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How To Get Rid Of Ring Worm
Jun 07, 2016
How To Get Rid Of Ring Worm

How To Get Rid Of Ring Worm

Among the five senses which a human have, the important sense is the sensation, which we feel through the SKIN, which is an important part of Human body, the internal organs are covered with the skin which has got three layers. If we don’t keep the skin in healthy condition, if the skin is not neat and clean there are chances that it may catch an infection. Among the various infections which a skin can get, out of them, “RINGWORM” is one.

As the name goes it is not because of any worm but “ringworm is because of Fungus”. This kind of fungus comes from bacteria which is called as TINEA, due to the multiple growths of this bacterial on the skin this kind of fungus forms and becomes as “RINGWORM”.

Human skin is the place for many bacteria’s, among them many are useful for the skin and human body but few are little dangerous when they are in abnormal number on the skin. The areas which will get affected by the ringworm are scalp area, bread portion, on the body and finally the feet area. It can attack any part of the body where ever the skin is present.

Before we know how to get rid of this let’s understand the symptoms of ringworm.

Symptoms of Ring Worm:-

Generally, the portion which gets affected by the ringworm would become red and the reddishness starts increases day by day.

The affected portion would be itching a lot.

Patches will be formed at the affected area.

The patches get the form of a ring and the skin inside the ring would be in normal colour.

How to Getting Rid of Ring Worm:-

It’s easy for any expert of medical field or dermatologist to find out this ringworm by just looking at it. Since the skin of the affected portion glows when the wood’s lamp is used and projected on the skin.

There are various tests which are available today to test and confirm the presence of ringworm on the skin, the popular ones are by skin biopsy, KOH examination and finally skin culture.

It's always better to keep the skin in neat and dry condition, generally the moist and wet area present on the skin for a longer time attracts this fungus.

It's always better to wear clean and neat clothes which are loose and air passes through it easily, the skin should get sufficient air, moist and sunlight. As long as these things are in normal conditions then the skin is healthy and when anything goes abnormally then the effects of which also has a bad impact, especially with the skin.

It is a Good habit to wear the clothes which are washed in good condition, each single day the clothes should be different. Regular washing also will help us to keep our wardrobe empty free and it’s better to wash the clothes on a regular basis.

If the fungus is in a severe form and looking at dangerous then it's better to follow the dermatologist’s prescription, which is generally of various oral medicines, which has to be taken orally, depending on the intensity the dose of these chemicals is suggested.

There are various other methods which we can follow at home, in case the intensity of this is very less.

It's found that tea tree oil is better to take care of this fungus, once it is applied on the affected area it is observed that it has shown a good result in eliminating the fungus from the skin. It is very effective.

The other successful application to tackle this ringworm is applying the Aloe vera gel on the skin which got this ringworm affect. Once it is applied on a regular basis, then it's found that it has given very good results to get rid of ringworm.

In oils, many experts suggest that, to apply the lavender oil which has got very good anti-fungal properties and its act very aggressively in handling and cleaning the fungus from the skin.

The juice which is collected from the basil also has got very good properties. Once the juice is applied on the skin on a regular basis then after some time the fungus goes away completely from the skin. These are the various ways and means by which we can get rid of ringworm fungus.

Additional Information:-

There are various home remedies people suggest to use, for the ones who want to get rid of ringworm.

Applying the lemon grass tea bag on the affected area also has shown some good results in removing the fungus of ringworm.

Use of garlic juice and applying this juice on the affected area of the skin also helps us in treating the ringworm fungus from the skin.

The studies have proved that the ringworm can affect the person at any age, irrespective of the gender and chances are more for the people who have pets in their homes and they are very much attached to it.

It is more common to occur from the cats and dogs if they are not kept in neat and clean condition. The hygienic environment is the must at home to get rid of all kind of diseases and infections.

If an expert does a right and correct diagnosis then in no time we can get rid of ringworm, within a short span.

The growth of the fungus is the main reason for ringworm, the growth of this takes place in both wet and hot conditions.

It’s better to keep ourselves away, if we know someone is already suffering from this kind of fungus, because studies proved that the fungus gets transferred from one person to other, it can be easily transferred to new person when he comes in contact with the one who has this already on his or her skin.

It’s also always better to keep our skin away from the water’s which are used by more individual, like the swimming pool water etc. that’s the reason many a times experts advise us to take a bath before going into swimming pool.

People who are in sports and people who wear shoes for a continuous period and for a longer time should be very careful because their feet becomes wet, it's advised that whenever you can remove the shoes, keep it open to atmosphere so that the air can flow and the wet can become dry easily.

There are various creams and moisturizers which are available in the market today and it’s better to use the one which is prescribed by the experts of the medical field and especially dermatologists.

Generally, we avoid having a look at our foot and it’s also found that foot and toe fingers are the most neglected one’s, it also deserves a good care.

As long as the foot and fingers are neat and clean then there are no chances of ringworm coming near to you. 


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