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Skin Whitening Home Remedies
Jul 01, 2016
Skin Whitening Home Remedies

A lot of people try hard to get glowing, dazzling, and healthy appearing skin. Dark and dry skin can be the result of an excess of exposure to the sun, ecological pollution, a medical condition, parched skin, pressure, meager daily life preferences, and extended apply to chemical-based beauty products.

Lots of people attempt to get the light and unblemished skin. The market is swamped with skin-lightening emulsions and creams. However, aforesaid products contain dangerous elements that can eventually harm your skin. In many instances, the goods are costly, too.

It is relatively a monomania among the striplings and women these days to have a fairer skin tone. Among these people, some might notice cumbersome skin tone, such as darker skin pigmentation on the neck, but lighter in the face. While the remaining people just compromise with a dark undertone of the skin that is produced by sunburn. Continuous expose to the sun can mold your skin go dark, dull and dry.

Also, continuous use of a few chemical products can provoke discoloration. It is without a doubt irrefutable that there are many skin bleaching creams available in the display these days. But one must remember that, our skin color hinges over a variety of circumstances, mainly the pigment melanin which is generated in the skin cells known as melanocytes.

If you have Stygian skin, it means your melanocytes generate more melanin. Occasionally, when natural skin is not in fact obsidian and has lost its complexion due to tanning resulting from sunburn, means that the skin has actually adapted itself to the intensity of the sunlight to protect itself from the damaging and harmful ultraviolet sun rays.

There can be many other reasons for dark skin other than eugenics and overexposure to the sun. These may take in ecological pollution, dry skin, nervous tension, over and above continuous use of makeup products having lots of harmful substances in them. If your Stygian skin is not because of hereditary grounds, you may automatically go for skin lightening methods. 

Skin lightening points out to the habit of using chemical substances in an effort to lighten the complexion or bring out an even skin tone by dwindling the caseation of melanin. Several chemicals have been shown to be effectual in skin whitening, and at the same time, some have confirmed to be poisonous or have dubious safety profiles.

Though there are many natural options and remedies available, many go for the readily available harmful chemical based skin whitening creams.

Reason For Dark Skin

Hyper Pigmentation:-

Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of an area of skin or nails which is as a result of the increased melanin. Hyperpigmentation can be caused by sun harm, inflammation, or other skin damage. People with murkier Asian, Mediterranean, or African skin tenors are also known to tend to acquire hyperpigmentation, particularly if they take in overindulgence of sun rays.

The amount of Melanin pigment is to blame to provide your skin a diversity of skin tones and textures ranging from white to dark brownish black. Melanin is set off by an enzyme called tyrosinase which constructs the shade of skin, eyes, and hair shades. From time to time unnecessary creation of melanin pigment gives your skin a dark skin texture. 


Some hereditary features are as well accountable to give a person a dark skin tone from birth. Mutations in genes may alter the skin tone of a person and for this reason in many cases the complexion of newly born baby every now and then is either fairer or darker than Parents. Also, Some Vitamins are significant for white lustrous and hale and hearty skin but their deficit fallout in the dull, rough and dark skin. Hence it is imperative that pregnant women are suggested vitamin pills during the 36 week period.

Other causes may include malnutrition; insufficiency of some crucial nutrients also consequences in dark skin texture. The liver disorder is one of the foremost reasons of darkening of the skin. Adrenal disorder sometimes may also end up in dark skin tone. Intestinal disorder, Sometimes adds to in darkening of the skin. The darkening of the skin occurs as a result of a hormonal change.

Over contact to sun rays roots the skin to tan. Tanning resulting from sunburn means that the skin has actually adapted itself to the intensity of the sunlight to protect itself from the damaging and harmful ultraviolet sun rays. 

Skin Whitening Creams:-

To ease the blemishes, freckles, spots and marks on the skin, many people do not know the techniques and the right fairness creams or products that are available on the market shelves. Hence they result in picking up some cream or lotion off the shelves which do not suit them or try home remedies for skin whitening or reducing the tan. So here we bring to you some best skin lightening creams or lotions that are available in the retail markets which help you to eliminate the dark spots and also freckles apart from lightening your skin.

The foremost cream is the product with the brand name Olay Natural White Day Cream. It is very rich in Triple Nutrient System-Vitamin B3, Pro B5 & E, Visible lightening of complexion after proper and regular use, Contains SPF 24, and this cream boasts that it is tested for all kinds of skin tones and suits all normal and dry skin. But beware it has its own cons to that is it can be too oily for oily skin sometimes and does nothing about fine lines or wrinkles.

The second cream is the Revlon company’s Touch and Glow. This cream is said to be containing botanical extracts as well as multi-vitamins, SPF 15, relatively a reduced amount to the preferred level, and it gives a matte finish to the oily skin, lightens the skin slightly, contains stimulants for cell renewal and is perfect for both sexes.  But as said before, every cream or lotion has its own demerits and Revlon’s product causes outbursts of skin conditions in a prolonged use.

The third is the Lotus Herbals White glow skin whitening and brightening skin emulsion which is obtained in a very small and tiny bottle and that is only the fault we can find with this product apart from which we have many pros such as it gets quickly absorbed into the skin, contains good SPF and PA levels required for our skin, suits oily skin really well, and above all, it is realistically charged as compared to many whitening creams. 

Apart from these three main creams, there are other skin lightening creams such as Clean and clear which is rated best for oil skin and gives us a matte finish. It does not clog the pores and contains UV filters and is a very friendly travel pack. Also, Loreal Paris is another cream with similar merits but is very pricey comparatively and is its packaging is not suitable to take along on travels.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Day Cream, Pond’s White Beauty, Nivea Visage Sparkling Glow, Garnier Light Overnight Peeling Fairness Cream, Fair and Lovely Multi Vitamin are the other creams that give you similar effects of skin lightening but have their own demerits. Choose the cream perfectly that suits your skin texture and tone and also that is appropriate for the weather.


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