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Summer Skin Care Tips
Jun 13, 2016
Summer Skin Care Tips

See ya monsoon.  Welcome summer.  Summer is here and it is the right time to know what is there in the store for you.  The first thing that gets into our mind when we say summer is “SUN”.  He is the ruler of summer season. 

When summer comes, it brings lots of problems with it.  The first thing that gets affected in summer due to the sun is our skin.  Our skin is the most sensitive part in our body.   It gets easily prone to sun and gets affected.  Our skin undergoes many tough situations in this summer season.  If no proper care was taken to protect it, the results would be eye watering for sure. 

So, as summer is at the doors, before it knocks your door, find what is there in our store for your skin protection so that you can open your doors with utmost dare to face the sun. 

In our article, we have provided wonderful tips that will help you to protect your skin from summer and its ruler “Sun”.  Weather it is summer or winter or rainy season, sun is sun.  He will never take leave and never let us take one. 

But in summer, his power increases to an extent that our skin cannot take it if proper precautions were not taken. 

So, in order to protect your skin from sun, here are few tips we are providing.

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Summer accompanies itself with sweat.  Sweat is nothing but water in our body.  It comes out through the pores present on our skin.  Loss of water from our body in any form will lead to dehydration problem. 

Our skin gets dehydrated because of loss of excess of water.  In order to get rid of dehydrated skin, we have to drink lots and lots of water in a day.  Drinking water is the best way to keep you hydrated.  When our skin loses its hydration properties, it will ultimately lose moisture present in the skin. 

When skin loses its moisture, it becomes dry and looks worst at its best.  In order to protect your skin from moisture loss and keep yourself hydrated, drink lots of liquid oxygen throughout the day. 

According to studies, we have to drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day.  So, prepare your 8 glasses of water to keep yourself hydrated.

2. Protect Yourself from Sun

Even though sun is good at doing his duty of exposing rays on earthlings, he does his work in shifts that ranges from less powerful rays to more powerful rays.  We as human beings love to roam on roads no matter what time it is and what temperature it is. 

Summer Skin Care Tips

But in actual, there are times when sun gives his best in the form of strongest rays that breaks the records of previous temperatures and gives his lowest rated temperatures at some particular times.  Try to stay inside when sun is passing high end rays. 

The time between 11am and 3pm is the time when the sun plays game with earthlings with his high end rays.  So, try to keep put in that particular time period. 

The rays that are passed by the sun at that time are very dangerous and can severely damage your skin.  Along with staying put, make sure to apply sunscreen on your entire body, especially on face, hands, and neck. 

Try to cover your face with a scarf when you are into the sun.  This way you can somehow divert the sun rays from falling directly on your face.

3. Time For Toner

Toner helps in keeping our skin cool.  As it is summer, it is obvious that the heat and sweat will have no limits.  The heat irritates us and disturbs our work.  In order to keep yourself cool, try a toner for your body. 

Toner helps to keep the pores close and thereby cools the skin and body.  Don’t apply easy-to-get toner on your body.  Try to get something branded.  If you want to try something natural, use rose water instead.  It will help you keep your body cool.  

4. Use A Moisturiser

As I said in earlier session about moisturizing skin, just drinking water will not keep your body hydrated and moisturized.  In order to keep it moisturized, we have to apply some moisturizer to our body. 

As skin gets hydrated in summer, applying moisturizer regularly would somehow help our skin and body to be in a good moisturized and hydrated state.  It is summer and oiliness is the first problem that fears us the most.  As moisturizers are mainly made to keep our body moisturized, it will contain oil as its main ingredient. 

So, as it is summer it would be better to go with water-based moisture instead of using oily moisturizers.

5. Say A Big No-No To Drinks

In summer, drinks will be the first preference for any one as they reduce our thirst as they offer cool liquids in mouth-watering flavors.  One should know that drinks are filled with sugars and are not at all good for skin.  They not only affect our skin, but also disturb our diet. 

Replace those sugary unhealthy drinks with fresh water, lime juice, fruit juices, coconut water etc.  The aforementioned drinks have very good affects on skin.  They keep our skin hydrated throughout the day.  Along with that, they provide some essentials that are required for our body, especially in summer season.

6. Wash It Twice

Make certain to wash your face before going to bed.  Washing face at least twice a day is mandatory. 

Even though we stay at home all the day, we have to give it a face at least twice.  The dirt that is absorbed by the skin all throughout the day has to be removed before going to bed.  In order to have a happy bed time, do it for sure.

7. Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliating is the first step in any kind of skin treatments.  Exfoliating is nothing but removing the dead skin cells that are present on the skin.  This process of exfoliating will help improve the blood circulation on the face.  There are many exfoliating scrubs available in the market. 

Choose the best exfoliating scrub for exfoliating.  You can also exfoliate your skin with the ingredients that are available in your kitchen.  Mix some gram flour with turmeric and add yogurt or milk to it.  Mix it well and apply it on your face as a mask.  This is one of the best exfoliating methods that can be done at home.

8. Remove The Tan

Tan is nothing but a dark layer that is formed on the face and body due to the over exposure to the sun.  In order to remove it, there are wonderful treatments offered by parlors.  The tan pack is very much named to remove the tan that is accumulated on face. 

There are home remedies to remove the tan.  Mix gram flour with lemon and apply it on your face as a mask.  Lemon works wonders in removing the tan on the face.

So, these are the tips to pass this summer without any skin issues.  Don’t overlook any of the above tips and follow them with utmost care.  Happy summer!

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