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Top Winter Skin Care Tips
Jun 07, 2016
Top Winter Skin Care Tips

Top Winter Skin Care Tips

As winter approach, almost everyone has a common skin problem which is itchy dry skin. Especially in cold weather months and humidity low, the skin becomes very dry. This is mainly because the skin becomes dehydrated, cracked, and scaly loses its flexibility and becomes too itchy.

There are many homemade efficient remedies for dry skin that usually help the common issue of dry skin. Skin needs moisture to stay smooth and supple and for that, we can address the dry skin with a few easy strategies.


Select a soap which has extra fatty substances or oil such as lanolin, cocoa butter or coconut oil. These soaps help in maintaining the soaps protective oils as harsh soaps can strip away these.

Antibacterial soaps and deodorant soaps are the main reasons for people suffering from dry skin and these can also be very irritating to the skin.


Using moisturizers is an effective skin remedy for dry skin. Skin needs enough water to keep itself moist and when this moisture is allowed to escape it results in dry skin.

These days we are getting a wide variety of skin creams and lotions specifically for dry skin from almost all leading brands which provide seal skin from water to escape while also providing a soft and smooth skin.

Anti-aging creams:-

Be careful in selecting these products and make sure you select appropriately as per your skin tone as these products can worsen the dry skin.

Living Conditions:-

With central heating and air conditioning becoming common these days, these can be helping in drying your skin. These heating effects cause humidity levels to drop inside the home and also remove moisture from the air inside causing a drying effect on the skin. It is advised not to overheat the house and also use a humidifier if possible.

Use warm water for bath:-

Taking extended hot water bath can cause the natural oils which protect your skin to wash away. It is advisable to limit your bath and shower time and use warm water for baths and avoid hot water.

Protection while staying outside:-

When the temperatures and humidity levels fall, this generally will result in a dry facial skin. Try to protect yourself from the harsh winds and cold temperature when you are going out by using good winter wear.

Bottom Line

Most of the cases this dry skin problem can easily be cured but there can be certain medical conditions when medical advice is needed. Psoriasis, hormonal changes, diabetes are few where the skin can decrease the amount of protective moisture.


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