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How To Make Cooling Cucumber Spray At Home
Aug 13, 2016
How To Make Cooling Cucumber Spray At Home

“As cool as a Cucumber”- This idiom itself tells how to cool a cucumber is.  Cucumber is well-reputed for its amazing cooling properties.  Cucumber offers a wide range of beneficiaries covering from our head to toe.  It is used as a face pack to increase the moisture content of the skin and to remove the oiliness present on the skin. 

The best source for keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day.  The puffiness of the eyes can be overtaken with the use of cucumber.  It can be used as a massaging agent to relax your foot.  What not!  It has way too many benefits on the human body.  Along with these benefits, it also acts as a cooling agent and cools and calms our body from hot weather. 

In this hot climate, it is impossible to give full attention to your day to day work and also to complete the work in time.  Cucumber, which is well-reputed for its cooling properties can help you go through this hot rainy come summer season days with the utmost coolness.

How To Make Cooling Cucumber Spray At Home

Today we are going to share some precious tips to make cooling Cucumber spray to keep yourself cool in his hot season. 

Let us know how to prepare a spray out of Cucumber.

1. Cucumber sprays with lemon squeeze

In order to prepare a Cucumber spray with a lemon squeeze, you will need half a cucumber, extract of lemon juice, and 1 tsp of rosewater.  Self-made rosewater works better.  Rosewater is added in making Cucumber spray as it has astringent properties, which reduces redness, swelling, and soothes the skin naturally.

- Now cut the cucumber and blend it in a mixer until it turns into a fine paste. 

- Cucumber with its cooling properties helps our skin to get rid of redness, puffiness, hydrates the skin and also refreshes out the skin.

-Just by blending, we cannot make juice out of a cucumber.

-Just take a fresh towel and put the pulp of cucumber that is obtained after blending into the towel.

-Squeeze the juice out of the cucumber pulp into a bowl.

- You no need to throw away the pulp of the cucumber after squeezing.  -You can use it as a face mask on your face for refreshment.

-It cools and hydrates your skin.

-Now add a tablespoon of rosewater and also half of the lemon squeeze into the solution that is obtained from cucumber pulp.  Lemon, which is an antioxidant and works as an antibiotic refreshes the skin by providing exfoliation to the skin.

If you’ve sensitive skin, then cut out the lemon juice from this recipe.  Lemon causes some sort of irritation to the skin.

When you are done with the preparation, pour the entire solution into an empty spray bottle. Whenever you feel dehydration symptoms or irritation take out the bottle and spray it on your face and areas where you feel irritation.

2. It's turning into Aloe mist

Just like we used rose water in preparing the previous spray of cucumber, this homemade spray uses Aloe to prepare the spray.  As we all know that cucumber acts as a cooling agent, Aloe helps to soothe your skin and promotes good blood circulation and thereby improves the elasticity of the skin, which helps you appear young than your age.

All you need to prepare cucumber and Aloe spray is one cucumber, one squeeze of lemon, one tablespoon of aloe gel, and one tablespoon of rose water.


-Now, take the cucumber and cut it into pieces.

-Blend it in a blender until it turns out as a fine paste.

-Now take a cloth and squeeze out the juice out of the pulp into a bowl in the same way as I explained to do in the above session.

-Now add all the ingredients that are listed above into this cucumber squeeze.

-Mix them well. Use a blender to mix it well if you want the solution to be in more liquid form.

-When you are done with the solution, pour it into a spray bottle and store it in the refrigerator.

-This solution will last for a week. This cucumber, aloe spray shows good signs of refreshes your face. It smoothens and cools you within no time.

3. Time to prepare green tea and cucumber spray 

Green tea is named for its health and beauty benefits. Along with these health and beauty benefits, it also offers refreshing tricks with its antioxidant properties.

Using green tea as a spray along with cucumber squeeze will help repair the skin that is damaged due to sun exposure.  Let us know how to prepare a green tea and cucumber spray.

In order to prepare a green tea and cucumber spray, you will need half a cucumber, one green tea bag, and aloe.

-Brew the green tea and keep it aside until it gets to room temperature.

-Take half a cucumber and blend it in a blender and squeeze off some juice out of it.

-Take a spray bottle and add 1/4 cuff of green tea to the bottle.

-Now add two tablespoons of cucumber juice to the solution and one tablespoon of aloe gel to the solution, store it in the refrigerator.  It will last for a week.

These are the different cucumber sprays that offer great deal of refreshment in hot summer and semi-hot rainy seasons. 


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