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DIY Steam Facial for Pimples and Oily Skin
Feb 04, 2017
DIY Steam Facial for Pimples and Oily Skin

Skin, the largest organ in the human body and one of the sensory organs; is made up of cells, divided into layers and tissues, guarding internal organs.  Skin plays a vital role protecting our body from outer harsh environments and diseases.

Unlike animals, human skin is free of any fur but covered by hair follicles which look like nearly hairless. Human skin is of various types; hairy, gloriousness, normal, dry and oily skin types.

Generally, microorganisms like bacteria and yeast are found in our skin as a part of our ecosystem and maintain one another in check and are a piece of a hale and hearty skin.

When the balance is disturbed, there may be an overgrowth and contamination, such as when antibiotics kill microbes, consequential in an overgrowth of yeast. The skin is uninterrupted and unbroken with the inner membrane tissue lining of the body at the orifices, each of which supports its own balance of microbes.

DIY Steam Facial for Pimples and Oily Skin

Harsh chemicals included cosmetics must be used cautiously on the skin as these may source allergic reactions. Every season needs appropriate wear to facilitate the loss of the sweat. Sunlight, water, and air play a key role in maintaining the skin healthy.

Oily skin is caused by overworking of sebaceous glands, that produce a substance called sebum, a healthy skin lubricant.  When the skin generates too much sebum, it turns into weighty and thick in consistency. Oily skin is characterized by shininess, blemishes, and pimples.

Sebaceous glands ooze oily, waxy matter called sebum which makes skin impermeable and lubricates the skin and hair of mammals. 

The negative side of the oily-skin nature is that oily skin tones are especially prone to clogged pore, blackheads, and the upsurge of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.

Oily skin can be pale and coarse in feel and have the propensity to have huge, evidently noticeable pores everywhere, apart from around the eyes and neck. Oily skin is probably to age slower and grow fewer wrinkles in the skin than dry or normal skin.

Oily skin can be a hurting. The accretion of surplus oil on the on the outside skin layer regularly leads to whiteheads, blackheads, blind pimples and other skin irritation.

Oily skin can be the effect of genetics, nutritional choices, a great deal of pressure and anxiety or hormone changes in the body due to teenage years. Women are more prone to oily skin for the duration of menstrual cycles, pregnancy, or menopause and at the same time as taking birth control pills.

The most useful technique to deal with oily skin is to wash face both morning and night. Always use a gentle disinfectant as harsh soaps can set off the skin to increase oil production. 

If a basic disinfectant doesn’t reduce oiliness of the skin, a product that consists of an acid such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or beta-hydroxy acid can assist in handling the oily skin.

Easy home preparations for oily skin are known to be equally effective. Household items found in the kitchen such as egg whites, lemon juice, yoghurt, tomatoes, apples, cucumbers are known to lessen the excess oiliness in skin.

Egg whites are said to vanish blemishes and tone the skin tightening up the oily skin. Egg whites can be applied as such on skin or can be mixed with half a lemon squeezed.  This will soak up the excess oil and tones the skin 

Lemon juice when mixed with egg whites gives excellent results. The citric acid present in lemons work as an astringent and also have antiseptic properties. The lemon juice is known to lighten up skin tone avoiding excess oils and works as bleaching agent restoring skin’s PH balance.

While yoghurt exfoliates the skin, tomatoes work as astringents. Both the ingredients have a cooling effect and clarify the skin. The lactic acid in the yoghurt and the citric content of vitamin C in tomatoes are the reasons behind such effect.

Apples are great exfoliating agents and have gentle antiseptic, astringent, and calming properties that compose them a grand home remedy for oily skin. The malic acid in apples facilitates exfoliating dead skin cells and soaks up excess oil from the skin’s exterior.

Best DIY project for a less irritating, calming facial for oily skin treatment along with pimples in an easy way sounds always the best. Every ingredient needed for the DIY facial are found in the kitchen closet and there will be no need to shell out money for harsh and damaging chemicals.

This treatment includes steam which opens the skin pores and lashes out excess oil held inside the pores. This treatment effectively works on acne, pimples and over oiliness of the skin.

The treatment took once a week gives out the best results sooner than expected; all we need is turmeric powder, cinnamon and green tea leaves and water.

The key ingredient in this facial is the green tea leaves which are a very good source of anti – oxidants. Green tea has several skin advantages.

Its major asset is that it assists in achieving soft, clear and glowing skin. It can lessen sun harm and swell. It contains a huge segment of polyphenols, which slows down the signs of ageing, helping to preserve the beautiful and healthy skin.

Turmeric is a natural ingredient used in culinary as well as medicine. Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic that works against skin infections as it contains large amounts of natural sulfur.

Cinnamon is a natural exfoliating agent. It works as an antiseptic, astringent, antifungal and anti-viral support and can stimulate skin pores reaching deeply into skin for effective results. 

Method to DIY Cleansing:-

In an open large pan, boil water of quantity of ½ to 1 liter. Cleanse your face with cleanser without any dirt. 

Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder, 3 – 4 pieces of cinnamon and a tablespoon of green tea leaves to the boiling water and turn off the flame. Mix all the ingredients well to activate the elements.

Now, bend over the pan covering up you with a thick cloth and the pan, not allowing the steam to escape. If the steam is too strong for you to hold your breath; you can do the same in turns taking breaks while steaming.

This procedure must be done every week for 8 – 20 minutes depending on you. The longer the steam is applied on face, the better the results for oily skin. And also while taking the steam; relaxing with closed eyes is as important for the results.


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