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Foods that Cause Skin Problems
Jul 02, 2016
Foods that Cause Skin Problems

We do a lot in order to keep our skin healthy form inside out and of course most of us fail in doing so too.  No matter how much care we take for our skin there are situations where we still face many skin problems.  This is not because you are lacking in something in protecting your skin, it is because the ways you choose to protect your skin is wrong. 

Most of us are unaware that there are few foods that cause skin problems.  We may take some foods for healthy skin, but foods may make the skin worsen even more.  So get awareness about those foods that are indeed causing harm to the skin in the name of providing healthy skin.  There are lots of foods that we take in our diet that cause many of our skin problems like acne, pimples, oiliness, and dryness. 

Foods that are causing skin problems

One has to know that what we take in decides how we look out.  If the result is positive or negative then undoubtedly it is fault of food you took.    

·      Say no to processed foods

Most of the people these days prefer to eat processed foods that come in packaged form.  It is advisable to avoid processed foods because during processing the essential enzymes and nutrients will be lost because of which the food loses its supplements.  Performing diets with such processed foods would result in deficiencies, which result in skin disorders.  Along with that processed foods that come in packed form lack in water content, which results in dehydration of the skin.  Foods like fruits and raw veggies with high water content give good hydration to the skin and promote healthy skin. 

·      Non-organic foods

Non-organic foods contain hormones, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and many other inorganic things.  This harmful list of things when included your food that you take it would literally spoil health and your skin. Foods that are grown naturally without using much of pesticides are rich in vitamins and minerals where as foods that are grown using pesticides lack in all the essentials that our body needs. So try to avoid such non-organic foods leads to unhealthy skin.

·      Salt

Most of the times, we wake up with puffy eyes because of late night movies with added salted popcorn.  One has to know that salt is used just to add taste in the dish.  Too much intake of salt can cause us to retain water that can lead to swelling.  As the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and thin it gets prone easily and thus swells easily.  So try to avoid much intake of salts in your diet.

·      Dairy

There are many cases where cows are fed with hormones for lactating, which increase their milk production.  Taking the foods that were made out of those hormone filled dairy products would inject those hormones into our body too.  The foods from dairy cause acne, excess estrogen and also cause many skin issues in both men and women.  So try to avoid those dairy products which are rich in harmful hormones and try taking hormone-free dairy products to get benefited.

·      Fried foods

Just like salt even we use oil for making a tasty food.  Heating up oil at high heat makes it oxidize.  Eating foods that are made with oxidized oil in the sense allowing oxidized fats into our body.  Antioxidants are good.  Likewise, most of the people use oil repeatedly for making fries makes the situation even worse.  The foods that are made out of such oils take lot of time to detoxify from the body.  Intake of such foods will contribute to heart diseases, poor blood circulation and also weakens the metabolism process.  In order to attain a healthy skin it is mandatory to have a good blood circulation and metabolism, which can never be achieved with intake of such unhealthy and oily foods. 

·      Sugars

We love sweets.  There is no bad in loving that, but the problem arises when we exceed the limit and take it in excess amounts.  Sugars can weaken our immune system, which acts as a guard to our body protecting us from bacteria or infection causing germs.  One our immune system is down, our body cannot fight against the bacteria that are the cause of acne and other skin disorders.  Excess intake of sugars has a negative impact on the skin.  Sugars are acidic and cause digestive issues, which gives rise to more bacteria growth thus spoiling the skin. 

·      Caffeine and alcohol

Few liquid refreshments should be absolutely cut down in order to get a youthful looking skin.  Intake of caffeine regularly leads to increase in cortisol levels in the body.  Excess cortisol levels can result in early ageing and thus damage of our skin.  It thins out the skin thus getting prone to fine lines and wrinkles, and dehydration.  Caffeine can also dehydrate the skin.  Likewise, alcoholic beverages are also natural diuretics and make you dehydrated.  They squeeze out the moisture present in the skin, which causes fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.  So try to avoid those unhealthy drinks which make your skin dehydrated.

·      Artificial sweeteners

Most of use love to eat foods that are colorful along with being tasty.  Most of the foods we eat these days are made of artificial sweeteners, coloring and flavoring.  In general, those artificial foods won’t contain any sort of nutrients.  They irritate our skin and cause many skin related issues.  So it would be better to avoid such artificial foods from your diet chart.

So, guys stay away from those foods that cause skin problems for healthy looking skin.


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