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How to get Chubby Cheeks-10 Easy Ways
Jul 31, 2016
How to get Chubby Cheeks-10 Easy Ways

Cheeks have a huge impact in your facial look. It has several benefits for your face. It has been noticed that people with chubby cheeks look younger and fresh than the ones with hollow cheeks.

It also creates cheek bones which are generally considered to be attractive whereas people having sunken cheeks show the sign of aging. Particularly young people and babies have this kind of cheeks due to the presence of fat below the skin along the cheeks.

This gives their face a healthy, chubby, innocent and beautiful look. As time goes on people become older and their fat content under the skin gets reduced due to which their cheeks get sunken.

But today adults are trying to look younger to maintain young-looking appearance. So, to help those people in getting sweet chubby cheeks we have few tips. If you are the one looking for such tips come let’s have a look at those ways.

Here, we have few natural techniques and tips to get the chubby cheeks in a natural way. It doesn’t mean building up fat on your face rather you it is possible by toning your face with home remedies, exercise etc. This finally gives you young chubby cheeks.

Foods, Facials, and Exercises to Getting Chubby Cheeks

1. Facial Exercise or Yoga

It is one of the best ways to get chubby cheeks soon. This yoga lifts your sagging skin and makes it firm and also helps lift, plump up and augments your sunken or hollow cheeks. All this is possible with the collagen and elastin production through facial yoga.

Now that you have come to know the benefits of facial exercise to plump up your cheeks, you may be eager to know how to do it, isn’t it? Then, read out the following steps.

You need to take help of your forefinger to start this facial yoga. Put your forefingers under the apex of your cheekbones and make small circles outwards in the depression of your cheek at least for 2 minutes.

Now, place the forefingers on the smile furrows i.e., on the either sides of the nose with half an inch from your lips outer corners and do outward circles as before for few minutes.

Next, it’s the time for placing your forefingers finally on the center of your jaw and make firm circles in depression.

Repeat these steps of facial yoga for few days along with other facial exercises such as cheek lifts and cheek presses for toning your cheeks.

2. Blowing Balloons

Blowing balloons are also one of the best facial exercises and a workout to tone your cheek muscles and puff them up. It also helps in building up muscles for adding beef to the cheeks. Start it like this, blow the balloons with your mouth and hold the puff in your cheeks at least for 1 minute before letting the air out. Do it at least 6 times a day. If balloons are not there, you can imagine balloons and perform the task.

3. Fenugreek

As fenugreek contain vitamins and anti-oxidants, they combat in free-radical damage and helps get chubby firm cheeks, helps you promote healthy as well as smooth skin. You make a paste of fenugreek powder with water and apply it on the face and gently massage it for getting chubby cheeks. You can also use fenugreek oil to massage your face daily.

4. Olive Oil

It is a tested and good remedy for getting chubby cheeks. As it contains moisturized and healthy fats, they help in maintaining flexible and healthy skin. It also works well for dry and soft skin and prevents fine lines and wrinkles. So, try to drink at least 1 tablespoon of olive oil every day and you can also use warm olive oil for cheeks massage in the upward direction for 5 minutes daily.

5. Shea Butter

Vitamin E in shea butter helps in making the skin get firm and gives a chubby appearance for your cheeks. So, you can use this shea butter to massage your cheeks daily to get the chubby cheeks.

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains some natural skin tightening properties which don't make you have sagging cheeks and also promotes the elasticity nature of your skin. So, it is advised to massage cheeks with a fresh Aloe Vera twice daily in the circular motion for 10 minutes.

7. Apples

Apple benefits your skin in many ways through its nutrients. Antioxidants in apple help you get rid of skin damage and wrinkles and also keep your skin plump and soft.

Apply the blended paste of apple on the face and massage your cheeks giving circular strokes for 5 minutes and leave it off for 10 minutes. Repeat this daily at least once. You can also eat an apple daily.

8. Milk

It is one of the good options for your cheeks to get chubby and makes your skin get enough moisturizer and fuller. You can massage your cheeks with cold milk in the circular motion upwards at least for 5 minutes and this helps get chubby cheeks. Also, drink 1 glass of skimmed milk every day.

9. Honey

Honey does miracles for your skin protects your skin from damage, moisturizes your skin that makes it look healthier and plumper. Blended papaya paste with honey can be applied on the cheeks and let it dry for 10 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Do it every morning for few days. You can also drink a mixture of raw honey with warm water daily.

10. Rosewater

You can use rose water with glycerin as it is a great option for chubby cheeks. Both of them benefit your skin and keep it hydrated, nourishes it as it contains moisturizing properties.

So, you can have this in equal amounts to rubbing it on your face before you go to bed and rinse off it in the next morning. Do this daily to get glowing healthy chubby cheeks.

These are the few ways through which you can get chubby cheeks with added advantages. Hope you follow them for your cheeks to make them chubby.


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