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5 Awesome Tattoos For Women
Jul 27, 2016
5 Awesome Tattoos For Women

Tattoo is an expression of fine art made over the body, gaining inclination and popularity in the fashion industry. Today, lots of people are fascinated by the art of tattoos that take it further on special echelon.

These varieties of the group are called tattoo collectors and encompass tattoos all over their body as their valued and cherished assets. The style passionate people in present day perceive tattoos as fashion and development.

There are no exemptions where one cannot be fond of work of art like a tattoo and even most prominent celebrities are tattooed.

Origins of Tattoo

The tattoo is the structure of body variation, where originally, pine needle is popped in into the skin and the ink is infused into it changing the body cell pigment in that region lastingly or for the time being. In momentary cases, tattoos continue for three weeks to month or two.

Tattoos have an extensive record. Tattoos have been in use approximately for thousands of years. In reality, they were more or less initially found in Ancient Egypt. Later in early nineteenth century, Captain James Cook, an English traveler, route-finder, and cartographer found the art in the maorian tribe of New Zealand.

A lot of clans from corner to corner of the world perceive tattoos as an indication of maturity or assessment or stamina also are well thought-out to be means of the passageway, status, position among natives, for valor the aborigines have tattoos for all sort of worldly cravings or works like sexual bliss, productiveness, gallantry, status.

These days, the tattoo is receiving prominence in the beauty world, where people are asking for natural colors and everlasting makeup which can conceal discoloration or surgical blemishes.

Basically, for starters, it is at all times tough how to decide a correct tattoo, starting with the choice of momentary one or everlasting one and drawing Beginners also be concerned about the effort and extent of art.

Makeup like lip color, eye liner or eyebrow shaping or moles for decoration is receiving popularity by the day. These pigments are selected warily as the vicinities where the tattoo is inked in are very susceptible and minute damage can be very risky for life.

People obtain tattoos to show off the name of their dear ones, to brag about their much-loved sports team. For women, on other hand, tattoos are frequently more delicate and representational. There are a lot of animals and talismans that include unseen significance, and women sport those symbols close to their heart.

Tattoos are gorgeous and attractive, and they can unquestionably be the starter at next social gathering. Take pleasure in the exquisiteness of your ink, and wear it pompously. Also, for eye-catching appearance, we present you few of designs that might be sported proudly!

5 awesome tattoos for women

Tribal Tattoo


Ancestral tattoo prints are receiving further reputation in recent times, and it's not tough to make out. In style, designs are an ethnic dragon, rose, crosses, tribal sun, tiger, angel wings and tribal bird.

An abstract and tribal tattoo gives woman trendy look and can truly depict the persona of lady sporting such tattoos. While men tribal tattoos have been the mark of status and valor, for women, these tattoos have always been associated with fertility and deep religious connectivity. One such tattoo is as shown below

Zodiac Tattoo


Concentration in astrological tattoos is developed. Trendy among both men and women of all ethnicities, astrological tattoos can be tiny or huge, uncomplicated or meticulous and can be designed in a variety of styles go well with individuality.

Zodiac tattoos can be paired with abstract designs and inked in or can be single tattoo drawn on the bare back as shown below or can be small on arms, neck or any other regions.

Dragon Tattoo


Dragons have constantly been fascinating tattoo design. There's dissimilarity among Western version and Asian versions of dragon designs. According to Japanese and Chinese cultures, dragons are compassionate and benevolent creatures, while Western version dragons are typically of malevolence. The most fashionable dragon tattoo designs are Chinese culture dragon tattoos and tribal dragon tattoos.

Women have always tended to incline towards fascinating fairy tale designs and naturally, fairies, butterflies and dragons are included in a list like this as shown below.

Vintage tattoo


Pencil drew or monochrome permanent tattoos inspired by vintage items. These tattoos may embrace compilation of key tattoos, pocket watch tattoo, vintage camera tattoo and penny farthing bicycle tattoo or pair of scissors etc.

And when these vintage tattoos are paired up with lady tattoo as shown below or any quotes, the design gives you an abstract look and also makes a classy appearance. Love quotations or lines elucidating your love to your dearly loved can be an awesome thing forever you would have done.

Nautical symbols


Do you love seas or cruising? Then get tattoo nautical anchors or something associated with the boat. Cruise away to far-away lands receiving these tattoos. Roses and women have a tangible connection between them. Roses have always been woman’s favorite. Adding up both of these nautical tattoos and roses might sound absurd, but in reality, gives look like none other as shown above.

Pair up these tattoos along with other colorful abstract designs or geometrical triangles in an intricate design to create the perfect piece of art and mold your body into a beautiful canvas.


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