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Home Remedies For Underarms
Jun 07, 2016
Home Remedies For Underarms

Home Remedies For Underarms

Every girl dreams for smooth white underarms. Girls love to wear sleeveless spaghetti and strapless gowns. But when they have to wear it they think of their underarms.

When the underarm area looks darker than skin tone they prefer to cover up. When you have dark underarms you often feel cautious and embarrass to raise your hands.

It will be good to follow simple home remedies and keep the underarms hygiene. It makes you not just look clean but also feels confident.

Here Are Few Home Remedies For The Smooth & White Underarms:-

Always moisture your underarms post waxing.

Lemon juice acts as a wonderful cleansing agent due to the presence of citric in it. Add lemon juice to baking soda and apply this paste, leave it till it dries and wash. Dry thoroughly.

Make a scrub with 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon of powdered walnuts or peanuts. Apply and leave on for 20 minutes. Honey nourishes the skin while lime acts as a bleaching agent and nuts provide essential nutrients and oils.

Rub the underarms with beetle leaves paste to avoid bad odor. Try this for a week and you will feel better

Always try to use an anti-fungal powder or alum powder instead of a deodorant. Rub the underarm area with a slice of potato. Potato juice can also be applied with good results as it can bleach skin.

Try slicing up your under arms with zucchini, it makes your underarms fresh. Mash a ripe banana and combine the pulp with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric powder and apply, leave for 20 minutes. Wash off and dry thoroughly. Later apply moisturizer.

To one tablespoon of sandalwood powder add enough rose water to make a paste. Apply and leave for 15-20 minutes. Wash and dry thoroughly and apply moisturizer.

Some don’ts for Under Arms:-

Try and avoid dark clothing and avoid wearing tight clothing or synthetic fabrics too often as this will cause excessive friction.

Try and have a bath twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed. Having a bath before hitting bed gives you a relaxed and sound sleep.

Take care not to spray deodorants directly on the skin, keep a distance of 5 to 6 cm and spray.

Chemicals present in deodorants are a cause for darkened skin. Restrict use of depilatory creams as the chemicals darken skin. When you do use a hair removing cream, wash underarm thoroughly with warm water.

Use a mudpack made with fullers earth as this will absorb all the chemicals and leave the area clean and dry.

Tightening is another process to check on. Loose skin results in darker under arms.  When the arms are very flabby and heavy due to obesity dark underarms can result.


Exfoliation is a scrubbing process which clears off the dead skin cells from the surface. If you exfoliate regularly it might catch bacterial and fungal infections.

Underarms should be hygiene all the time, which is challenging to keep it fresh all time. The underarm area deserves regular exfoliation as much as your face does.

Exfoliation by scrubbing is an ideal way to smooth and soften the underarm skin because the process exposes hair follicles, leading to a closer, smoother shave It also unclogs pores and reduces the formation of acne.

Try and wash the underarms whenever possible in a day. It keeps you fresh and keeps away from fungal disorders.

To clear the dead skin from the underarm, use a gentle exfoliating cleanser applied with a loofah, washcloth or your hand. If you want to exfoliate without taking a shower first, you can also try disposable exfoliating wipes.

You Can Find Wipes in Any Drug Store:-

Exfoliation removes layers of skin, it's important to let the skin rejuvenate between treatments. To avoid skin irritation and damage, dermatologists recommend exfoliating the underarms no more than twice a week.

Always use an anti-fungal powder whenever you feel discomfort in the underarm area. You should observe scratching feeling or any other different odor. If you notice such observations, immediately start off an anti-fungal powder.


While shaving sensitive areas are careful as shaving can be rough on sensitive under arms.

Ensure that you use shaving kits which are free of anti-moist and irritant. Never go for special shaving gel or cream for your underarms but avoid using soaps that contain deodorants, fragrances, alcohol or other ingredients that can dry out and irritate sensitive skin.

Whether you use regular body soap or a special shaving gel, choose mild products that contain moisturizers. It sounds natural but you should make sure that you use a new, sharp razor when you shave.

You should use your own razor when you do so; shared razors spread bacteria. Don't push down too hard, either, because the blade can push bacteria into your hair follicles and cause infection

Avoid shaving frequently. Go for creams or waxing. One of the best ways to be sensitive to your underarm skin is to shave less often.

If you allow more time for the hair underneath your arms to grow, the skin there will retain more natural moisture and be less prone to irritation. That said, allowing your armpit hair to grow may be a luxury you can't afford during beach season.

And take care of the under arm skin post you shave if at all you frequently shave it. Off course waxing is the best method for underarm care.


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