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How to get Soft Hands Overnight
Jun 13, 2016
How to get Soft Hands Overnight
Do your dry, rough and flaky hands make you uncomfortable for shaking and holding? Do you want to get rid of this and get super soft hands? Then you can beat out this in an overnight by removing the dead skin using a moisturizer, exfoliate and gloves. But, how can these ingredients helps us, isn’t it your question? Then read out the below given steps.

Steps to Choose Moisturizer and Get Super Soft Hands

1. Choose the Moisturizing Cream

Not normal body moisturizer helps your hands. You need a special kind of moisturizer especially that is use for your hands. Hand moisturizing creams are not like normal moisturizer, they are thick than the regular lotion and contains nutrients which help in softening your hands. So, better check the moisturizer cream well for the thickness because thin and runny lotions will not work out to get the fabulous soft hands.

2. Find the Right Exfoliate

Once you choose the moisturizer next comes the selection of good exfoliate for your hands. Exfoliate is used for scrubbing off the dead skin away from your hands. It can be used both before and after moisturizing your hands. Dead skin is the main reason for your rough hands. So, scrubbing it off gives you a fresh and soft skin. You can either purchase exfoliate or make it yourself. If you want to try it yourself then follow any of them give below.
  • Make a paste out of sugar and olive oil.
  • Milk and ground oatmeal paste also works well.
  • Water with baking soda to make a paste.
  • You can also make a paste out of coconut oil and coffee grounds.

3. Select a Pair of Gloves

After you choose moisturizer and exfoliate, you need to choose right pair of gloves for your hands. You can choose spa gloves that have specialty in them to get soft hands overnight. These gloves will have gels that are permanently lined. This helps in locking the moisture to your hands. Otherwise you can also choose cotton or knit gloves or exfoliate gloves. You can even use your clean socks as gloves if you don’t have gloves.

4. Use Exfoliate for Your Hands

Before you moisturize your hands, you need to exfoliate them. To do this, you need to completely wet your hands with warm water and if necessary wash them. Now, take the exfoliate you have chosen and apply a 1 teaspoon of it on your hands. Rub it thoroughly on both sides of your pair of hands for about 5 minutes. Once you finished scrubbing wash your hands with water and dry them completely.

5. Moisturize your Hands

Now, use a quarter of the moisturizing cream to massage your pair of hands. Though quarter cream may seem like a lot it will dip your skin all the night. While you are doing massage spend more time on palms, between your fingers as well as around the cuticles. Apply the moisturizer till the skin around your wrist and don’t worry about the greasiness of your hands.

6. Use Gloves

After applying the moisturizer, use the gloves because they can keep the moisture inside and will allow the cream to get absorb in to your skin. It will also prevent the cream from spreading on your clothes or bed. Leave them overnight while you are sleeping or you can either use it in the day time. But try to keep them atleast for 6 hours on your hand and don’t pull them out. This gives you best results.

7. Finally Finish Softening Your Hands

After the overnight usage of gloves, in the morning remove them and you will be left with fabulous soft hands ever. At this point you can also add a bit of moisturizer to your hands and dab cuticle oil around the beds of your nails. This will helps in softening your entire hands and make them smooth and silky.

This is how your hands get moisturized well overnight with a moisturizing cream, exfoliates and gloves. So, repeat this entire process at least twice a week and keep your hands always smooth. But, make sure that you need to keep your gloves clean in between the uses. 

Apart from this, to keep your hands completely moisturized daily you have to follow few tips. If you don’t want to use the lotions or moisturizing creams to rub your hands you can also use natural oils instead such as almond, avocado, olive, coconut etc. They will work out well. You can also take moisturizing supplements if your hands are too dry or rough. Better stay away from lemon juice and petroleum jelly to treat your dry skin because they act as moisture barrier but not as a moisturizer really. Use natural hand sops, wear gloves whenever necessary, stay well hydrated and avoid extremely hot water. All these can prevent dryness and keeps your skin and hands very smooth.

Hope this information will help you out to make your hands super soft overnight. You can either follow few permanent tips stated above to keep your hands always moisturized and smooth.


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