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15 Heart Tattoos for Women
Jul 27, 2016
15 Heart Tattoos for Women

Women today love wearing a variety of kinds of womanly tattoos. Among them heart tattoos been always popular. Tattoo artists are inspired by this heart shape and used to design various kinds of beautiful heart tattoo designs especially for women that speak about the magic of love, love of music, self-love etc.

You can put these heart tattoos on the best-exposed parts of your body and express your love to your loved ones. If you are one among those women’s who love putting this heart tattoos, we would present you some amazing heart tattoo designs over here. So, have a glance at them.

1. Red Heart Back Tattoo


This small red heart tattoo really looks cute on women’s back. Red heart with a bow symbolizes here to love and it is the good way to show her love towards her dear ones. So, express your love with this elegant red heart tattoo.

2. Small Heart Tattoo


This simple heart tattoo will look stylish on your beautiful hands. This is such a simple design to put on your hands and doesn’t take much time too.

3. Floral Heart Tattoo


To express your love towards your mother, this is the tattoo we would suggest you. Looks very descent and natural with roses and leaves around. So, try this beautiful tattoo design and win the heart your mother forever.

4. Romantic Hearts Tattoo


We suggest you this simple but amazing romantic black heart tattoo on your back to impress your loved ones. You can best expose your feelings with this lovely tattoo. This a simple small heart outline for your back.

5. Broken Heart Tattoo

To express your broken heart feelings and get rid of it, try this tattoo art and get back your dear ones to you. Sometimes you can’t express your feelings directly and at that time this kind of tattoos may help you a lot.

6. Lovely Heart Tattoo


The combination of love with flowers is always beautiful to see. This tattoo looks quite natural and lovely. Roses and love symbols are the best ways to express your love to your lover. So if you want to express your love, you can try this tattoo. Heart with a rose flower which has a bow seems you are attacking your lover with a love bow using this rose flower.

7. Hearty Stars Celebrating Tattoo


This tattoo seems like you are celebrating your life heart fully. That means you are enjoying each and every moment of your life thoroughly. To express these feelings out, you can make use of this heart with stars tattoo and be expressive.

8. Heart with Wings Tattoo


Arms and wrists are never old for tattooing. People still today love putting the tattoos on their hands, arms and wrist. So, it is the best place to put this heart with wings tattoo on your wrist to expose your feeling out to your dear ones or show love towards tattooing. It looks like you and your dear ones are flying in the wings if love.

9. Rosy Heart Tattoo for Shoulders


Let your love flow like various colors of flowers and this tattoo symbolizes this view. See how beautiful it looks with a red rose in the middle. As said a combination of red rose with love symbol are always eyes blowing to see. So, try this heart floral tattoo and impress your loved ones.

10. Realistic Heart Shaped Tattoo


If you like expressing your love with a real heart and with a heart symbol, you can use this real heart tattoo. The best place for this tattoo is your neck which is near to your heart and this really will be the good choice if you can select this tattoo to express your love.

11. Cute Heart Tattoo


Win your dear ones heart with this cute heart linked with your heart through its vines. This heart tattoo on your heart exposes your real heart out and attracts your loved ones. So, try this tattoo to impress your sweetheart.

12. Natural Heart Tattoo


The heart design with two roses and leaves on both sides of a love symbol looks natural like a floral necklace on your neck. Though it is a big design it looks great if you want to express your pure natural love out using this tattoo art.

13. Raising Heart Beat Tattoo


To show your raising heart beat, try this small cute heart tattoo on your hands near to your wrist which can be exposed well. Hope you certainly love this cute tattoo heart design idea, isn’t it? Then, don’t make delay. Try this out now itself and enjoy the pleasure out of it.

14. Shiny Red Heart Tattoo


It seems like your love is under the shadow of a beautiful tree and it protects your love all the way. This is a cute design with glitter added over it. The red color heart symbolizes true love. So, try this natural tattoo art or design.

15. Wrist Heart Tattoo

Cute thick gray colored heart tattoo seems like natural permanent tattoo design on your wrist. The wrist is the best place to expose your thoughts through tattoos. So, you can try this small tattoo over there and show out your feelings.

Bottom Line:

All these beautiful natural and floral heart tattoo art ideas in your gallery would look amazing on women and looks feminine really. So, try any of these simple heart tattoos and impress your loved ones. Hope, you will certainly love these heart tattoos and try them.


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