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How To Use Mehandi Oil And Its Benefits
Jul 27, 2016
How To Use Mehandi Oil And Its Benefits

Among the various beauty items people follow, the age-old practice is of applying mehndi. It is applied on hands, legs and on hair. Mehandi which is also known as henna is an age old practice in Indian sub-continent region from so many years. It is used as temporary tattoo kind of design or pattern which uses to apply on the hands of women and men on various occasions. Such as functions at home, weddings and special women related functions and traditions.

In early days, people used the wet paste which is prepared from grout of leaves both fresh and dry. It’s applied on the skin in the form of a paste to create various designs and raw patterns sometimes. Once it is applied it is left to dry for some time.

Once it is dried then we need to wash the area and the green leave colour paste will turn in red or dark red colour in the applied portion on the skin.(generally ten to twelve hours for Good outcome).it’s considered as the Good sign and beauty.

Over the years there are lots of improvements taken place in the preparation of mehndi paste from leaves of henna, its processing methods, applying methods, retaining time, improvement in delicate designs, designs, colour shades, dark patterns, and mehndi storing methods, Mehandi applying tools, preserving and fading methods and for health reasons.

Among the various preserving methods, a popular one is applying mehndi oil. Once it is applied with mehndi then this will enhance the richness of colour of mehndi. This oil is collected from trees naturally and applied with mehndi separately to enhance the beauty and colour.

Rather than men women wants to keep their mehndi for a longer period on their hands whenever they apply. So mehndi oil got very much popular and its use and demand have increased parallel with mehndi paste. In Indian sub-continent market, the mehndi paste is sold in packets and cone shape tools, whereas mehndi oil is sold In small bottles.

How To Use Mehandi Oil:

The most popular oil used as mehndi oil is the “eucalyptus oil”, which is collected from trees.

The advantage of this oil or the mehndi oil is it contains the terpene properties of retaining the colour for a longer period.

The oil is available in various types and depending on the application and need it is used.

Tree tea oil is also good terpene property type mehndi oil which has got its own advantages.

The advantage of these oils is it helps in improving the colour of post mehndi application.

Depending on their availability and artist’s choice it is used extensively.

Usage of this will start once the paste of henna is applied, which means first the henna paste is prepared then the paste is applied on the hand with artists or experts mehndi designer. Once the paste is applied on the skin in raw form or with the help of any tool or cone to obtain a specific design.

If it is a short span of application then we can apply the mehndi oil after the application of the paste, this will act as a moisture retaining item and it will act as an agent which will enhance the darker part of the mehndi.

If the design is taking time and application of the mehndi is in a larger area then we must note that the older application before getting into dry, we must apply the mehndi oil on it as a touch-up an item with the help of a non-sticky tool. Generally, we use wet cotton or thin wet cloth of direct application on the mehndi in little quantities.

This process of application of mehndi oil should continue till the application of mehndi stops. Then as a final touch up we can apply once and leave the complete design to get dry.

It’s very important to choose the right oil which is suitable for the skin of an individual.

Otherwise, the sensitive skin on which the mehndi and Mehandi oil are applied, there are the chances where the bad oil or unsuitable oil will damage the skin very badly and it may become a harmful item. Oils which have got TOXIC property and acidic nature should be avoided.

The various other sources from where the mehndi oil is collected are “Lavender”,”Cypress”,”Cardamom”,”juniper”,”pine”,”Marjoram” and “Geranium”.

Benefits Of Mehandi Oil :

This oil has got various advantages.

Since a natural product, we can use this at various places including in mehndi application process.

Oil is used for getting a darker shade of mehndi in its post application part. A lot of traditional beliefs are there for the darker shades in sub – continent region.

The mehndi oil will smoothen and will relax the applied portion of skin.

It avoids discomfort and irritation to the applied skin portion.

It will add more aroma to the home, room and at the place where it is kept.

It acts as a lotion to apply on the skin.

The fragrance of this is very healthy and very natural.

It very helps to the people whose skin is dry. ( type)

The oil is used and mixed with water which is use for body wash or bathing and to use for tub water for a bath.

This oil elevates and tranquil the mood of the person. It gives a lot of relaxation when applied on any body part of the body. This is used in many relaxation therapies with dilution and in concentrated form to suit the need and mood.

The mehndi oil is also used to treat certain specific skin-related issues or diseases. Since its nontoxic nature and various advantages, it has got the popularity has increased all over the world.

This application of mehndi and mehndi oil is not only for hands of women or men =, is also used for legs and hair.

Other Benefits – Additional :

This will act as the moisture mask to the mehndi design.

The top up and touch up of this oil will smoothen the skin and provides and cool feeling when applied on the skin.

This will glorify and gives a rich touch when it is applied to the applied mehndi pattern.

Mehandi with a mix of the oil will helps in hair nourishment and reduces the hair fall too.

The mixture is also very helpful in reducing the hair dandruff.

Experts also suggest that the olive oil is also used fully to tackle the frizzy hair too.

Important Notes:

It’s always good to check the manufacturer and place of manufacturing while purchasing the mehndi oil and mehndi paste or powder.

It’s very important to check the production time and expire dates of these products.

If any women are pregnant then it’s better that, they should be away of all these items, in the case of any necessity it’s better to consult the concerned expert or doctor and dermatologist before deciding to apply.


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