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Home Made Body Lotion for Total Body Care
Feb 17, 2017
Home Made Body Lotion for Total Body Care

 Made Body Lotion for Total Body Care

To nourish the skin and keep it healthy, homemade body lotions are very effective. As they are made of natural ingredients they are skin friendly and very effective. There are many different body lotions that you can prepare at home, they are very easy to prepare with home available ingredients and it doesn’t even much time to prepare them.

You can add your favorite scents according to the type of skin you have and prepare special body lotion. To know about some of the homemade body lotions see the below information.

1. Basic Body Lotion

To prepare this body lotion you need the necessary ingredients and even customize it with our favorite essential oils. This body lotion helps your prevent from dry patches and cracks in the skin and makes your skin smoother.

Ingredients Required

To prepare this basic body lotion all you need is,

Half cup of olive oil or almond oil

Half cup of beeswax and

Half cup of coconut oil

You can also add a tbsp of vitamin E oil, essential oils, vanilla extract and 2 tbsp of cocoa or Shea butter.        

Procedure to Prepare the Lotion

Step-1: At first, take all the ingredients in a bowl and keep bowl aside.

Step-2: Now, take one pan and pour some water it. Heat it for few minutes.

Step-3: Next add the ingredients to this water pan for few minutes i.e., till the ingredients melt in it thoroughly.

Step-4: Now, stir them until they mix evenly and take the solution in a jar.

Step-5: Finally, your body lotion is ready for use. So use it whenever you want.

2. Home Made Herbal Body Lotion

To start preparing this body lotion, you need the below-mentioned ingredients. So gather them and start preparing the lotion.

Ingredients Required

A cup of organic carrier oils

Half cup of water

1/8th tbsp of borax

Any butter

Sufficient amount of wax and

Essential oils

Procedure to Prepare Herbal Lotion

Step-1: Place wax and all the oils in a steel bowl on a pot of water or in a heat proof container.

Step-2: Make the mixture too hot i.e., till boiling until the wax completely melts.

Step-3: Add butter like Shea butter to that hot oil and melt it.

Step-4: Take another bowl with water and boil it. Now add borax to it and mix them well. Keep the mixture hotter.

Step-5: When both the mixtures are still hot and melted out completely. Slowly add water into the oil mixture.

Step-6: Keep stirring until the water gets to mix with oil and keep it like that till it becomes creamy. If it doesn’t become thick, make use of immersion blender and blend it for 5 minutes at least.

Step-7: Finally after it is creamy add essential oils in required amount and then transfer it to a jar. With this, the preparation of the lotion is completed and it is ready for use.

3. Hand and Body Cream

This cream suits well for almost all skin types. This leaves the skin soft and smoother by getting absorbed into the skin though it is greasy. All you require for making this cream is the following ingredients.

Ingredients Required

Shea butter of 1/8th cup

Coconut oil of 1/4th cup

Cocoa butter or 1/8th cup

Essential oils of 5 to 10 drops

Aloe Vera juice of 1 tbsp and

Liquid oils of Almond or jojoba oil of 1 tbsp

Procedure to Prepare the Cream

Step-1: Take the ingredients, coconut oil, Shea butter and cocoa butter in a bowl and on low heat, heat the ingredients till they are melted.

Step-2: After reducing the heat completely, to the mixture add Aloe Vera juice, essential oils and liquid oils.

Step-3: Mix them well until all the ingredients combine.

Step-4: Pour this lotion or cream in a container with a cap and store it.

Step-5: Finally, you cream is ready to use for hands and body. Sous this cream regularly to make your skin smooth.

Apart from these nourishing and luxurious body lotions, we have also other body lotions for the body. They are given below.

4. Olive Butter Body Lotion

This is very effective body lotion. It leaves your body smooth with its oils. All you need for this lotion is few home available ingredients such as camellia seeds, coconut oil, beeswax and almond oil.

Among them, take beeswax in a bowl or a double boiler and melt it. Then add other ingredients and oils and mix them well. Store this lotion in a container or jar for regular usage.

5. Body Lotion for Nature Skin

It is very easy to prepare and require only a few ingredients. It can be made with frankincense oil, carrot seed oil, myrrh, jojoba oil, and beeswax.

Take all these ingredients in a bowl. Heat them and cool them. Later store the mixture in a jar containing a cap. This works very well for mature skin type.

6. Instant Body Lotion

This is very simple to prepare and it can be made instantly. This body lotion lasts for a long time though it is made instantly. You can store this lotion at least for few weeks in a refrigerator.

To prepare this body lotion all you require is whipped aloe vera gel, olive oil, tea tree oil and lime oil. Add aloe vera gel to the lime and tea tree oil and then few drops of olive oil. Mix them well and this works great for your skin with its fragrance.

These are the few best body lotions that you can make use of and get a smooth glowing skin. There are many other body lotions too based on the skin type. Make use of these lotions regularly to get best results.


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