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Regular Facials for Skin Health
Jul 03, 2016
Regular Facials for Skin Health

Regular facials are said to be harmful to the skin as they include chemicals as their main ingredients, but those days have gone.  As the environment and our surroundings are filled with tons of pollution and dirt, it is mandatory to go for regular facials in order to protect the skin from those harmful germs and bacteria. 

Few score high on the score scale, while few fail dramatically in yielding expected results, but still there exists few facials which are good for giving healthy and glowing skin.  These regular facials will yield good skin profile. Not just pollution has a hand in spoiling the skin health, but also issues like unhealthy lifestyle, stress, and poor diet measures it a lot. 

The unhealthy lifestyle starts with our sleeping habits, which is the main cause of stress to poor diet habits.  Eating anything and irregular intake timings, lack of water intake spoil health and skin. Along with coming on track from unhealthy lifestyle to healthy lifestyle in order to protect your skin, there are few more other changes to make to protect your skin and that is obviously through regular facials.    

Reasons why you need regular facials

Here are the reasons why you need regular facials.

1. Clears pores

Regular facials can clean up the entire face including pimples, blackheads, and pores.  Not just in teens, the aforementioned problems are seen in almost all ages of people. 

Blackheads cannot be overseen as they literally spoil the beauty of the face with their presence, but badly done facials without professional interference on our own makes our skin worse than it is.  It results in skin breakdown, scarring, acne flare-up etc. 

So along with choosing the best regular facial that suits your skin type it is
important to choose the best professional assistance.  Regular facials can bring you out of the risk of having pimples, blackheads, and pores, thus making your job simple.

2. Improves your complexion

Not just with regular facials, but with face masks and peels you can improve your complexion.  We normally get to have a mask at the time of facials after the steaming is done. 

The main purpose of a mask or a peel is to calm, hydrate, and decongest the skin.  Along with getting regular facials, it is advised to get regular face masks or peels for best results. 

3. Rejuvenates the skin

Regular facials give youthful skin.  As facials include intense massaging of the skin, it not only promotes good circulation of blood in the face but also takes us into deep relaxation for some time, which ultimately helps in improving skin health.  Massaging on skin also helps in removing the toxins from the skin, which makes the skin look young.

4. Deep cleansing

Cleansing is an important part in facials.  Deep cleansing of the face flushes out all the dirt that is stored on the face and also on the pores of the skin.  Few deep cleansing facials available in the parlors can help a great deal in deep cleansing the skin. 

Cleansing helps in removing the oil present on the skin without over drying the skin.  Deep cleansing also improves the complexion by cleaning all the dirt from the skin.

5. Spa

Going to the regular spa is not that handy for everyone as it is wallet-draining, but the results from a single spa treatment equal a week of facials in general.  With that, you can understand how useful a spa is for the skin. 

Cannot for a regular spa then go for occasional at least.  It is a combo pack which yields all results with just one attempt. 

6. Exfoliation

We cannot stop the environmental changes and we alone can never get rid of those UV rays and dirt from the environment. So instead of working on something that yields void, it is better to work on something that yields the desired results.

Exfoliation is the technique through which we can attain our desired results.  It helps in removing the dead skin cells present on the skin and thereby promotes healthy cell growth on the skin.  Regular and good exfoliation techniques can help remove the scarring and acne marks from the skin.

7. Stress

From the time of waking up to the bedtime, we run like anything without concerning ourselves and without allotting time for ourselves, which ultimately results in a lack of good health and healthy skin.  We are leading a stressful life where we have zero concern for our skin.  Giving time for some regular facials can help us relieve the stress, which ultimately helps in balancing your mind and thereby your skin.

8. Anti-aging

Regular facials can also help fighting with signs of anti-aging.  There are many reasons for early aging like stress, unhealthy lifestyle, pollution etc.  We cannot protect our skin from all of them, but regular facials can help fight them all and can help in reducing the signs of aging. 

Regular facials can improve the cell growth on the skin, improves collagen production and maintains healthy and growing skin, which ultimately gives anti-aging skin. 

Everyday radiance facial, helps in moisturizing, nourishing, and rejuvenating the skin.  Along with those there are few other samples from the same brand like Insta Glow, which gives instant glow to the skin.

Tea tree oil, which is also known as miracle healer helps in penetrating the essential oils into the skin.  Also, rejuvenating cocoa, which is rich in vitamin A and anti-oxidants helps in moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin.

These are the reasons for taking regular facials and best facials brands in the market for attaining healthy skin.


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