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How To Find The Right Foundation For Your Skin Tone
Jul 03, 2016
How To Find The Right Foundation For Your Skin Tone

There are many types of foundations available in the market. Foundations are mainly used to present the skin tone at its best. People of different areas have different skin types and different skin tones.

The skin tones may vary even depending on the temperature of the place we are living in and the surroundings we are living in. Foundation for a face is as important as a basement for a house. You may wonder why I compared foundation of the face with the basement of the house.

Because, if the basement is weak, no matter how huge the building is, it is a waste of worth as it cannot withstand any sort of calamities. It is same with the foundation too. If the foundation you have chosen for your skin tone did not match your skin type, then no matter how costly the foundation it is equal to waste of worth.

So, it is way too important to choose the best foundation that goes well with your skin tone. It is not a tough task to choose the foundation color that suits your skin tone. Few simply knowledgeable steps would make you the best-appearing person with fantastic skin tone.

So, what are you waiting for? Just get into the article to know how to choose the right foundation for your skin tone.

Before knowing which foundation color suits your skin tone, first, you have to know the types of foundations. There are different types of foundations like liquid foundation, powder foundation, cream-based foundation, stick foundation etc.

Along with choosing the shade of the foundation that suits your skin, it is advised to choose the type of foundation that you feel smooth to use.  Also, not just skin tone, the skin type also matters a lot. Different people have different skin types ranging from oily, dry, and mixed.

While choosing the foundation shade that suits your skin tone, make sure you keep your skin type in your mind. 

If your skin is dry, then choose liquid, stick, or hydrating powder foundation. Dry skin results because of skin dehydration. The liquid foundations help hydrate the skin by supplying moisture into the skin. Same with a stick and hydrating powders too.

If your skin is oily, then choose using oil-free liquid or powder foundation. Oily skin is due to over moisturizing of the skin. The oil-free liquid or powder foundation will help absorb all the oil and over moisture present on the skin.

If your skin is a combination of both oily and dry skin, then go for a powder foundation. This will help even out the foundation all over the face without leaving any oily spots or dry spots on the face. 

If you are new to foundations, then don’t you worry. We are here to educate you about the foundations, how to choose the foundation and their usage.

So, the first thing you have to know about foundations is that, before buying them, make sure they are from a named manufacturer. Don’t buy the foundations that are nameless and that are available on the road side.

Don’t use your hands to take out the foundation cream. Make use of a brush to do so. Instead of trying that on your face or other body parts, try it on the back side of your arms.

This is due to the back side of the arm is the one that exactly matches our skin tone. Don’t do a mistake of trying the foundation on your neck. Because neck can never be the same tone as your entire bodies skin tone. 

As you are a new comer to the world of foundations, you may not know what shade to choose. So, just give it a bit of concentration. Just choose the foundation shade that is much near to your skin tone.

Then, choose one lighter shade of foundation and one darker shade of foundation of your previously chosen foundation shade. This will ease your process of choosing right foundation. 

Try them immediately on your skin tone. Don’t judge the foundation shade based on the fake lighting's in the shop. Just go out into the sun to check it out. If you are unable to find whether it matches your skin tone perfectly or not, then take help of significant others.

If you exhibit odd looks, then just give up on that shade. Don’t ever go for darker shades of that foundation. Just choose the lighter shade of the foundation. Lighter shades of foundation have more chances to give even looks to your skin on darker shade of foundation.

One has to know that the foundation when applied will give one color to the skin tone and when the day passes it change the shade. This is all fault of the foundation type you choose. Few foundations may give yellowish or orange shade to the face with passing time. This is because of the formula the foundations work. Few foundations tend to oxidize with the air and turn out as orange shade. So, be careful while choosing the foundations.

Over usage of foundation may result in many side effects on skin. Even though you choose the best foundation cream in the market, it may sometimes show its back to you. 

So, be aware of such foundations. Try to use a brush or sponge instead of using the hand. If you are determined to use your hand to apply foundation on your face, make sure you keep them clean.

The last, but not the least point is making sure you wash off your face before going to bed. Don’t let the foundation stay on your face all the night. Make sure of rose water to wipe off the foundation from your face.

These are the tips that help you find the best foundation that goes well with your skin tone. 


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