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5 best Mehandi designs
Jul 27, 2016
5 best Mehandi designs

Mehndi is the talent of work of art on the body in flamboyant designs with henna. Connected with makeover and the experience, it is a striking and mystifying skill type that has been exploited for centuries to make well, to beautify and to exalt. This is an exceedingly older practice in the eastern countries where this herbal coloring is used to embellish the hands and feet of women.

Mehndi is applied on the body to signify the importance of an auspicious day or to a celebration or festival time. Mehndi Designs for hands is for the most part very common in recent times. Mehndi is a talent that has been put up on show, on the hands and legs of the bride or women for special occasions, for countless centuries.

There are a variety of techniques in Mehndi designs, the for the most part the trendy designs being Indian mehndi designs and Arabic mehndi designs. Every method describes its own ethnicity. Mehndi is nothing but a paste prepared from the crushed leaves of the henna plant blended with other natural elements, such as eucalyptus oil, lemon juice, and black tea.

Indian Technique of Applying Mehndi

Indian designs of mehndi are the most common, branched out and most admired among all of the mehndi fashions. This method has developed in due course of time. Indian mehndi designs are subtle and elaborate.

They vary from the tremendously easy to the lavishly multifarious designs. Mehndi is primarily applied on the palms and back of the hands and feet. Indian mehndi designs can be comprehensive as far up the arms and legs as you wish for.

Also, Indian mehndi painting is incredibly conceptual and nature enthused. Usually, it portrays flower-patterned designs, Hindu gods and goddesses, peacocks and symmetrical patterns.

Henna is greatly considered in Ayurvedic medication for its capability to get rid of infection and dirtiness and pacify the tummy. The aromatic white flowers of the henna plant are employed to craft perfume. Henna tattoos are fashioned in various forms and signs, and a lot of Indian women choose floral designs for the womanly, fragile appearance.

Although the Mehndi paste is prepared out of natural Mehndi tree leaves, which are by and large found in Indian sub – continent, as the trend changes, with public requesting for a look comparable to that of tattoos, chemicals are being appended to the henna paste to obtain the preferred tint for the designs.

A natural henna paste gives a red color, its hues varying from light orange to a dark coffee shade. According to convictions and old wives’ tales found, a glowingly stained hand with Mehndi is found to boast an excellent husband.

Out-of-the-way from the conventional Indian Mehndi, there have been a lot of added styles of henna models that are nowadays far and wide used in various parts of the globe such as Arabic, Pakistani, African, and even some customary marriage patterns of henna.

Arabic Style of Mehndi Designs

A bridal appearance lingers unfinished without mehndi. Brides in this day and age desire designs that have a fresh touch to it, and Arabic style of applying mehndi is ideal for such ladies. This art form comprises of free-flowing designs and mostly floral patterns repeated in a geometrical way, covering the entire hand and legs and if possible the entire body too.

Also, these Arabic designs are simple and easy to draw on hand and one can easily identify the floral patterns in not. This form of mehndi application is in contrast to the Indian style of intricate designing.

Here we present to you top 5 mehndi designs for brides this wedding season, to adorn themselves with beautiful patterns and take away with them a striking and gorgeous looks.

Top 5 Mehndi Designs

Motifs are always an integral part of both the Arabic and Indian mehndi designs. Whatever the way motifs are drawn; either fairly larger or smaller with a floral pattern imbibed within, they always give the hands adorned with a breathtaking look.

Here as shown in the picture below, mehndi design in Arabic fashion with flower petals and motifs is uncomplicated, elegant and not muddled. This design is not just for a bride but can be worn for any party or festival too!


If you want a traditional Indian style of mehndi design to beautify your hands, on your special day, then try the design as shown in the picture. The elaborate features in this mehndi design are striking with a large array of details and motifs. The paisley and floral mehndi pattern give it a glowing effect.

This is a quick and dazzling design, which illustrates gorgeous, Gujarati mehndi technique leaves and flowers with symmetrical floral patterns. It will be successful in conquering a million hearts at the first look mehndi designs


If you fancy easy, quick and trouble-free mehndi design and don’t have the time for complex and intricate patterns, you may give this trendy pattern an attempt. It’s an uncomplicated nevertheless astonishing mehndi pattern, and as shown, it would appear grand on your palm.


This below mehndi design as shown in the picture will look very attractive on top or back of your hands. This design envelops the top of the hands, fingers, and the wrist. The design is a mishmash of paisley and floral motifs and on the wrist, there is a bracelet like design which makes it only one of its kind. This mehndi drawing makes the hands look overflowing up and good-looking devoid of having too much aspect and complex designs. This is a simple and just the right way to beautify the top or back of the hands for your wedding or for any other event.


Here’s an intricate design as shown below in the picture for the feet that has very subtle features. This one is perfect for the bride’s feet and is certain to incarcerate attention. This design has a lot of tiny and excellent details and complicatedly done design to give it that rich feeling. The mehndi and thin lines make it even additionally eye-catching.


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