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10 Back Tattoo Ideas for Woman
Jul 27, 2016
10 Back Tattoo Ideas for Woman

Many People are opting for tattoos more today and woman are not spared of it. It has been noticed that woman is rushing for the tattoo arts. Woman particularly love using tattoos on their loveable parts of their body such as hands, neck, back, thighs, legs etc.

Back tattoos among them are becoming a craze for a woman nowadays. Back tattoos are big enough and are elaborate designs. These tattoos will catch the attention of the people effortlessly as they are big. Changing mindsets of people have helps out a woman to come up with these back tattoo arts and designs.

A part of it we have brought up some beautiful back tattoo ideas especially for a woman. These tattoos make woman back stunning. Fascinated to know those tattoo designs? Then come let’s have a look at those designs.

1. Flower Vine Back Tattoo


This tattoo art gives a simple look to the woman’s back. It seems like a bunch of flowers flowing with a vine on woman back. It gives a natural and pleasant look to the back. The good place for this tattoo is women’s back. They stay permanently over there. It is a one complete sided full-length flower tattoo art. A woman who loves simple tattoos can make use of this design.

2. Complete Back Fantasy Tattoo


A woman who loves fantasy stories and lives in the fantasy world loves this kind of tattoos. This fantasy is a full back tattoo. This tattoo contains flower, the face of a woman, bird wings, and some designs. This full-length design covers the full back of a woman till the buttock. Women with backless dresses can best expose these kinds of tattoos. A trendy woman doesn't hesitate to use these tattoos to their back.

3. Peacock Back Tattoo


This tattoo art starts from your shoulders with wings of a peacock on it and continues till your waist. This beautiful tattoo art looks more beautiful on women’s back. Looks stylish, isn’t it? Try to be trendy in this fashionable world. People generally love peacocks especially woman who loves birds don’t like to leave these kinds of tattoos.

4. Half-Sided Floral Fancy Tattoo


Back tattoos are of different kinds and among them this half-sided tattoo is one. It occupies one complete back side of your body starting from shoulder part to the waist. This tattoo design looks beautiful on backless and full sleeveless tops of a woman. Floral designs never go out of fashion and woman love them a lot. Try this zig-zag half-sided design if you love to have one of these kinds.

5. Simple Spine Tattoo Art


It is such a simple tattoo on your spinal part or middle part of your back. It looks cool and seems like you have drawn some letters over there. You can impress your dear ones with this simple and awesome tattoo. Backless dresses such as one shown above can best expose this kind of tattoo. Enhance your look in special events with this kind of tattoo.

6. Snack Back Tattoo Art


This kind of tattoos best exposes your inner thoughts. This tattoo seems like a green snack struck in a vine looks too natural and impressive. This tattoo symbolized that you are a powerful woman and if you want to expose that this is the best tattoo for it. It also gives natural look to your back you. Are you one among the woman who wants to expose the power of you? Then, make use of this natural snack tattoo.

7. Aesthetic Wings Tattoo


Wear this kind of tattoo on one side of your back beauty. With a touch of style let your inner thoughts are best exposed this way using this tattoo art. This wing of fly takes you around the world. So start a journey with your wings and enjoy its beauty. It gives you a native look. Try this tattoo and feel its presence on you.

8. Middle with Full Waist Back Tattoo


This tattoo looks like you are dressed up with planets at your back. It is too natural that people can’t identify that you have a backless top. Who will say no to such kind of beautiful natural tattoos at their back so, if you are looking for a natural back look you can dress up in this colorful tattoo? Know your back will look bright with multiple colors.

9. Lion Roar Back Tattoo


Do you want to expose a wild side of you? Then do it with this tattoo. Tiger is hungry and roaring for food or making people fear of it. It is the best tattoo to expose your wildness. If you are looking for such a kind of tattoo make use of it. You can show this tattoo with a sleeveless dress or backless dress and expose your thoughts.

10. Henna Back Tattoo


It looks like a good mehndi tattoo design. If you love using mehndi designs over your body then try this tattoo. Flowers, mango designs, vines all together form this natural tattoo. Like wings, this tattoo starts off from your shoulders part. Show your creativity with this amazing tattoo art at your back. Half backless and full backless dresses are the best dresses to expose this design and impress your dear ones.

Bottom Line:

These are 10 different back tattoo arts and designs that woman can have. Different kinds of woman love different tattoos and we have grouped some different types of tattoos loved by diverse classes of a woman. So, make use of these wonderful diverse tattoo ideas for your back and show them well with trendy and stylish dressing.


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