toner with Alum

You require rose water of 50 grams, 100 grams of glycerin and half a tablespoon of alum for preparing this toner. Add all these ingredients in a bowl and mix them until the mixture gets mixed well. Store this in a refrigerator and use it daily to tone your facial skin.

It works out well for normal skin. Every time you go for using it take a cotton pad or ball and dip it in the toner. Now, wipe your skin with this cotton ball and rinse it off after 10 minutes.

All the above-mentioned toners are easy to prepare with home available ingredients. Rosewater doesn’t give any side effects. But before using any of these toners, better test it on your arms because all skin types may not support them. So, use them and have glowing and flawless skin forever.


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