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10 Best Places for Women to Get Tattoos
Jul 27, 2016
10 Best Places for Women to Get Tattoos

When you made up your mind to have a tattoo then the next immediate question which bothers you a lot is where on your body you want to have it. This might even take more time to decide then choosing a design itself. We know that the finding a right place for a tattoo is equally important as a tattoo design is basically tuned to suit the place chosen. Hence we have to choose wisely a right place for the right intended design we want.

We have compiled a list of places which would be elegant and great attractive ideas for women. This list is sorted according to the level of pain while having the tattoo starting with the least painful place.

1. Inner Wrist Tattoo


This simple and beautiful position is one of the top best places for a tattoo as it is a perfect spot for inking. It is not painful and very easy to hide using bracelets or watch and also very fast to heal. The only downside is that it is suitable only for smaller designs. You can have names or initials of your loved ones.

2. Inner Arm Tattoo


A small word or an image would be a perfect place which is sexy and feminine. This tattoo position is a bit difficult to hide unless you wear long sleeves and also comparatively less painful.

3. Inner Bicep Tattoo


This tattoo position is becoming increasingly popular among women with most celebrities choosing this place among other parts of the body. Being a cute place, you can have a longer phrase or small sentence inked. This position is a bit easier to hide than the inner arm tattoo but you might still need a longer sleeve.

4. Back Shoulder Tattoo


This tattoo position is the perfect place if you want something bigger and complex. This would be very easy to hide but will be difficult to take care as you cannot see it. This would be definitely a cool place but if you want to enjoy seeing it then you might have to skip it.

5. Upper Shoulder Tattoo


The latest trending sexy position is the upper shoulder tattoo. This place is perfect for names, sentences or designs as it would look, stylist, original and more over beautiful. This tattoo would be painful as the area has a bone.

6. Shoulder Tattoo


This tattoo would be great looking with feminine looks and most suitable for images, scripts. This can be easily hidden and even sleeveless shirts would hide it. As there is no cushion for the needle on the shoulder it will be a painful task and will hurt you during the process.

7. Neck Tattoo


One of the sexiest spots for the tattoo is on the neck. You can have designs, inspirational words and scripts written across the lower neck. Even if you have a bigger tattoo, this can be easily hidden and thus gives you an opportunity to look for a bigger design which requires a lot of space. The downside is that it will be painful.

8. Spine Tattoo


Even though it is the most pretty tattoo place, you have to bear a lot of pain during the process. You can have a long script or linear design. As you all know Victoria Beckham has a famous spine tattoo but imagine the pain she underwent but it worth to suffer. Spine tattoo looks very sexy and also very easy to cover.

9. Foot Tattoo


These days’ tattoos on the foot are becoming trendy and fashion. The choice of position makes it only for you or for everyone. You can have pretty ornamental designs but remember it will that painful when you ink.

10. Rib Cage Tattoo


This will be very sexy and yet very painful as you have an only bone in the area. You can have a script, phrase, sentence, name or designs and with the effort, you have to put in the pain increases.


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