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Tips for Gaining Gorgeous Skin in Older Age
Jun 07, 2016
Tips for Gaining Gorgeous Skin in Older Age

Skin is one of the most complex organs in the body which is made up of upper epidermis and lower dermis. Epidermis grown-up on skin and sheds are dead cells. Skin protects the body from infections and regulates temperature. It acts as the main barrier to protect the body.

As the age grows, skin begins to the slowdown in production of collagen and elastin that causes in fine lines and wrinkles, it will no longer renew itself as a result if lose moisture, grow loose and becomes thin. These are all caused by getting old.

Sun damage, facial expressions, lifestyle habits all contributes to skin aging.

Main reasons for the aging of skin are exposure to ultraviolet rays of sunlight, eating overcooked foods, cigarettes, which causes in skin degeneration.

Sun & Care

The ultraviolet rays release from the sun causes aging affect more rapidly and might also cause skin cancer. It will show more effect on Babies and Children.

To protect from these effects keep yourself in the shade between 11AM to 3PM. Cover up with hat and sunglasses, clothes, and use-full of applying sun cream.

Behalf of that spending some time in sunlight helps in growth of VITAMIN-D, which helps in growth of healthy bones.

Poor Skin Care

If you won’t take care of skin, it won't take care of you. As aging skin grows drier and becomes flaky and scaly, it would look worse than you neglect.


Smoking causes the reduction in skin elasticity and also causes breakdown of collagen which is a protein that supports skin strength.  As collagen naturally degrades while aging  but makes that even faster.  Smoking constricts in reducing supplying oxygen levels to the skin.  It is the main cause for wrinkles which makes skin looks older than it should be.


Pollution also causes skin problems like rashes, wrinkles, pimples, and much more.  Some people do already have oily skin that will cause pimples and pollution which consists of dust and many particles that will stick on to skin and will close skin pores that which indeed is the cause of pimples and rashes. So before going out it is better to cover your face with scarfs etc., and these will also give protection from sun rays which will have harmful rays like ultraviolet.

Natural Beauty Products

Never use artificial creams and face packs to skin, which may lead to rashes on your skin and give you unavoidable side effects.  There are many other natural creams and natural fruit face packs that are available in shops and also we can prepare them at home itself with different fruits which will not only make you look younger and shinier but also they will reduce your aged-appearance.

Exercising And Aging

Exercising will rejuvenate your soul which reflects its effect on your skin.  This will reduce cholesterol from your skin and will make your body refresh and active.   The woman above 60, may not do exercises because of their age, but they can do meditation (some sort of yoga’s and asana) which will also give the same effect as exercise.  So, they can add this to their lives too.

Diet Control

Diet is the main part of our life and beauty.  Aging can be reduced and can look younger by eating vegetables daily which consists of more water and of red, green, and yellow colored vegetables will benefit you more.  Strictly restrict oily foods and fast foods and sweets

Avoid sugar which will destroy collagen function in our body and will make our skin look older with wrinkle formation.  Once obesity starts and even if you lose weight it will make your skin loose and once again the aged look starts.  So avoid unnecessary foods.

Water Intake

Excessive of water intake will remove excess of wastes and fats from your body.  Our body consists of 70% of water, by which we can understand that how important water is for our body to make it look alive.  So take water as much as you can and already doctors suggest everyone to take at least 4-5 liters of water.  Thus, skin will glow as the moon.

Good Sleep for Good Day Start

Sleep minimum 6 hours and a maximum of 8 hours.  While sleeping our body will produce limited toxins, which are produced while our mind is under stress and which causes the skin to have an aged look, will be reduced because sleep is the only medicine that could make our brain peaceful.

Small Tips at House

While taking a bath it is better to use green gram powder which will not only remove dead skin cells from our skin but also will reduce oil production and make it smooth and look younger

Apply turmeric powder to skin before taking a bath.  Turmeric not only works as anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious but it will also enhance your skin to shine with a golden glow.

Steaming will also help in opening your closed skin pores and remove wastes in the form of sweat.  Scrubbing, washing face before your sleep, using high-moisturized soaps that will maintain moisture and will not harm your skin.

Medicine Related

Our body produces some hormones that will make it look younger.  But these hormones are produced only during menarche age and at the age of 60s, obviously, women will be in menopause stage and these hormone productions will be completely stopped which is the most important cause of all the problems like joint pain, stress depression, and many other and also skin related. 

But as everyone one knows that this is unstoppable and every woman has to face these problems at their elder age.  For this many options are available in the market like hormone-related medicines and therapies are available and by undergoing these treatments, one can look the same way as a young person do.  Estrogen is the hormone and estradiol topically applied estriol are some of the prescribed medicines and topical creams respectively that will make you look younger.

Topical Creams

Creams that are suitable for our skin should be selected.  Instead of creams try to apply sunscreens or moisturizers that will protect your skin from getting dry and also from the sun and other pollution-related effects.

 Maintaining water level in skin is important for skin to glow, which can be achieved by moisturizers.  Not only these but also serums are available in liquid from and when they are applied to the skin, it will enter into your skin and will activate your skin cells and make you look younger and beautiful.

Following above provided suggestions, one can look younger even in their old age.  So even when your age goes on increasing you can have a younger appearance from outside.

Try to avoid stresses and tension which are the main causes of your skin problems and most probably they are the one that makes you look older.  What should one do and what should not, that is up to themselves and how they want to lead their lives will make them stand in that position. 

Don’t ever just think of how you want to lead your lives, but implementing those thoughts is also necessary and once you start following these simple steps, you can enjoy your life without any disturbance and can be a leading live model in between everyone who knows you.


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